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The maintenance of the Eagles of Death Metal with “Vice” to show the emotion – Liberation

On Saturday, Vice , the former Canadian punk magazine became in just over two decades an international media juggernaut, published on YouTube a kind of trailer for its global scoop: an interview with the Eagles of Death Metal, the American Garage rock band playing at the Bataclan on the evening of Friday, November 13. The 55-second video entitled Coming soon: Eagles of Death Metal Speak Out about the Paris Attacks , has been viewed over 2.7 million times

The teaser is. mounting a promotional model, with just enough mystery and material to ensure immediate recovery in the world’s media. After silencers plans on dazed facial singer Jesse Hughes, it delivers a frightening description of the carnage that occurred in the concert hall ( “a kid survived by hiding under my leather jacket” ). The result fascinates mind that: what need of “teaser” maintenance as if it were a lambda program? That of the number of views, no doubt – in 2013, a reporting Libération in the New York offices of Vice noted that the video represents 90% of the content of Vice Media Group

<. p> Asked about Twitter by a user judging distasteful such an operation, Shane Smith, co-founder of Vice and Group CEO defends: “we informed the people that a maintenance be there soon. We work on it every weekend. I do not see how it’s a race to clicks . ” Wednesday evening, as promised, the full interview below visible, lasting 26 minutes, was put online, with French subtitles available. The million views will be reached in less than 24 hours.

The video begins with news pictures contextualized by explanatory boxes followed a meeting of the group -with the drummer in video-conference-joined to half the video by Josh Man. The latter, leader of Queens of the Stone Age, created the Eagles of Death Metal band with Jesse Hughes in 1998 but did not participate in the European tour. A conversation between three Man, Hughes and Smith (oddly enough) inserted in the middle, then back to the whole group. The choice of Vice to host this cathartic confession is not surprising: Jesse Hughes worked with the site for a series of videos sponsored by a brand of audio headsets ( Marhsall Headphones: on the road ). Two seasons of the program emerged in 2011 and 2012.

More recently, to accompany the release of the Album Zipper Down group, Vice produced a documentary feature film ( The Redemption of the Devil ) directed by Alex Hoffman, whose trailer is shown below. The film released on VOD this summer -we have not had the opportunity to Watches- following Jesse Hughes during a busy year: he returns to the recording of the album, his ordination in Catholic deacon (the Hughes title “Reverend” since late 2013), his relationship with his girlfriend and former pornstar Tuesday Cross (who was at the Bataclan November 13), political fights (pro gun, Hughes was a convinced Republican) and friendship with childhood friend Josh Homme ( “we two, one is gay as we can without being sucked” ).

In the interview, the group returns factually on the place of events, shooting, panic, the exemplary attitude of the fans. The interest of this passage is to have a multiplicity of points of view: all the members do not follow the same direction to shelter during the drama. Thus, the sound engineer was interviewed here at the back of the room, narrowly missing bullets that were meant to him and damaged his console. The excitement is palpable, the members support each other, hug each other when the voice breaks and tears come to my eyes. A fairly contagious lachrymal effusion for the viewer, and that would be wrong to reproach Vice as the sincerity of seems obvious, even when Hughes balance projections it looks outputs of a scenario Tarantino ( “My mother and my grandmother raised me, telling me we should make fun of what an asshole thinks of you. If Adolf Hitler hates you, that’s great, you want everyone to know that this asshole hate you “).

A format hypercontrôlé

Among the highlights of the video, Hughes announced his wish to return to play as soon as possible in Paris, hoping even be programmed at the first concert organized for the reopening of Bataclan, which is still unknown date. In the video description, Vice provides links to donate to the Red Cross and the Sweet Stuff Foundation. We can blame the cool and trendy media communication about its maintenance and its format hypercontrôlé (exchanges are even mounted a stint at Ardisson), but about the interests of the delivered and the severity of the facts mentioned make it a Document landmark in the history of pop culture, as well as the special issue of Rolling Stone early 1970 largely attributable to the disastrous Altamont festival or documentary Gimme Shelter following the Stones during the same festival. Four spectators there were killed in 1969, including one stabbed by a Hell’s Angel recruited for security, and the event symbolizes for many the end for peaceful ideals of sixties .

Left to vilify a founder of Vice , prefer to direct our bile Gavin McInness, ousted from his own media in 2007. This hardcore conservative to dieudonnesque trajectory (it was really funny, a then) went to Paris after the attacks. The “reports” and other statements he has made since the bereaved capital are a great concentrate anything hateful, dangerous shortcuts and calls for indiscriminate violence vengeful. The words of the Eagles of Death Metal gathered by his former colleague Shane Smith are the perfect antidote.

Alexandre Hervaud


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