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Attacks in Paris: rumors and disinformation circulating – The World

In the wake of shootings in Paris and the Paris region, many support reactions emerged on social networks, but also rumors and even characterized false.

The government has warned against the spread of these rumors and published a good practice guide, the #MSGU or practice of Social Media in emergency management.

The key, as well as explanation of their erroneous.

1. No, four police officers were not killed

The news channels and some sites have released overnight misinformation evoking four policemen killed by neutralizing assailants at the Bataclan, which has spread like wildfire. Yet it has not been confirmed by authorities. A policeman would be hurt, but none have died.

However, a plainclothes police officer, who was off duty, was killed rue de Charonne. A commissioner was also injured in Bataclan. He attended the concert of the Eagles of Death Metal.

2. No, there were no shootings at Les Halles, Belleville or Republic

Other media have given non-verified, as in this tweet, very relayed.

In reality, we have no confirmation of gunfire or victims at Les Halles, in Belleville, the Trocadero or Republic. The shootings took place at the Bataclan, two on the terrace of the restaurants close to the Place de la Republique, rue de Charonne and terrace of another cafe, near the Place de la Nation

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3. No, there was no support rally in Germany

As noted by this user on Twitter, this picture, which circulated widely, does not show a support rally in Germany, following the shootings in France, but is a demonstration of the German anti-immigration movement pegida.

4. No, this picture does not show the Bataclan before slaughter

Another cliché often seen, this one, mentioned as a photo Bataclan before the killings.

But it does is not. According to the group itself, it is the Olympia in Dublin, published a photo Thursday, November 12th.

5. No, Donald Trump does not have insulted France (not yesterday anyway)

A tweet of the Republican candidate in the US elections was retweeted heavily in Friday night. Even France’s ambassador replied (sharply):

["The total lack of dignity in this message is repulsive. Vulture. "]

In fact, this tweet dated January 7, when Charlie Hebdo bombings and Hyper hide.

After s’ be expressed on whether to bomb the Islamic State, Donald Trump has expressed his condolences to the French people:

6. No, there was no intervention in Strasbourg RAID

Other Information viral accounts made by “influential” , as the “Masculiste”, a so saying assault of police intervention forces in Strasbourg. As we can see, the tweet that account quoted by October 31, and not of yesterday.

In addition, no intervention or RAID GIGN were reported in Strasbourg as of October 31 or yesterday. In short, the information is not true, especially like a way to make this account a little “buzz” on the sidelines of a national tragedy.

7 . No, the Empire State Building was not blue-white-red and the Eiffel Tower was not extinguished exceptionally

Of course, tributes were held abroad since Friday, but not The Empire State Building was not lit in the colors of the French flag, as evidenced by the correspondent of BFM in the United States:

In fact, it is the Freedom Tower, built the tower at the site of the World Trade Center, which illuminated its antenna in the colors of France.

But these pictures that have circulated widely, actually date from other periods.

Same with the Eiffel Tower, supposedly “off the victims.” In reality, the building, illuminated every night and that normally flickers once an hour, goes out every night from one o’clock. So it was not a tribute but normal operation.

Some advice to not be fooled by rumors

  • Assume that information given on the Web by an unknown default is more false than true.
  • Rely rather to recognized media, reporters identified and known. And do not consider that this is enough to make their real information. In crisis situations like this, information flows very quickly, and can often be mistaken by the result. Better to wait several media give the same fact to consider it as established.
  • A picture is never proof in itself, especially when it comes from an unknown account. It may be old, show something other than what is said, or be manipulated
  • A basic principle is to cross. If several reliable media give the same information, it has a good chance of being Proven

8. No, not arson ravaged the Calais jungle

Other information that has circulated widely, including through a photo dating reality of November 2 (a gas cylinder had exploded): a fire in the “jungle” of Calais, this set of makeshift camps where migrants wait before attempting the crossing to the UK and the largest of which is located in a small forest near the port . Calais

A fire on the night of November 13 to 14 is certainly reported by La Voix du Nord – he tripped around midnight and destroyed 2,500 m2 of tents and huts built by migrants. Nonetheless, whether on social networks, circulated the rumor of arson, it is not so, according to authorities. The sub-prefect of Calais assured that it was an original fire “clearly accidental”


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