Monday, November 23, 2015

Sidse Babett Knudsen, the new muse of Fabrice Luchini – The Point

Ah! Fabrice Luchini and women … in The Girl from Monaco he attended the progressive thinning of Louise Bourgoin, southern belle sensual and without taboo. At gemma bovery, he learned how to knead bread in a scene that is worth a thousand erotic sequences. By the admission of the Don Juan of French cinema: he is “obsessed with the opposite sex”

L’Hermine , the movie by Christian Vincent released Wednesday. The new muse Luchini is Danish. Her name Sidse Babett Knudsen. The name may not tell you, but the Prime Minister of Denmark in the hit series Borgen , this is it. A Nordic tailored role that made him known to the general French public.

North Migrante

Faced with Fabrice Luchini, the beautiful Danish swapped the seductive assurance politician for almost childlike candor. She portrays Ditte Lorensen-Coteret, a migrant from the north, having just acquired French citizenship, which is found vowed Assize Court of Saint-Omer in northern France. “If Ditte like a tourist who is asked to rule on infanticide, it is actually tougher. Like me, “the actress swears. Where his fellow jurors are silent modestly, Ditte seeks to understand and is interested in the psychology of the child’s mother and that of her husband warned.

Regard ice

But the other story L’Hermine – which has been awarded the Venice Film Festival – is that of forbidden love between the juror and the judge Fabrice Luchini, aka Michel Racine. Dreaded magistrate, he falls in love madly Ditte. He courted her, talking to her about her elegance, evoking “the beauty of her eyes with midnight blue reflections.” The embittered Michel Racine just before the ice melts next to the beautiful North.

Far from the cameras, Sidse Babett Knudsen looks much the tough Danish Prime Minister as the innocent juror. Every time she tells her past as an actress in Denmark, his life in Tanzania with her photographer father and teacher mother, she marvels. Yet the tone is more serious when she recalls her first visit to France.

“I have imagined my luck in the cinema of the country”

“Cycling on the shoulder “She came to Paris in 18 years” without money “, but with theater and movie dreams. An emotional strand Sidse said: “I left Denmark because I have imagined my luck here in the cinema countries. During the auditions, I was told I had talent, but it would be too difficult to play in Paris. My dream was broken, yet I have never been considered as an actress in this town. “Faced with this refusal burst, the beautiful Danish not giving up. His stay in Paris lasted six years, with a passage by the International Theatre School and mime Jacques Lecoq and theater Shadow, now disappeared.

“If there Fabrice had not been, I would not have flown from Copenhagen to return to Paris thirty years later, “she says. The first time she saw him was at the theater. Journey to the End of the night Celine, he proclaimed a monologue “that [it] does comprenai [t] at all.” And yet, she remembers being “fascinated” by the actor, subjugated by his “almost sensual relationship to words and his love for the French language.” Back in France is that of the consecration. His role as Prime Minister of a Nordic country has much to do. A strand revenge, she says, hilarious, “Now that I am there, I stay! “


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