Sunday, November 22, 2015

VIDEO. “ONPC” Ruquier pin Zemmour after his remarks about Taubira – Le Parisien

22 Nov. 2015, 12:37 | Update: 22 Nov. 2015, 2:07 p.m.

This week on RTL, the polemicist had blamed Christiane Taubira, guilty in his n ‘ Ishmael had not imprisoned Mostefai -one of Bataclan- suicide bombers while he was convicted eight times. Except, as has not failed to remind him Ruquier Laurent, “these cases occurred between 2004 and 2010, so under Nicolas Sarkozy.”

The presenter, a very sarcastic tone, called his former colleague at more “rigor”. “The rigor that you advocate, dear Eric, you cherish so much and you dream of seeing applied to all organs of this country, it would be nice to start to apply it to your work,” has dealt Ruquier.

VIDEO. Laurent Ruquier offers fact-checking Eric Zemmour on board the ‘We’re not lying’

“Minister advocates benevolent justice avoiding prison “

 “The Minister of Justice benevolent justice advocates avoiding prison, it considers criminogenic. Christiane Taubira was heard: Ismaël Omar Mostefai was sentenced to eight times but never jailed, “had quipped Eric Zemmour micro Yves Calvi RTL .

This was not raised, the journalist is especially noted for his joke about the Belgian town of Moleenbek, nerve center of the hunt for Abdeslam Salah and he proposed to “bombard” Instead of hitting Raqqa in Syria. RTL had defended him, arguing the “second degree”.

In March, during a televised debate on the rise of the National Front, Laurent Ruquier stated that he “regretted gave the floor to Eric Zemmour for five years. ”

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