Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daniel Radcliffe: “I plunged into the fantastic” – Cinema

Movies like Kill Your Darlings or And (many) maybe more had we Our bet is that shirt you had finished with the fantastic. It seems we lost a shirt …
I’m sorry, sometimes I do not quite measure the consequences of my actions. (Laughter.) But yes, I plunged back somehow and, most strange is that I’m still not a horror aficionado or fantasy. As the overwhelming majority of people who know Frankenstein, I have not read the book. I have no geek tastes, I prefer to read things more rooted in society. You speak of Kill Your Darlings: it could be said that I am more than Mary Shelley Allen Ginsberg, if you want. I like the narrative postulates crazy, twisted psychological subtexts.

But, in fact, a myth like that of Frankenstein is built on a premise crazy and twisted psychological subtext. ..
Absolutely, that’s probably why I always end up back ghosts and Gothic castles. They allow to pass dicey ideas to the general public. Watch Horns : a criminal investigation by a young guy horned, it would still be dam- mage to miss that because I re- fuse fantastic! That is why, although I apologize for making you lose your bet, I do not apologize to those who have moaned after the announcement of Doctor Frankenstein . Yes, it’s still a movie about Frankenstein, but come on! These people should doubt that is something other than cheap thrills. No way to compete with the damn Annabelle and other stuff supposed to make you fall off your chair.

above all It seems that the film is based on your relationship complicated with James McAvoy. All Kill Your Darlings or Horns already addressed the ambiguous relationship that you had with other stars.
With James, it functioned as in a buddy movie that oppose devious Dr. Igor, the feverish assistant that I interpret. It is true that the experience reminded me of the job with Dane DeHaan in Kill Your Darlings : a charismatic confronts its most vulnerable twofold. Operate in pairs makes me a very foolish. But when you played an eponymous hero saga, the drama is that persists to build movies on your name alone. J’adore The Woman in Black but, frankly, going in circles alone in a mansion was an experience rather razor …

“Only time will forget Harry”

Sharing top billing, this is also a way to blend in Harry decor once and for all?
No, I do not believe in that idea. It will not do a film to forget Harry, only time will allow. Look at all costs counter miracle job reinvent myself suddenly, it would be an illusion. I repeat my actor friends: If you end up in a saga, assume it

But you still advise them to think twice before making that choice.
the contrary, I encourage them to sign! There are two types of franchises: first, those who are content to capitalize on success, regardless raise the level of each component. These men die on the day when the public picks. Then there are those who engage with the public. When you plan to chain seven episodes of Harry … , each film must be impeccable to allow the following to exist. From this point of view, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings really changed the game. Previously, suites galore could afford to be rotten.

But to you the players, the burden is not it hard to bear?
You have to be smart. Take Channing Tatum, he dug two “small” franchises, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike . They have nothing to do with one another and therefore attract two very different audiences, like get a message: “Channing is a little unbalanced Colossus of 21 Jump Street but also its opposite. “Ultimately, these licenses broaden its panel instead of shrink. That’s why the audience will follow him everywhere and can work with producers who agree to lose a few million for her beautiful eyes. (Laughter.)

You might also find yourself in projects “at risk”?
Yes, I’d love to play in musicals old-fashioned, I who hoarse myself alone at home listening to Sufjan Stevens! (Laughter.) But I recognize that this is easier said than done. In the reign franchises, if a project costs less than $ 100 million, the producers feel it is not enough unifying and pass to the next. Finally, thank you God, I’ve already found my successful franchise for a long time, so now I can flutter a little and soak in the stories of horned investigators or in Gothic buddy movies. So I have no regrets.

Doctor Frankenstein Paul McGuigan James McAvoyv and Daniel Radcliff is already in theaters .


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