Saturday, November 21, 2015

Attacks: Eagles of Death Metal raises funds for his team – Le Figaro

Josh Homme, one of the founders of the American rock band, also the leader of Queens of the Stone Age , absent from the Bataclan in Paris during the attacks, is organizing a fundraiser for families of deceased members of his staff.

Group Leader Queens Of The Stone Age, Josh Homme is one of creators of the Eagles of Death Metal was not with the other members of rock band on stage at the Bataclan on 13 November. The musician, however, has not been idle wanted to face this tragedy.

So he has set up a collection for the victims. Not all victims coldly murdered by terrorists in the Paris room. This fundraiser is designed to help and support the families of crew members killed in the night of November 13.

Entitled The Sweet Stuff Foundation , the initial purpose of this foundation was created in 2013 to help the sick or disabled musicians. The objective of this infrastructure has been expanded to be able to support families dls Nick Alexander, 36, group merchandising manager (“our brother”, is it described in the press release), but also those of Marie Mosser, 24, who was working on the digital marketing Mercury Records and those of two other members of the Universal label, Thomas Ayad, 32 and Manu Perez, 40.

This collection will centralize funds until December 31 before they are in turn paid them in full.

“After the time of recollection, now it’s time to help. If you-please, give, “says the foundation on his Twitter account. An appeal for donations which ends with these words in the text in French “Long live music, live freedom, long live France, and live EODM.”


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