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Marvel on Netflix: Everything we know so far – Screenrush

Not easy to follow everything that happens in the Marvel Universe … But in terms of Netflix, Allociné makes you a little recap on its five superhero series. Casting, date, novelties … that’s all there is to know so far.

> Daredevil Name: The Man Without Fear

This is the first Marvel series on Netflix. Charlie Cox gave Ben Affleck in his place by playing Daredevil, the masked hero of Hell’s Kitchen on television. The lawyer / blind superhero has faced during the season terrifying Wilson Fisk also known as the Kingpin, played by Vincent D’Onofrio incredible. The actor leaves his place in the season 2 to two new characters: the Punisher – great enemy of Daredevil played by Jon Bernthal and Elektra to be played by the French Elodie Yung. Note that Rosario Dawson is also back in the role of the nurse. No date for Season 2 Daredevil but it could happen power in May 2016 …

= & gt; all the latest on Daredevil .

Daredevil Trailer

Jessica Jones – Nickname: Jewel

Only superhero of Marvel Defenders and Netflix, Jessica Jones is nonetheless a badass character. Perhaps more than other members. Addicted to alcohol and often (very) bad mood, this heroine played by Krysten Ritter has the distinction of having a super strength. Unfortunately, his powers will not be of much use to him face his biggest enemy: Zebediah Kilgrave. The British David Tennant slips into the skin of the Purple Man to torment poor Jessica Jones. The latter suffers post-traumatic stress effect related to its past and abuse of Kilgrave while under its influence. Jessica Jones is a decidedly feminine series are also present since the casting Carrie-Anne Moss in the role of an uncompromising lawyer and Rachael Taylor embodying Trish Walker. The latter is known in the comics as the Patsy Walker. Finally, do not forget that the writer is none other than Melissa Rosenberg. Jessica Jones, a real girl power series!

Will we see Daredevil Jessica Jones ? If rumors revealed that the masked vigilante could be passing, nothing is sure …

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Trailer

Luke Cage – Nickname: the Power Man

We will discover it for the first time in Jessica Jones. Luke Cage, played on screen by Mike Colter, will lend a hand to the private detective during a few episodes. We do not know more about this superhero if not his skin is impenetrable and is a bartender at Hell’s Kitchen. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones began a romantic relationship in the second Marvel series.

The season 1 Luke Cage is currently filming. The few photos taken on the set allow us to discover the superhero in action as well as other characters that we find in the Netflix series:

  • Theo Rossi in the role of Alvarez Shades : this will be one of the enemies of Luke Cage
  • Alfre Woodard in Mariah Dillar: This politician grew up in Harlem where drug trafficking is raging. She will ask for help to Luke Cage
  • Simone Missick play Misty Knight: this recognizable superhero by his bionic arm will be an important ally for Luke Cage
  • will Mahershala Ali Cornell Stokes aka Cottonmouth: Cousin Mariah Diller in the series, it is also the greatest enemy of Luke Cage.
  • Frank Whaley in the role of detective Scarfe

Also note that Rosario Dawson will return in the role of the nurse … If Netflix respects its calendar disseminating a Marvel series every six months, Luke Cage could arrive on the platform in October or November 2016.

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Iron Fist

This is a project still unclear. If Netflix quickly found the Daredevil actors, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage , that’s another story for Iron Fist. But Marvel and the US site still have time on the floor of the fourth series that should not happen before 2017 on the platform (although rumors speak rather of a film about the superhero). Who is Iron Fist? This millionaire son better known by the name of Danny Rand has superhuman strength enabling it to have a sacred right shot. This character with mystical powers is substantially different from other Defenders, sharing more in common with Doctor Strange, whose film is planned for 2016.

In any case, a gateway is already created in Iron Fist and Jessica Jones . The character played by Carrie-Anne Moss , Jeryn Hogarth, actually appears in the comics Iron Fist. Originally, Hogarth is a man …

The Defenders

Our four heroes, living all in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, will end up in the series The Defenders . No date scheduled yet but all these people could also be found in the film The Avengers: Infinity War alongside Thor, Captain America, Iron Man but also the Guardians of the Galaxy. Welcome to the MCU!

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