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STORY. At 9:40 p.m., the concert Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan turns bloodbath – FranceTV info

The arms raised in the air, smartphones at your fingertips, the musicians on stage surrounded by smoke haze. This photograph, classic image of a rock concert, immortalized a few minutes before the attack at the Bataclan, Friday, November 13, while the US group occurred Eagles of Death Metal in Paris. The moments after the audience plunged into unprecedented violence, carnage that left at least 80 dead, the highest death toll of the series of attacks carried out in Paris and the Stade de France that night.

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“The concert had started half an hour, it was so cheerful” , recalls a fan of the band in magazine Le Point . In full European tour for their album Zipper Down ( fly open ), the musicians have just begun their song “Kiss The Devil” (“Kiss the Devil” ) when shots ring out in the room located at 50, boulevard Voltaire. It is 21h40 when the terrorists enter the Bataclan said Francois Molins, the Paris prosecutor. At 9:49 p.m., the first message indicating the shooting is published on Twitter.

Many First think they hear firecrackers. Celia, a spectator realizes that he is fired when she sees “spurting blood” around it. Everyone immediately goes down, she tells France 2.

Three armed men, dressed in black, just barge into the room. “We heard explosions, screams, I turned my head and saw several individuals we aimed and fired randomly into the crowd. They had openly. The one I saw seemed very young, twenties, “ reflects on France 2 Julien Pearce, journalist on Europe 1, who attended the concert. A efore opening fire, “one of them said, ‘You killed our brothers in Syria and we, we are here. “, says Celia. “I clearly heard them say to the hostages, ‘It’s the fault of Holland, it is the fault of your President, it does not have to intervene in Syria.’ They also spoke of Iraq “, corroborates a witness told AFP.

On stage, the group members Californian blues believe for a split second to firecrackers, according to Le Point . But soon manage to smuggle the room to take refuge in a police station, says Le Parisien . For others, the trap closes and the deadly hostage-taking begins. “The first moving her ass, I stumble” loose one of the terrorists, according to Celia. A warning for form since the kidnappers begin to “shoot non-stop for ten minutes” , says the young woman.

“Guys, they got through the entrance, they killed all that was at the bar, booths tee shirts” describes a spectator in Le Point , evoking a scene of horror, “that fell from the dead, the wounded, the living who is plastered down” .

Seen from above, there were large crowds, it was like a wheat field when it is windy

A spectator

Le Point

“We saw bodies falling balconies … We went upstairs . And then we realized that there was no emergency exit, we were like rats “, confirms another spectator in the weekly.

Le Bataclan, which can accommodate up to 1500 people, sold out that night. In a panic, everyone starts looking an emergency exit. “Everybody walked over to try to get behind the scene” says Julian Pearce, who is up with one or two people on [him] what [him] has probably saved my life. ” The young man finally manages to take refuge with other people in a room without issue. Others find refuge on the roof. We were right on the pit, we followed a security guard. We went through a skylight on the roof, there was a quarantine” says a survivor in Le Point.

Some are hiding in the attic of the concert hall, as Clarisse. “ I ran, ran, we all laid flat stomach, we tried to find a way out, we tried to hit against the doors of the boxes, someone has opened , she says. Clemence, and about thirty spectators, manage to hide in a room “of just 10m²” . “It was very, very hot and after two hours, the air was running out. The terrorists have a priori tried to enter the lodge but someone had had the reflex to stall the fridge and the sofa against the door “, she entrusts FranceTV info. It hears talk attackers outside. “They shouted their 06 saying we want to negotiate ‘,’ do not approach was explosive belts”.

everything could be heard behind the door, the hostages were screaming ‘do not shoot they will all explode’


A spectator at the Bataclan

Hervé and his son also found refuge in the boxes, and then in a ventilation duct . With a girl, we entered the bathroom and broke the false ceiling. I saw a ventilation duct with pipes. I tore one. We got in and we started at the bottom of the vent “, says Hervé RTL. According to LCI, there are several to have taken shelter in the false ceiling of the concert hall built by the architect Charles Duval in 1864

Calvary is endless. The terrorists manage to repeated charging their weapons. Julian Pearce advantage of a lull in firing to run on the stage and reach an emergency exit. “I saw those men who continued to fire, who executed coolly to the ground and people watching us run” , tells the reporter. In his flight, he managed to hug a young woman seriously injured before finding a door to the street.

Outside the Bataclan, it’s chaos. “In parting, we stepped over the bodies. It was then realized that the attackers had already shot the guards, bouncers, people from the entry” , testifies Celia, who managed to escape with her husband, after a second volley of shots. From the window of his home, Daniel Psenny, journalist for World films a chilling scene . We see frightened spectators fleeing terrorist attacks by an emergency door of the building, stepping over the bodies of victims bloodied .

Inside, the long stretches. “It lasted three hours” says Denis in France 2. Then comes the onslaught of the Raid and the BIS, shortly before 00:30. Denis means “violent detonations” , gunshots close by terrorists. “I have the impression that the raid came through the roof. After a while, we heard the police officers who were securing the room.” There he finally emerges and crosses the room .

It was carnage, there was blood everywhere, bodies. I was told ‘look ahead’

Denis, spectator

France 2

The assault of law enforcement ends around one in the morning. Three attackers were killed, including two by activating their explosive belt, according to Francois Molins, the Paris prosecutor. Early findings show a forty casualties among the spectators. Saturday, late in the day, the final toll was at least 80 dead.

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