Friday, November 20, 2015

David Bowie, the video “Blackstar” Mystique, divine and amazing … – Pure People

It has been quiet for many years before returning in 2013 with the album The Next Day . David Bowie has announced the release, January 8, 2016 for his 69th birthday, his album “ most bizarre “, which he entitled Blackstar , as its first extract. The Briton, who has reinvented a thousand times, unveils a mystical and strange clip.

On a planet with Berber village-like, Bowie appears to begging eyes gouged out. Around him, the dancers into a trance, a young monkey-tailed woman and scarecrows. The decorated skull of an astronaut becomes the relic around which villagers prostrate, while Bowie getting a funny appearance of hysterical genius … hard to describe those ten minutes beautiful and amazing, almost as much as to describe the music accompanies them. For if the piece opens with electronic sounds, the song takes a turn before resolutely pop rock takes possession of the space. Blackstar is used generically to the series Panthers Canal +, with Tahar Rahim.

In 2003, David Bowie came out the album Reality , then left on tour around the world. Due to serious heart problems, he will not go after this tour and will undergo a major surgery, followed by a long convalescence. After this mishap, the husband of top Iman Bowie was scarce. He appeared on the albums of Arcade Fire and Scarlett Johansson, and the cinema in The Prestige Christopher Nolan in 2006. January 8, 2013, he announced a new album and millions of fans pushing a cry of joy. The Next Day , recorded in great secrecy, was released in March of that year and Bowie surrounds many stars for its clips. It is found at the side of Tilda Swinton and top trans Andreja Pejic in The Stars (Are Out Tonight) and Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard in the clip The Next Day , which is a little scandal.

After The Next Day , Bowie released the triple compilation Nothing Has Changed in in November 2014, which included the unpublished Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) .


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