Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen officially announced his HIV status – Le Figaro

On the NBC television network, the actor, who was the highest paid American PAF, made the confession on November 17. Rumors were already running for several days.

Charlie Sheen, who has had serious problems of addiction to alcohol and drugs, revealed November 17 its sérépositivité during an interview on the show Today on NBC.

For several days, many rumors were announced on the day before this revelation. Several specialized media in the information on celebrities claimed he was announced to be HIV positive.

The actor was fired in 2011 from the hit series Half Men because his erratic and violent behavior.

According to TMZ, the actor of 50 years knew his status for over a year but had kept private and only shared with a few friends … that would have fuiter information. “This has prompted several Charlie’s ex-partners to contact and threaten lawsuits because they did not know he was (HIV carrier) when they were dating,” detailed the US media.

“Our sources indicate that Charlie has already put an end to several disputes and against financial compensation, earned confidentiality agreements,” says the website.


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