Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hearings US: Supergirl still worried – Screenrush

Less than a month after his thunderous debut, “Supergirl” never ceases to weaken, and the episode aired this Monday, November 16th only confirmed the trend.

20H / 21H

Comments : It n is not a free fall, but almost. Less than a month after taking off sharply on CBS, Supergirl continues to worry, and even just went below the 8 million viewers with the episode aired this Monday, Nov. 16 (5 season 1, which replaced the 4, deprogrammed due to the attacks in France). The only consolation: its rates on 18/49 years gains a point, like that of Gotham. The only difference is that the series of FOX, who saw disembark Michelle Gomez Doctor Who, rose slightly this week.

21H / 22H

Comments : If it is difficult to compete with Dancing with the Stars and The Voice, Scorpio is still an illusion. Even down from last week, the show attracts more than 9 million viewers. A score which Minority Report would not even dare to dream. Back after a week’s break after the Steven Spielberg film is now in the hole, and he is almost as Jane the Virgin will take up her pretty to pass him before.

22H / 23H

Comments : A month that it had not happened! Blindspot raised its level of play to finally wrest the leading position in NCIS Los Angeles, although it had demonstrated stability. The NBC series the same opportunity to win a point at the rate of about 18/49 years, while Castle can only look at its competitors by far.

* privileged target of US advertisers . It is by the performance of this age that American networks may in particular determine upward or downward the price of advertising. Good performance on this measure rates Depending on the time slot, the diffuser, the series in question … and the results of competitors!

Flash finds an opponent to the hair on Tuesday CW:

Flash (2014) Teaser

“Supergirl” will she part of Tops or Flops super heroines of TV?

Supergirl, Wonder Woman … The super-heroines on TV: top or flop


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