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Amélie Nothomb: “Alice in Wonderland, it is a delight!” – FranceTV info

The young Alice of Lewis Carroll has not always traveled in “Wonderland”. She also lived underground and revealed an extraordinary manuscript written and illustrated by the hand of Professor Charles Dodgson shy, aka Lewis Carroll.
The manuscript “The underground adventures of Alice” (“Alice’s Adventures Under Ground”) published November 26 in the original version in a box by the Editions of the Holy Fathers served as template for two masterpieces “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.”

The writer Amélie Nothomb, invited on the set of Last Five minutes from France 2, discusses the preface she prepared to mark the reissue of the famous Lewis Carroll tale of Columbia.
“It’s a book great for kids who adore him, but also for adults, “says the writer. “It’s a great universe than Lewis Carroll. For him, language is all powerful, he can do everything,” explains Amélie Nothomb Elise Lucet

A monument children’s literature

“This is a masterpiece for children but it is a book that can be read at any age, because it is very well written,” said the Belgian novelist . She adds in this respect that Virginia Woolf believed that the tale of Lewis Carroll allowed adults to become a child again. On the personality of Alice, Amélie Nothomb is full of praise: “Alice is right to follow the white rabbit, to trust his curiosity It is combative.” If she enthusiasm. “Lewis Carroll was inspired by a girl whom he was the tutor, but this story goes further, it perfectly describes the ideal image of a child, both intelligent, curious, full of life.”

Editions “The holy fathers” publish the original manuscript and the prequel of adventures Alice

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My favorite? ! The Mad Hatter course

Amélie Nothomb is particularly amazed by the language and logic of Lewis Carroll: “The language is all powerful”

His favorite character is undoubtedly the impertinent Mad Hatter. ” it is not very friendly but he claims to have connections, it is enough to block the clock at 13.30 to be able to eat at any time, “says the writer.
” This book is a magic. It’s very funny, very well written. It is fun, it does not so obviously should go without, “she said.

For the first time in France, the manuscript of the most famous of all the stories published in a luxury box.

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Alice: a forbidden love story

The character that inspired Lewis Caroll is real but untouchable because too young. “In July 1862, Charles Dodgson, 30, tutor by profession, falls madly in love with Alice Liddell, who was 10 years (…) Aware of the problem, Dodgson decided to write to wait a tale the object of his passion would be heroin, “said the Belgian novelist.

The story of” Alice’s Adventures Underground “is the one told a summer day in 1862 by Charles Dodgson for a boat trip on Thames with three daughters (Lorina, Alice and Edith Liddell) the Principal of Christ Church College where he teaches. It is about a young Alice pursuing a white rabbit who is at the center of the earth and disturbing in an enchanted universe.

The coffert prefaced by Amélie Nothomb contains two books

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In November
1864 he finally gives Alice the book she had called him two years earlier. The story has 90 pages and 37 illustrations, all of Carroll himself. The book was an immediate success. Lewis Carroll imagined a sequel, “Through the Looking-Glass”, published in 1871.

With its success, Lewis Carroll asks parents Liddell Alice’s hand. He is 36 years old, she was 16. “At that time a 36 year old man who marries a girl of 16 years is not only legal but normal,” says Amélie Nothomb. “Yet, she adds, Alice’s hand coldly refused.” Lewis Carroll never recover

Box “Alice in Wonderland” and Alice’s Adventure Underground -. Editions The Holy Fathers
Release Date : November 26, 2015 -224 pages – € 139


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