Wednesday, November 18, 2015

007 Spectre: Pierce Brosnan did not like the film – Cinema

Pierce Brosnan did not like the 24th part of James Bond adventures and do not hide in the columns of HitFix .

British agent for seven years and four films ( Goldeneye Die Another Day Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough: ), the actor 62 is a Bond-ian expert. Also when asked his opinion on the final chapter of the adventures of 007, portrayed by Daniel Craig under the direction of Sam Mendes , the actor is delighted to give its opinion. But
, if saving his successor, the fifth James Bond history is not kind with the director of the scenario: “I was waiting to see the second Bond Sam Mendes with great anticipation but I ‘. I was disappointed. The plot is dragging a little, she could have been picked up. I really feel we did fill “, balance there.
worse. Pierce Brosnan feels that the secret agent even lost its essence: “This is not a James Bond or Jason Bourne a” , critic there.
only positive point in the eyes of Brosnan, Daniel Craig he praises: “ Daniel, for his fourth time mastering the role He has good detachment with his character C.. is a mighty warrior and a convincing warrior. I think it is really found in this track and he knows distilled spirit today with his lines “, he said.

The history 007 Spectre: A cryptic messages emerged from the past leads James Bond in a very personal mission to Mexico City and then to Rome, where he meets Lucia Sciarra , the beautiful widow of a famous criminal. Bond manages to infiltrate a secret meeting revealing a formidable organization called Spectrum.
Meanwhile, in London, Max Denbigh, the new director of the Center for National Security, calls into question the actions of Bond and the very existence MI6, led by Mr. Bond persuades Moneypenny and Q to help locate Madeleine secretly Swann, the daughter of his old enemy, Mr White, who could hold the means of destroying spectrum. Killer girl Madeleine understands better than anyone … Bond
approaching the heart spectrum, Bond discovers that there may be a terrible link between him and the mysterious enemy that tracks …

The trailer of 007 Spectre


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