Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bombings in Paris: 80% decline in bookings for concerts – Le Point

Sales of Paris concert tickets since the attacks have accused a fall of around 80% compared to the figures usually recorded at this time of year, according to an initial assessment Friday of the national union of producers ( Prodiss). “It’s a shock wave,” said AFP a spokesman for the union, adding that this estimate was compiled from the “scores” daily twenty of the largest contemporary music concerts producers , one-person show and varieties. Le Bataclan, one of the most famous concert halls of Paris, was one of the targets of the attacks of 13 November in Paris.

Prodiss, national union of producers, distributors, festivals and musical and variety of facilities, said it had launched an “audit” with all of its members to specifically quantify the economic impact of the attacks, because of the additional security measures implemented, cancellations and postponements concerts and down the ticket. “Producers are super-anxious for the future, it is a fragile sector with a margin that is not huge,” says the Prodiss, who recalled that the holiday season is crucial for the economy of the sector.

Prodiss also welcomes the announcement by the Minister of Culture of the creation of a solidarity fund to help theaters, abounded to the tune of 3.5 million euros Governments and 500,000 euros by SACEM. “But it may take more than that. The envelope is required in tens of millions, “says the union, which particularly emphasizes the” cost “measures related to safety with possible gantry systems in large premises and additional staff. “The challenge is clearly to restore public confidence so he can return to the concerts with pleasure, safely,” added the organization will hold a press conference Tuesday morning in Paris.


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