Thursday, November 19, 2015

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, endearing to a Vanity Fair – Gala

Poster Sea view , the new feature film by Angelina Jolie, the director and her husband found the screen after ten years their thunderbolt on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith . The two stars are inseparable since. They prove it again in a famous magazine Vanity Fair .

The gaze lost in the horizon, Brad Pitt takes his wife in his arms curled up against him. Since the beginning of the promotion of the new film by Angelina Jolie, Sea view , in which the couple takes the lead role, the two stars are more than ever welded. This pose is touching the new evidence of the complicity of the couple, as opposed to the two characters they play in Sea view .

The film follows indeed the daily life of a couple living in France who is facing a serious marital crisis and must find the path of love in pain. Nothing to do with what their daily lives as a couple. This is certainly what the famous actor assured the magazine Vanity Fair The problems are in the film are not ours. If that were the case, it would have been impossible to play

Their new film collaboration has contributed much to their torque even says Angelina Jolie”. It was beautiful but difficult. We experimented with a new mode of communication between us. An exchange of mutual trust, an act of love, as artists and as people . “

Their many publicized outbursts of love does not seem to be enough to convince spectators to see the film. Released in cinemas there about a week, the new feature film Angelina Jolie does not attract the crowds. Accomplice and welded than ever, the couple faces two this commercial failure.


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