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“The Dream company”: Arthur wants to achieve “your wildest dreams” – 20minutes.fr

MEDIA The host and producer is preparing a new entertainment for TF1…

The animator Arthur. LAWRENCE ZEBULUN
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Arthur wants to sell us the dream. In an appeal broadcast on the social networks, the host and producer of TF1 proposes to achieve ” the greatest wish, the dream, the more crazy one of your close “. All of this will be released in The Dream Company, which will soon be on the air.

The concept looks like a rehash of the Dream of an evening or Celebs at home who made the beautiful audiences of the first channel there has fifteen years, but it is an “unforgettable experience” is promised to the viewers.

In the meantime, Arthur will launch this Friday evening, at 21h, a new issue : Distraction. The program numbers and hidden cameras linked to the magic around a troupe of illusionists in which one will find, among others, Kamel the magician or Langevin.

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The secrets of the victory of Iris Miss Universe – West-France

Because she is gone

The former Miss France, had much news on the social networks the previous months competition. Here on her makeup. (Photo : Iris Mittenaere/Instagram)

” For Miss France, it should be 100 % natural. In Miss Universe, everything is more : extensions, makeup very strong, he has a lot of aesthetic surgery To become the most beautiful woman in the world, Iris Mittenaere, understood it well, and it was necessary to add more. For this, Miss France has managed to surround himself with competent people, a few months before the beginning of the contest. Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Deer, two hairdressers and makeup artists officiant usually when Miss France was converted to the personal coach, the time of the election. “to For the past four months, as soon as we had time, we gave him advice. She came prepared and so serene, ready to face this tornado Miss Universe , they explained to the Figaro.

Arnaud Sol Dourdin (left) and William Cerf (right), her two personal trainers during the months of preparation upstream of the contest, were present in Manila (Philippines) at the coronation of Iris. (Photo : Sylvie Tellier/Twitter)

This tornado Miss Universe, the two professionals of the beauty of the familiar. “to Iris has learned to make the show at theamerican, as on a parade of Victorias Secret. It‘has left nothing to chance “, ensures Arnaud Sol Dourdin. A make-up outrageous, false eyelashes, extensions for hair, and a silhouette redesigned through many sessions of sport on the advice of a coach-specific, the young woman has played the game. Without resorting to cosmetic surgery (a common practice in this kind of contest) Iris has nothing neglected his physical, asset, first to win Miss Universe. A job that paid as she received the award for the most beautiful body in the screening.

Because she has focused on the ” French Touch “

Iris Mittenaere wearing a dress of the Moulin-Rouge at the competition last Sunday. (Photo : Erik de Castro/Reuters)

Representative of France to the international Iris Mittenaere has never forgotten to remember where she came from. When Steve Harvey, the presenter of the contest, asked him the dish she loves to cook, the French did not hesitate. “to The beef bourguignon. It is beef cooked very slowly with red wine. You should test, it is really good, it’s great “,, ” she says with admiration. This is not a coincidence : 31 % of the French say that it is their traditional dish, according to a survey of 2016.

From its first steps as Miss France 2016, Iris Mittenaere had confessed to being a passionate about cooking. (Photo : DR)

During the parade of the national costumes of the competition, the new Miss Universe had decided to dress an outfit after a known place in the world. The Miss North was in fact wearing a red dress, while rhinestone and feather, that the dancers of the Moulin-Rouge are used to show in the cabaret in Pigalle, and a value of €14,000.

Because she was able to avoid the pitfalls

The French did a no-fault the face of the questions of Steve Harvey, the presenter of the evening. (Photo : Erik de Castro/Reuters)

as the competition approach, Iris Mittenaere is among the major favorites for the crown. The pretty brunette puts all the elements of his side in bachotant somewhat the news of the moment, knowing that questions of this type he would be asked if she ever reached the final. “to Have open borders may allow us to travel the world and discover a little more about our neighbors , she answers, finally, when asked about the reception of refugees. A good plus point.

Iris Mittenaere surrounded by different candidates to the international competition. (Photo : Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

behind-the-scenes as the new Miss Universe was not immune to a faux pas. Between Miss the competition is tough, and some are willing to more bad shots to put off the other pretenders. in Le Parisien reveals that a candidate would have stuck a chewing gum on his chair a few hours before the start of the ceremony. Another would have decided to show it in a delicate situation in the filming in the process of enjoying a breakfast. The French also allegedly found his cell phone in another bag as hers. Definitely the course of Iris Mittenaere was fraught with pitfalls. The Lille has been able to apprehend to be able to achieve her biggest dream.


Cannes : Pedro Almodóvar, is shunned by the Palm, adored by the Festival – The Figaro

The director of Julieta will be the president of the 70th edition of the ceremony. While he has never won the supreme award, awarded by the official jury, the filmmaker is still very popular on the Croisette as their work is appreciated since the late 1980s.

The cinema of Pedro Almodóvar, one knows the color pops, family dramas and women. It also retains its many appearances at Cannes. Specifically, for its 70th edition, the director will be the chairman of the jury of the international Festival of Cinema. Yet this pillar of the Spanish cinema has never won the Palme d’or. He has received both the award for best director for All about my mother in 1999 and won the award for the best screenplay for Volver. Almodovar does not attract the rewards, but he has invitations.

The first time he made it to the Croisette, it was in 1992, as a member of the jury, under the direction of Gérard Depardieu who presided over the assembled artists. This incursion is going to be open to his films the doors of the ceremony. Four will be competing at the Palm, for up to six presented for all categories.

Pedro Almodovar in 1999 at the Cannes film Festival

Pedro Almodovar in 1999 at the Cannes film Festival photo Credits :

67-year-Old with 42 years behind the camera, Pedro Almodóvar remains modest, according to Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Festival. “It is quite touching ; moreover, it is said: ‘but are you sure?’. It’s pretty great to see a man of his rank to think that he might not be able to function while, in addition, not only is it a great filmmaker, a great personality, but it is also a very big movie buff. Pedro Amoldóvar is someone whose work demonstrates a certain openness to the world, a certain generosity.” has been entrusted by the mic of RTL. The one who is also the director of the institut Lumière of Lyon.

And he never even won a reward majeure in Cannes, the Spanish filmmaker has been awarded across the world: two Baftas, five EFA (european film Prize) and two Oscars during his career.

The american academy has an award for the best foreign film, with All about my mother and the best original screenplay with Talk to her.

Adriana Ugarte, Emma Suárez, Pedro Almodóvar at the Cannes film Festival

Adriana Ugarte, Emma Suárez, Pedro Almodóvar at the Cannes film Festival photo Credits :

Very often it highlights female roles in which he admits to identify. Pedro Almodóvar has grown up surrounded by women and he does not hide that this has fundamentally influenced his works. In addition, it remains very faithful to his actresses. It is found five times Penelope Cruz, seven times Rossy De Palma, or even seven times Carmen Maura in its cinematography. As for the men, it did find Antonio Banderas with the Matador and The Labyrinth of passion.

Behind his dark glasses and his hair was expertly put into battle, the director with the look of the baroque contrasts with his past particularly harsh. After an education that is authoritarian in the fransiscains and then he was going to start the movie, the president Franco, who ruled Spain as a dictator, closes the Official School of the Cinema . There followed a period of odd jobs that allow him to buy a Super 8 camera. These events will be at the centre of his future directorial work, the color, the kitsch, and a need for rebellion, especially in women. Themes become of the qualities that have made his film a reference on the Spanish and won him the seat of president of the jury of the Cannes film Festival.


VIDEO. Sound problems, humor redneck, rude… The fiasco of direct crystal Globes – 20minutes.fr

MALAY TV The 11th ceremony of awards to artists and writers, by a jury of journalists took place Monday at the Lido, and has been broadcast on the C8…

Artus, who has co-hosted the ceremony with Estelle Denis (dr.), came to the rescue of Catherine Deneuve who had a heel stuck in her dress, at the 11th edition of the Globes de cristal, at the Lido, 30 January 2017. – Anthony Ghnassia/SIPA
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” I have rarely seen in my life a night as amazing, of discipline, of benevolence… Véronique Sanson singing before you, and the guys continued to jacter as droppings ! “Fabrice Luchini has made it one of its numbers as we like, Monday, at the Crystal Globes, the awards given by the French press, in front of a room laughing. It was without doubt the best (and only ?) passage a ceremony, which was broadcast on C8 in the live at the Lido, which has chained the moment troublesome.

From the outset, Estelle Denis and Artus – who have not done very well – had to get out the oars. They called on stage the president of honour of the ceremony, Olivier Dassault… that never appeared. “I’m told it checks to see if he is really there this evening. Of course if it is not there, it will not happen, ” has slipped the facilitator after long seconds of floating. The duo then invited Catherine Deneuve, the president of the jury, to join them. The actress has indeed advanced, but she ended up with a heel stuck in her dress before facing a problem of micro (when it doesn’t, it doesn’t).

” Petite fiotte, if you have balls, come on ! “

Baffie Laurent distinguished himself by his humor redneck, not to say sexist and homophobic, when he came to deliver the crystal Globe for the best foreign film in the company of the actress Saïda Jawad… he’s called twice ” Aissa “. When she made him notice his mistake, the “sniper” replied : “Saida, it is the same [thing]. I’ve fucked so much, I have more points of reference. “He then reproached Teddy Riner, present in the audience :” Petite fiotte, if you have balls, come on ! “The judoka is mounted on the stage, it was fun to bicker with Baffie Laurent, who has persisted with his obsession for gay men :” It would be not more simple that you tell us about your homosexuality ? “

On Twitter, the internet, famous or not, competed with each other to express their dismay more or less amused and sympathetic.

The account Malay TV, which compiles, as its name indicates, the passages in the malaisants of the small screen, went so far as to wear the nails in the coffin by tweeting simply : “We’re live on C8 “.

” This evening is “inconceptualisable” “

But it is Fabrice Luchini, who has made the best observation in one of his flights of the absurd : “the beginning of The evening has been difficult, but you have to understand that France is a country that is going to move because, together, together… The sound was poor, don’t judge ! The people were not very well behaved, don’t judge ! We are together, we are French. (…) Everyone knows, in his heart, that this evening is “inconceptualisable”. “

” I thought I had gone through everything in live but in fact… not ! I think I will remember all my life of this plateau, ” responded, amused, Estelle Denis on Tuesday morning on Twitter.

viewers who were not in front of their position – the issue has not been followed by 155,000 people – unfortunately could not opt for the viewing of catch-up : C8 does not offer a replay of the ceremony.

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Pedro Almodovar will be the president of the jury of the next Cannes film Festival – Europe1

The president of the jury of the 70th Festival de Cannes will be the Spanish director, Pedro Almodovar.

the One this morning :

-Pedro Almodovar president of the jury of the next Cannes film Festival
-SFR wishes to become the majority shareholder of BFMTV
-Marine Le Pen asks the CSA for an extension of the speaking time in the delay of his party

And it starts with Pedro Almodovar, president of the jury of the next Cannes film festival.

so It is him who will award the next winner of the Palme d’or : the famous filmmaker Pedro Almodovar will be the first spaniard at the head of the Cannes film Festival, which will take place from 17 to 28 may next. In a press release, the director said "very happy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the festival, while acknowledging stage fright".

This great lover of women knows the competition, as he won two awards with two of his greatest films : "All about my mother" in 1999, and "Volver" in 2006.

SFR wishes to become the majority shareholder of BFMTV.

After you have launched new channels, the group SFR is continuing its development in the media. The group has asked the CSA for its agreement to become the majority shareholder of NextRadioTV, which owns, among others, BFMTV and RMC Discoveries. The two groups were already close in 2015, SFR had taken over 49% NextRadio TV for nearly 600 million euros.

This new organisation should enable the group to realise its ambitions, particularly in the film and the production of tv series.

Marine Le Pen asks the CSA for an extension of the time word of his party.

The president of the Front National has published on its website a letter addressed to the president of CSA, Olivier Schrameck about the time word of his party.

Marine Le Pen is concerned about getting to grand not 31 January, the date of the reset of the time counters of the words of the political parties. According to it, the National Front accused and I quote, "a considerable delay in most of the media", because of the primary on the left and the right.

For the candidate to the presidential election, such inequality of treatment is simply unacceptable. It therefore requests that the CSA make the necessary arrangements to extend the hours due to the Front National over the period which opens on 1 February.

And then event : on the occasion of the presidential election, Europe 1 will be going to the encounter of the French with "The Bus ” Europe 1".

from the 5th of February next, and for 2 months, a bus in the colors of Europe 1 will travel the roads of France and will stop in 40 cities to meet with, listen to, and collect the testimonies of the French on the presidential election.

The program of live broadcasts, including "The Discussion of Great Voices" and "Europe tonight", but also a digital device outstanding, with Facebook, through which listeners will be able to ask their questions to the presidential candidates and guests of the Europe 1. The first stop of the Bus Europe 1 on February 5, next to Lyon.

And then the other novelty on Europe 1 : from Sunday at 10 a.m., the political show "Le Grand Rendez-vous" will be presented by Fabien Namias after the departure of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach.

The mother of Iris Mittenaere, elected Miss Universe on Sunday night, reacting to the election of his daughter.

Sunday evening, so it’s a French who has been crowned Miss Universe, for the first time in 64 years.

With this coronation, Iris Mittenaere has made proud millions of French, the organization of Miss France, and of course his relatives, including his mother Laurence Druart, very emotional following the election of his daughter.

Isabelle Huppert coming soon in a fiction on Arte.

Very rare in television dramas, the actor named the Oscars will soon make its first appearance in a fiction tv French for nearly 30 years.

in The month of march next, Arte will broadcast a "False Confidences", a film adapted from the famous comedy of Marivaux, filmed on the stage of the Odeon theatre in Paris. In the casting, one will thus find Isabelle Huppert, but also Louis Garrel.

former animators of the M6 will be participating in the 30 years of the string.

For its 30th anniversary, the M6 has seen things in a big way, with a show exceptional presented by Karine Lemarchand and Stéphane Plaza, soon to be broadcast in prime time, but also special programming, including several episodes of "Scenes of Households around 30 years of M6.

According to Tv 2 Weeks, several former leaders of the chain lends to the game, and will play in the series. Among them : Michaël Youn, Laurent Boyer and Ophélie Winter, who will make their big comeback on M6, the time of the evening.

And it ends with the figure of the day.

850 000. This is the number of views of the trailer of "The Voice season 6", posted this weekend on Facebook.

To announce the return of the tv-hook mid-February, the famous coaches are teleported to the times of Ancient Rome, with names of the era. Then to discover how similar Mr. Pokorus, Mikaïus, Zazix and Florent Pagnum, visit the website of TF1 or on the Twitter account of the Grand Line.


Cannes film Festival 2017 : Pedro Almodovar president of the jury – The new yorker

The director of “All about my mother” will preside over the next festival de Cannes.

Il will be the first Spanish president. The filmmaker Pedro Almodovar will preside over the jury of the Cannes film Festival in 2017, announced Tuesday the organizers in a press release. For this 70th festival, which will take place from 17 to 28 may, the one who won the prix de la mise en scene in 1999 with “All about my mother” is a successor to the director of the saga “Mad Max”, the Australian George Miller.

“I am very happy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Cannes film Festival in this function if preferred. I am grateful, honored and I have stage fright !”, says Pedro Almodovar, quoted in the press release. “Being president of the jury is a big responsibility and I hope to be at the height of the circumstances. I can tell you that I will devote myself body and soul to this task, which is both a pleasure and a privilege,” he adds.

“For its 70th edition, the Festival de Cannes is proud to welcome a unique artist that enjoys immense popularity. His work was already recorded forever in the history of cinema. A long-fidelity unit, Pedro Almodovar at the festival,” said Festival president, Pierre Lescure, and its general delegate, Thierry Frémaux, cited in the press release. The Cannes film Festival will announce the composition of the jury in mid-April.

Five times in competition at Cannes for “All about my mother”, “Volver”, “Etreintes broken”, “The Skin I live in” and “Juliet” in 2016, Pedro Almodovar, 67 years old, has twice been rewarded with “All about my mother”, award of the stage, and “Volver”, best screenplay award and prize of collective interpretation for his actresses in 2006. The director of “high Heels” has already been member of the jury of the Cannes film Festival in 1992, under the chairmanship of Gérard Depardieu. The Palme d’or was won this year by “The best intentions” of the Danish director Bille August.

Cannes : “Julieta”, de Pedro Almodóvar, the fairy tale of Adriana Ugarte

Big movie buff, especially known for his portraits of women, Almoodovar, author of twenty feature films to the aesthetics of color, connects the films since the early 1980s. He has also won two Oscars for “All about my mother” and “Talk to her”. This lover of the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Luis Buñuel created a work of iconoclastic and startling, often provocative, crossing by the themes of sexual identity, of the relation mother-child, guilt, or secrecy. For the composer, he is surrounded by actresses that have become his muses, among them Penélope Cruz, Marisa Paredes, Rossy de Palma, Victoria Abril and Carmen Maura, and actors members, including Javier Bardem and Antonio Banderas. A leading Figure of the Movida Spanish, creative movement exuberant born in the early 1980s, after the dictatorship of Franco, Pedro Almodovar has gained international success with “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown” (1988).


Monday, January 30, 2017

That wins Iris Mittenaere, crowned Miss Universe ? – Ouest-France

She lives a real fairy tale. The French Iris Mittenaere, 24 years old, was crowned, in the night of Sunday to Monday, the prestigious title of Miss Universe. In total, 86 young women were vying for the 65e edition of the competition, televised and held in Manila.

Born in Lille, in northern France, this student of dental surgery had been elected Miss France in 2016 and before that, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in 2015.

First French since 1953

It was 64 years ago that a French woman had not been elected. (Photo : Ted Aljibe/AFP)

This large brown 1m72 was committed, if she wins the beauty contest, to campaign for the promotion of oral hygiene, according to the website of Miss Universe, which states that it likes” the extreme sports, travel and cooking French dishes like beef bourguignon “. She beat in the final the Haitian Raquel Pelissier and the Colombian Andrea Tovar.

” Amazing !!!!! It has done !!! So proud !!! “, congratulated in a tweet Sylvie Tellier. The general director of the société Miss France, she even Miss France 2002, had been the hands and feet to the application of the French is to be retained by the organizers of this contest, which belongs, since 1996, to a certain… Donald Trump ! This was exactly 64 years ago that a French woman had not been elected Miss Universe. The last was Christiane Martel, who had won the title in 1953.

Remunerated, housed in New York and travel all expenses paid

once crowned, that won Miss Universe ? It’s still pretty secret. But beyond the tiara, the sash, and an increase staggering of subscribers on the social networks, the Lille of 24 years becomes a true “employed” under a contract with Miss Universe. Her to sign a DDC for a year to travel the world all expenses paid. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know the amount of his fixed salary. Only confidence of the person concerned as revealed by Tv Star : ” The title also allows you to live for a year in New York city in a luxurious apartment overlooking Central Park. “

Egéries of several brands

Iris Mittenaere will become the muse of several brands. (Photo : Erik de Castro/Reuters)

Iris Mittenaere also becomes one of the figureheads of the agency’s talent management WME-IMG, the organizer of the contest. Thanks to a wardrobe well-stocked and a personal stylist, she will participate in ” of the castings, pre-movie premieres, fashion week and sporting events “.

His election opens wide the doors of show-business. Even if the French had not expressed desires special to break into an artistic field, some of the winners have made career in the movies, such as Lara Dutta, Miss Universe 2000, Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994, or Amparo Muñoz, Miss Universe 1974.

A ” booster of a career “

once crowned, she is going to live in a luxurious New York apartment. (Photo : Erik de Castro/Reuters)

Miss Universe more than Miss France already not bad in this area, is a ” the accelerator of life “, ” boost career “, according to Sylvie Tellier. We shift into another dimension. Iris Mittenaere becomes the ambassador of a country and of the mark Miss Universe with a lot of gifts. It will sink under the proposals…

” once crowned, the winner was transferred to New York where she will meet her new family Miss Universe. The organization provides the winner a range of possibilities adapted to its objectives for the year “, certify the rules of the competition.

as an indication, candidates to Miss France affect 150 euros for the months of preparation prior to the competition, we don’t imagine that the candidates in a major international competition earn less… Then, the finalists of Miss France, they inherit jewelry jewelry, beauty products, clothing, high-tech devices : a whole bunch of gifts offered by the partners of the event. Of course, at the level of Miss Universe, everything is tenfold.

The beauty has no price. The young Lille 24 year old rocker in a world of excess. (Photo : Erik de Castro/Reuters)

In comparison, Miss France 2016 has won a replica of his crown, Julien d Orcel, a car and an electric bike Peugeot, two computers Apple and a tv to be curved. A line of luggage as a whole to accompany the ambassador in his many travels. Not to mention, the ornaments of jewels and wardrobe of choice, that goes without saying. And the committee Miss France states that when she has a bit of a break, the Miss France will also benefit from an all-inclusive trip for two people to the Meeting and an apartment available for one year. Beyond these many benefits, the young woman receives a salary for his work Miss which would amount to 5 000 euros per month.

All of this gives an idea of the enormity in which Iris Mittenaere just switch.

What duties do in return ?

Miss Universe is going to commit to charitable organizations. (Photo by Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

In return, Miss Universe will lend his image to help charities. Iris Mittenaere is already engaged, upstream of the contest, to campaign for the promotion of oral hygiene. In addition, partnerships were forged with the United Nations and a multitude of organizations non-profit (NGOS). Among these, in particular, a food bank (God’s Love We Deliver, a charity surgery for children with spouts lip and cleft palate (Smile Train), or associations fighting against aids (GMHC, Aid for Aids).

On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden to Iris Mittenaere of getting pregnant or getting married in the coming year, according to representation of law.


Antonio Banderas hospitalized after a heart attack – LCI

BIG SCARE – actor Antonio Banderas has been conducted in emergency to the hospital for very severe pain in the chest, during a session of sport. After thorough examination, the doctors have made their diagnosis.

More than fear of evil, for Antonio Banderas. For a few months now, Antonio Banderas is established in Great Britain, in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by meadows and forests. A bucolic setting for the actor who has decided to leave Hollywood and its madness for a little quiet.

Everything was for the better, until the last week where during a session of sport, the actor is unwell. It was his daily sports in his home at Surrey, England when he was the victim of a very violent pain in the chest . Called in emergency, the er doctor made the decision to lead the actor to the hospital.

heart disease

Saint Peter Hospital, located in the town of Chertsey, the doctors made him pass a few extra tests. The specialists have decided to place it during long hours of observation. And then the diagnosis came : the Spanish did a heart attack but it is now out of danger.

a Few hours after this fright, the comedian 56-year-old was able to return home where he has posted a message on Instagram : “I am enjoying the nature after a small fright,” wrote the actor with the one who shares his life, Nicole Kimpel.

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Angoulême 2017, a great year, despite an influx in lower – Le Figaro

This was the year of the appeasement in the Charente. No upset, no controversy, and excellent programming. Despite this, the 44th edition would record a decrease of 6% to 10%.

The shadow of the attacks, plane still on the Festival of Angoulême? Despite exposures that were constantly busy, concerts, drawing, refusing the world, a mild weather and streets black world, the balance of the 44th edition of the event, which was held from January 26 to 29, would a decrease of 6% to 10%. The organizers should provide the final numbers in the next few days.

The event has kept its promises, those to regain its status as an unmissable event of the 9th item With a Tawny gold quite unexpected, the coronation of the album is daring and less mainstream Landscape after the battle, Angoulême has not lent the flank to criticism.

Publishers and authors were not highly praised, relieved to experience a festival away from the turmoil of the last year which, we remind, had been marked by the absence of designers in the list of selected grand prix 2016, a call for the boycott of authors and an awards ceremony distressing (with a joke in bad taste). And we pass on the perpetual structural problems, quarrels with editors, and a war of subsidies that rejaillissaient each year since 2008. A conflict that seems to have been put between brackets.

group Photo of laurétas 2017, with in the centre, Philippe de Pierpont and Eric Lambé, author of

Photo of group of laurétas 2017, with in the centre, Philippe de Pierpont and Eric Lambé, author of “Landscape after the battle”, the Fawn of gold. photo Credits :

“A great vintage, remarkable from every point of view,” says Serge Ewenczyk of editions independent here and There. “Very great vintage, very well organized, very well-balanced in term of art”, has ushered Philippe Ostermann editions Dargaud.

Without forgetting Benedict Mouchart, editorial director at Casterman, and former artistic director of the festival for ten years, from 2003 to 2013. “An edition extremely joyful and unifying for the authors and our teams. A true moment of sharing and discoveries. As a staff, the Festival more fulfilling that I’ve ever lived,” added this man who knows perfectly the workings of the event.

The authors have not been left out. “It is a cliché, but this Festival is amazing. It is a wonderful gathering of creators, works and passionate. There is nothing similar elsewhere in the world! In addition, Angoulême has a charm that gives it a human dimension,” said Chris Claremont, writer of american X-Men.

Next to festival-goers, they were able to enjoy exhibitions of very high quality. Those dedicated to Hermann, Will Eisner or Kazuo Kamimura, the festival having been successful in the challenge of bringing together 150 original, have made the public blissful admiration, Gaston Lagaffe has pleased the audience in the square in front of city hall. I finally! The saga cult Valérian, the subject of a film project of pharaonic orchestrated by Luc Besson, was celebrated with great pomp.

The year 2017 marks all evidence of the return to the joviality that surrounds the traditional comic strip. A year, where the author is chinese 94-year-old Rao Pingru seemed to like his home to discuss his autobiography comic, Our History, his one and only COMIC to this day. Very comfortable to the point of paying festival-goers a beautiful Marseillaise in his native tongue.


Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe: those who have coached to win – The Figaro

Iris Mittenaere was elected Miss Universe at the end of an evening full of emotion. The young 24 year old woman had dreamed of this contest, for which she is badly prepared for more than four months. Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Hart, his two coaches, told us of this long work of preparation.

to Participate to Miss Universe was not a walk in the park, quite the contrary. To best represent his country and to have the maximum chance of finishing in a good place, it is necessary to work hard for several months. Iris Mittenaere, as the other Miss France before it, was no exception to the rule. It was taken in hand by Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Hart, both hair stylists and make up the official Miss France and coaches to prepare for Miss Universe. Hair, makeup, approach at fashion, mental…, nothing is left to chance. “For the past four months, as soon as we had time, we gave him advice. She came prepared and so serene, ready to face this tornado Miss Universe”, they explain.

Because this contest of beauty international cannot be summed up to the evening of the election. The competition starts over two weeks before the big night. Iris came to the Philippines on January 12, only. Because, during this period, all candidates must be able to prepare without the help of anyone, and are observed at all times. The slightest mistake could play on their qualification as finalists. Iris has therefore been coached to learn how to put themselves in beauty “with the american” with false eyelashes and adding hair. “The girls must go out every morning as if they had been wearing, masked and dressed by professionals and yet they are not pros. At the beginning, Iris was two hours to do everything, but the girls must know how to prepare in thirty-five minutes. So she worked on it every morning to reduce this time and get the timing requested,” says Arnaud Sol Dourdin. Miss France 2016 has also reviewed its way of scrolling to have the hipped idea l, and joined the boards of a coach to hone the edges (already spotless!) of his body. The work paid off as she received the award for “best body” during the pre-selection.

“everyone told us that Iris was also beautiful on the inside as outside.”

Arnaud Soil Dourdan, coach Iris Mittenaere

The other advantage to hope to be elected is to appeal to the organization of Miss Universe. “You have to be friendly with the teams, smiling in all circumstances, and even a little actress, while remaining natural. When the girls are in a group, it is necessary to know to stand out. Iris has been pleased with its freshness, its elegance and its simplicity. Everyone told us that she was also beautiful on the inside as on the outside,” continues the coach. Yet, in the face of 85 girls, all beautiful, is never easy and requires a morale of steel. All the more that young women are not gifts. Iris would have had a chewing gum stuck on his seat, probably put there by one of its competitors… course, when the fight is fierce between the candidates, the moral is sometimes lacking.

Iris has had small bumps of soft. The entire team of the organization Miss France, but also his mom and her boyfriend, Mathieu, are then relayed to give him back his confidence. “The psychological side is very important, Miss Universe, it is a race to the bottom, it must be taken on the duration. It reboostait to turn her, saying that she could do, she has a natural beauty, which is rare in the competition, as three-quarters of the girls are retouched,” says William Hart. In the days leading up to the election, the French was clearly one of the favorites. She is so driven on the topical questions, which are asked only of the six finalists. Economy, international relations, politics, everything is past. “We did well because we addressed all the topics on which she was questioned. This year, the questions were much more difficult than in other years,” he continued.

Arnaud Sol Dourdin and William Deer are obviously on cloud nine since the victory of their protégé. “This is the reward of years of effort. Last year, Flora Coquerel has won the place of 3rd runner up. But we should acknowledge the motivation and the unwavering determination of the Iris. You can do all the preparation in the world, the secret is that you have to want to keep the shock throughout the competition,” they concluded.

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, elected as Miss Universe 2016 photo Credits : Miss Universe Organization


Sylvie Tellier : “The natural Iris has been rewarded !” – Paris Match

Iris Mittenaere resulted in her being crowned Miss Universe on January 30, in Manila, Philippines. She becomes the second Miss France to gain access to the coveted title. Sylvie Tellier, director general of the organization Miss France gives us his first impressions.

She was given great favorite of the competition. A 24-year-old, Iris Mittenaere is the successor to the Philippine Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. A rite full of emotion at the end of a competition marathon. Chosen as one of 86 young women, the French became the most beautiful woman in the world. A title that was not returned to France since 1953. A native of Lille, the student of dental surgery has been able to count on the support of his mother and her boyfriend who had made the trip up to Manila. Present at his side since the beginning of the adventure, Sylvie Tellier could not hide his emotion and his pride.

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Paris Match. What was your reaction when Iris has been elected ?
Sylvie Tellier. I cried the first few seconds, and then I started to scream out of joy ! It is an immense happiness, the achievement of an intense work for several months ! Until the last hours before the election, we were still in the process of working with Iris on her questions, the themes that were to be addressed, the physical preparation. We have almost not slept to be ready on the day.

How Iris has she responded ?
I found it very peaceful, very zen. We believed so much in his victory that we already saw the winner. She was relaxed during the entire competition. His mom on the other hand was in shock. She wouldn’t stop crying of joy…

agencies bookie had a bet on it…
Yes, she was a favorite everywhere ! For the past 12 years, I hope every year that our Miss won the contest. Unlike many of the participants, the Iris is 100% natural. She has never had plastic surgery. This coronation is a nice contrast to all the people who criticize the contest, or who say that Iris is too superficial. It is a bosseuse who has worked his or her body by doing a lot of sport, by not depriving them of anything. Iris is an epicurean, he is out of the question for her to miss a meal or miss a slice of pizza. It is authentic.

How was the cohabitation with the other Miss ?
She has made several friends, particularly those who spoke French as Miss Haiti. They are all thrown on it to congratulate her when she won. But as in many contests of beauty, there is sometimes a little more difficult between the girls. Some are ready for anything ! Iris was made to steal his mobile phone, a chewing gum was stuck on his chair for ruining her dress… The goal was to destabilize. But it didn’t work !

What is the program now ?
She will fly to New York, where she will have at her disposal an apartment on the chic 5th Avenue. There, many meetings and media are planned. From our side we will arrange its return in France in about one month. At present, it is under contract with Miss Universe. His career takes on another dimension. It is a star !

reproduction prohibited


Iris Mittenaere (Miss France 2016) crowned Miss Universe ! History ! – Pure People

This is the first time since 1953 that the French representative to win the contest !

Iris Mittenaere, our Miss France 2016, has been crowned this night to Miss Universe 2016 at the election held in Manila. “regardless of the result“, she wrote a few hours earlier in a message of thanks to his supporters, but when the time came, the forecasts, saw her go very far in the competition are confirmed as follows : the Lille 25-year-old has been crowned, the Miss Haiti Raquel Pelissier and Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar becoming for their share of its 1st and 2nd dauphine. Superb in her dress of the creator Huang Hai, it was perfect until the end, managing to tame them beautifully his emotion.

Incredible!!!!! She has done!!! So proud!!!“, she congratulated her in a tweet Sylvie Tellier, director general of the company Miss France, she even Miss France 2002. “historic Moment“, emphasized the account Instagram Miss France, and for good reason : Iris, a student of fifth year of dental surgery, is simply the first French-sacred Miss Universe since 1953, the year of the triumph of the Lorraine Christiane Martel.

The presenter american Steve Harvey, master of ceremonies of the election, he will be mercifully spared an emotional lift to avoid being wrong at the time of the announcement of the winner, unlike the previous edition which had seen in December, 2015, the victory of the Philippine Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Our beauty queen French, that we heartily congratulate, has caused a sensation throughout the event especially during the tour pre-selection, in his suit, iconic Red Mill, and in the final, where, during the last round of questions, she gave a speech opening : “Have open borders can enable us to browse the world and discover a little more about our neighbours“, she said to the host who asked him about the crisis of migrants in Europe. At the time of the beginning of the mandate of Donald Trump at the White House, Miss Kenya, Mary Esther Were, which has ended among the most finalists (4th), was even more explicit, ensuring that the new head of the State, “had perhaps not been the first choice of many people“.

A fantastic year begins for Iris Mittenaere, who actually expected to have lots of opportunities to “travel the world” and discover its inhabitants. In the meantime, she has shared on social networks, his first words… and his first gift !

Sylvie Tellier has referred, in a press release by the Organization of Miss France, the victory and the immediate future of his protégé : “It is with immense emotion that we lived a historical moment in its sides. Iris has proven that France could do with natural and elegance. We are proud to give it to the Miss Universe Organization and let it fly to New York, where it will assume its functions during this year of reign. I would like to personally thank Iris for her confidence and determination that has led straight to victory. This win is also the fruit of team work that I wish to particularly thank. After twelve years of patience, it did ! Thank you Iris and good reign, to thee…

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The French Iris Mittenaere crowned Miss Universe – The World

Elected Miss France in 2016, the young woman of 24 years old, a student of dental surgery, was honored Monday in Manila.

Iris Mittenaere in Manila, on January 26, 2017.

Chosen in the face of its 85 competitors, the French Iris Mittenaere has been elected Monday, January 30, Miss Universe at a competition televised in Manila, Philippines. Born in Lille, in northern France, the young 24 year old woman had been elected Miss France in 2016 and before that, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in 2015.

” Beauty, grace, confidence, intelligence. Here are the qualities that embody the 65e Miss Universe “, has praised the organizing company on Twitter. This student of dental surgery has moved ahead in the final, the Haitian Raquel Pelissier and the Colombian Andrea Tovar, at the end of a show of three hours.

” Amazing !!!!! She has done !!! So proud !!! “, is excited about Sylvie Tellier, the director-general of the committee Miss France, a few moments later on Twitter.

Promotion of oral health

This large brown 1 m 72 was committed, if she wins the beauty contest, to campaign for the promotion of oral hygiene, according to the website of Miss Universe, which made it clear that she loves ” extreme sports, travel and cooking French dishes “.

In total, 86 young women were vying to be the successor to the Philippine Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who had been elected in December, 2015, after a huge blunder television presenter who was initially crowned Miss Colombia.


Miss Universe: Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, jalousée by its competitors – The Express

Iris Mittenaere is not in Manila on vacation. The young 24 year old woman, Miss France 2016, has other projects in the capital city of the Philippines. Well, mainly one: to become the next Miss Universe. The final of the international contest of beauty, which brings together 85 competing, takes place in the night from Sunday to Monday. Whereas France has won only once the prestigious crown, in 1953, Iris Mittenaere will she be able to repeat the feat? The hypothesis does not seem to be unthinkable.

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Since the fashion shows of presets that have taken place this week, Miss France the 2016 attracts attention. The point to be included in the favourites of the contest. “We are very optimistic. Every time she is in the top 5,” says Sylvie Tellier, director general of the organization of Miss France, interviewed this Sunday by Le Parisien.

“A Miss Universe, it is war!”

two days ago, Iris Mittenaere, wearing an outfit of a leader review, the Moulin Rouge has made a sensation among observers. “I was able, this evening, to discover my country in the most glamorous, excited the Miss on his account Instagram where she is very active.

Except that this place favorite with inconvenience to the interested main. “A Miss Universe, it is war! The girls talk and the fact that Iris will be among the favourites arouses jealousies,” says Sylvie Tellier. The general director of society Miss France tells the story of a misadventure that has been the victim of its small protected. “Yesterday, he stuck a chewing gum on his chair!”, gag-t-it, always in the columns of the Paris.

in Spite of such meanness, Iris Mittenaere does not lose the smile. On Instagram, the student displays a broad smile.

last year, Flora Coquerel (right on the picture), Miss France 2014, was ranked fourth in the same contest.

Iris Mittenaere, which multiplies the calls for votes on social networks, give it reason to predictions?


Emmanuelle Riva, John Hurt, the film in mourning – ladepeche.fr

“Hiroshima my love” to “Savannah Bay”, Emmanuelle Riva, who has just disappeared, has had a rich career and unobtrusive manner through the most beautiful texts of the cinema and the theatre.

By visiting the next month at the Oscars, where she contributes to “It”, Isabelle Huppert, will certainly have a thought for Emmanuelle Riva. Swept away on Friday by the cancer a few weeks short of his 90-year-old actress to be the voice inimitable had preceded the ceremony in 2013, on the day of his 86 years. It was for “Love”, from Michael Haneke, in which she shared the poster, Riva by professor of music declining, Huppert in the girl impatiently.

The Oscar nomination followed the Caesar that the actress had received with good humour and natural (“It is heavier than me !”) and replaced under the glare of the celebrity, a half-century after his first great role, in “Hiroshima my love”, by Alain Resnais.

She had aged but hadn’t changed, was still living in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, a street which the booksellers had been evicted “by the stalls”, and lamented it on the phone. His number was in the directory.

“All the faces of love”

Born Paulette Riva, the young Vosges beauty wise and radiant, who arrived in Paris in the years existentialists had preferred the theatre to the seam. It was the consecration to the cinema. “Hiroshima my love”, according to Marguerite Duras, was followed in a few years a dozen films, including “The eighth day” of Marcel Hanoun, “Léon Morin, priest”, from Jean-Pierre Melville, “Thérèse Desqueyroux” and “Thomas the impostor”, Franju, and then “risks of the trade”, by André Cayatte.

Demanding in their choices, love being courted but never in chains, Emmanuelle Riva dispenses his will in more than 50 films and close to 40 plays. In “Love”, it is Anne, which the state decrescendo will push Jean-Louis Trintignant, as her husband, in the killing by way of euthanasia, we nailed it in our armchairs of voyeurs.

Emmanuelle Riva continued to receive texts and was reviewed at the theatre in 2014 in “Savannah Bay”, Marguerite Duras, under the direction of Didier Bezace.

“She has embodied in a unique fashion, all the faces of love, throughout a life dedicated to the greatest authors”, confirmed yesterday the minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, after President Hollande has emphasized that it “created an intense emotion in all of the roles that she interpreted”.

Emmanuelle Riva leaves the mark of elegance away from the stardom. Two recent films will attest this year : “Mary and the castaways”, by Sébastien Bethbeder, and “Paris barefoot”, the duo’s whimsical Abel and Gordon.

the mouth to the 1,000 faces

John Hurt, the british actor to $ 1, 000 faces, including that of “the Elephant man” (1980) is dead at his home in England, died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 77 years, a-t-we learned yesterday.

originally intended For a career of professor of drawing, her film career took off for his second role in “Midnight Express” (1978), followed by”Alien, the 8th passenger”. All generations of spectators have known, since, in 140 films, John Hurt has been Mr ollivander’s in “Harry Potter”, the professor Ox’ d’ “Indiana Jones”, Dexter on “Melancholia” by Lars von Trier and the father McSorley, in “Jackie” (Kennedy), which will be Wednesday on the screens in French.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

The actress Emmanuelle Riva disappears at age 89 – Franceinfo


Noted for her talent

Born into a modest family in the Vosges, in 1927, to a father of Italian origin, Emmanuelle Riva feels very early on a vocation as an actress, and joined an amateur troupe of the city of Remiremont near to Epinal. Against the wishes of the family, it is received by the contest comedy of the school in the rue Blanche in Paris, and settled in the capital in 1953. Too old to enter the Conservatory of dramatic art, his talent is noticed and she got her first role on the stage in “The Hero and the soldier” by George Bernard Shaw.
Spotted by Alain Resnais who sees her on stage in “The Scarecrow” by Dominique Rolin, the filmmaker turns it around in his first feature film, “Hiroshima my love”. Eluding the narrative codes in force, the film knows an international impact in 1959 and propels Emmanuelle Riva on the front of the world stage.

“Hiroshima my love” : the trailer

In 1961, she is the lead performer of the “Kapo” of the Italian Gillo Pontecorvo, and then in the same year gives a reply to Jean-Paul Belmondo in Léon Morin, priest Jean-Pierre Melville, after the novel by Béatrix Beck.

Emmanuelle wins its first international award the following year, in 1962, at the Venice film Festival, for her performance in the title role of the film of Georges Franju’s “Thérèse Desqueyroux”, adapted from the eponymous novel by François Mauriac, where it gives the replica, Philippe Noiret and Sami Frey. Georges Franju will still use it in 1965 in “Thomas the imposter” on a scenario by Jean Cocteau.

Report : D. Wolfromm / V. Christopher :

second career

The actress then leaves the screens, preferring the stage by putting it at the service of great directors, such as Jacques Lasalle, Roger Planchon or Claude Régy.

we must wait 80 years to see it again at the cinema, with filmmakers demanding, such as Marco Bellochio (“The Eyes, the mouth, 1982), Philippe Garrel (“Freedom night “, 1983), and Krzysztof Kieslowski “Three colours : blue” (1993), where she plays the mother of Juliette Binoche.

She then returned to the front of the stage in 2012 in “Amour” by Michael Haneke, at the side of Jean-Louis Trintignant. She was then 85 years old and is the doyenne of French actresses. The film won the Palme d’or at Cannes, the César for the best film, the César for best female performer, the Oscar for the best foreign film, the Award for best actress european, the BAFTA (Caesar in britain) for best actress and was named to the Oscar. Her portrayal of a woman in his mid-eighties a victim of two strokes, which is dedicated to her husband played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, affects the whole world, the public, as well as the criticism.

in Addition to his genius with the scene, as the screen, Emmanuelle Riva published three collections of poems, “Just behind the whistle of the train” (1969, reissued 1976), “Fire mirror” (1975) and “The Hostage of desire” (1982). The photos she took of the city during the filming of”Hiroshima my love” also illustrate the collective book “You saw nothing in Hiroshima.”

Until the end

Emmanuelle Riva had also shot enough in a recent film, “Paris barefoot” Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, due out in march on the screens. She had also participated in an icelandic film which is not released yet.

“Until the end, she has been active”, told AFP his agent, Anne Alvares Correa. Last fall, the actress had given a reading at the Villa Medici in Rome, she recalled.

“Paris barefoot” : the trailer

“Emmanuelle Riva has deeply marked the French cinema, with 'Hiroshima my love' (…) to invoke a memory or injured, with 'Love' (…) to evoke the end of life,” responded the president, François Hollande, in a press release.

“free Women, and discreet, Emmanuelle Riva was incarnate in a particular way, all the faces of love, throughout a life dedicated to the greatest authors”, stressed to his side the minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, in a press release.

“an Actress of elegance and fragility, in cinema as in theater, she played with passion and requirement more recently in 'Savannah Bay “de Marguerite Duras” in a stage production of Didier Bezace (2014), pointed out the minister.

harmonious Face, slender figure, Emmanuelle Riva captivated by his voice and his diction. It was “a woman’s deeply moving, an artist to the requirement rare. It is a voice of unforgettable will. A voice inhabited by the love of words and poetry”, stressed Frédérique Bredin, president of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC).

In “Hiroshima my love” (1959) where she played a French actress fallen in love with a japanese architect after the Second world war, “his voice seized of the text of Marguerite Duras,” says the AFP Gilles Jacob, former president of the Cannes film Festival. “It was a unique thing, as a kind of cantata “religious”.


Emmanuelle Riva, a course in love Hiroshima to Hollywood – The Parisian

Entrée with a bang but a quiet voice in the world of cinema in 1959 with “Hiroshima my love”, the actress Emmanuelle Riva, who died at age 89, has been devoted on the later with “Love”, after a career as rich as it is demanding.
“Each individual has several lives in him. And in this business, one develops all these possibilities and it is exciting”, explained to the AFP that that was back on the croisette in 2012 for “Amour” by Michael Haneke, future Palme d’or.
She played Anne, a woman whose condition is deteriorating and moving towards death, in great suffering, shared with her husband, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant.
Living thi s role in “deliverance”, the performance earned him a César for best actress, a Bafta british and an Oscar nomination at age 85, beaten to the oscar by Jennifer Lawrence (“Happiness Therapy”).
Well before Hollywood, which used to be called Paulette performs the classics in his bedroom of a teenager in Remiremont, near the small town of Cheniménil where she was born in 1927.
at the age of 19, having started out as a seamstress, and despite the reticence of his working-class family, she went to Paris to take courses in dramatic art, obtaining a scholarship.
She began a career in the theatre under its new name, Emmanuelle, and then is spotted by Alain Resnais, who chooses for the lead role of his first feature, “Hiroshima my love”, on a script by Marguerite Duras.
- “Change of roles” -
We are in 1959, 14 years after the first atomic bombs, and this love story between a French actress and a japanese architect in the d evastated town meeting a success around the world, bringing the actress for the first time at the Cannes film festival.
In 1962, she won the best actor prize at the Venice film Festival for the role of “Therese Desqueyroux”, the poisoner of the novel by François Mauriac.
Emmanuelle Riva is now famous, but, at the time of the starlets faded and Brigitte Bardot, this brunette with almond-shaped eyes, refuses the easy choices, preferring the shadow to the light.
“After +Hiroshima my love+ I have greatly struggled against the classification. What is important to us, to us actors, that is to change roles”, explained to AFP.
For fifty years, she walks her game stripped down and his voice modulated in theatre, television, and film, where she plays less often in leading roles – under the orders of the greats: Melville, Franju, Cayatte, Arabal, Mocky, Bellochio, Garrel.
In 1992, her role of matriarch relentless in “Far from Brazil̶ 1; Tilly reminds the good memories of movie-goers, and she went on a year later with “Blue” by Krzysztof Kieslowski. It will also be seen in “Venus beauty (institute)” Pitch Marshall in 1999.
She portrays the mothers and grandmothers for the past ten years when Michael Haneke propels it again in the light.
In 2014 she was honoured with the prize ” Beaumarchais the best actress (awarded by a jury of critics of Figaro) for the part of Marguerite Duras “Savannah Bay”.
“there is a very great joy to feel that he escapes to oneself to go where we don’t know,” said she about her profession of actress.
“It is said +to Enter the skin of the character+, it sounds a little corny, but in fact it is enough that, with all the flesh and the spirit and the heart”.


Emmanuelle Riva, of Hiroshima my love-to-Love – Le Figaro

DISAPPEARANCE The actress died Friday, January 27, died of cancer, without having renounced his profession. Aged 89 years, she was awarded the César for best actress and an academy award nomination for his role in the film of Michael Haneke, Love, which won the palme d’or at Cannes in 2012.

Emmanuelle Riva was one of the personalities the most attractive and the most elusive of the cinema and the théâtre français. A beauty, very classic, with that face structured and soft, his eyes as deep and as soulful as sparkling, a woman high, thin, who had kept his silhouette of a young girl and a natural elegance.

The fate wants that the two films that will have the most profound influence on his career talk about love. Of Hiroshima my love, in 1959, a film of Alain Resnais on a script by Marguerite Duras, Love by Michael Haneke in 2012, it will have impressed his strong personality, his peculiar voice, his sense of the deepest feelings, and the silence, dozens of roles, in film, theatre, passion for founding, and also on television.

To cite just one title between the two cities, we recall Therese Desqueyroux by Georges Franju. She received the award for best actress at Venice. This is an actress who has received awards in the world. Up at Caesar. “Love, this is the name of a person,” she said, involving Jean-Louis Trintignant and Michael Haneke (just before the coming of the Palm…) with his trophy.

Voluntary and unobtrusive, she has faced the disease with courage all the moments, turning, working up to these last few months. Last summer, she was given an evening at the Academy of France in Rome and made a film in Iceland.

Her family saw her as a seamstress

She was born in the Vosges, April 27, 1927, in a modest family of Italian origin. She remained all his life a lover of nature. There was nothing in his environment could lead naturally on to the boards, and yet, as a teenager, the passion of the poetry, of literature, of the theatre had entered. She joined an amateur troupe of Remiremont and, despite the opposition of her family who would rather a seamstress, she gets her way.

In Paris, she is a student of the school that was then called “the White road”, the École nationale supérieure des arts et techniques du théâtre. It is the student John Meyer, and would have been able to fit the conservatory and the Comédie-Française, but the strict rules of age limit preventing it from doing so.

It begins from the edge of 50 years and will never leave ever the planks, leaving always time for drama. In the years 80, thanks to Tilly and Michel Hermon in Cold fine, a new generation of viewers discovering this amazing woman. No one will erase from his memory his wonderful interpretation of another character of Marguerite Duras, after the actress of’Hiroshima my love, the woman “in the splendour of the age” Savannah Bay that she played at the theatre Workshop, under the direction of Didier Bezace. This was his last role, in 2014.

as Soon as the rue Blanche, in 1953, his principal teacher, Jean Meyer, the committee recommends that directors and it is with René Dupuy that it begins in The Hero and the soldier of Shaw at the Gramont that he leads. By the same author it will play The Profession of Mrs. Warren in 1956, and the previous year, Hope Bernstein, under the direction of the author, or Thee Seducer of Diego Fabbri, in a staging by François Périer.

A woman of essence poetic

At Work, in 1958, she created a piece of Dominique Rollin, in a staging by André Barsacq. It is said that it is seeing, then, that Alain Resnais chose her to embody the woman who walks in Hiroshima, armed with her camera. “You saw nothing in Hirsohima”….

George Wilson, who directs the National Theatre of Chaillot, the commits for Children of the Sun of Maxim Gorky in 1963. With Jean Deschamps, always to the NPT, it creates Zoo of Vercors before Badadesque of Jean Vauthier, directed by Marcel Marechal, with whom she also plays The Opera house in the world by Jacques Audiberti.

Claude Régy could not pass up this unique personality, this wife indifferent to all material success. A woman deep in love with the great texts, and is passionate about spirituality, a woman of essence poetic. In 1966, it is part of the dazzling distribution of the Back by Harold Pinter, directed by Régy, the event of the year at the private theatre. In the aftermath, this is Jorge Lavelli, who committed to create The Day of a dreamer of the Argentine delicious, Copi.

It is at the forefront. She likes the risk. It is not easy. As restive as it is unexpected, but when it comes to playing, it is a discipline, and a sense of the camaraderie is wonderful. She has a serious physical, but it is often of humour is amazing. She loves to laugh, she has a lot of humor.

She returned to the classics with Pirandello, Shakespeare (Macbeth with Roger Blin), worked with his professor who is also a playwright, The shortest Day (Lyon, 1972) and, later, A month in the country of Turgenev. It is a deeply moving Joan of Arc of Shaw with Peter Franck and found Claude Régy for It is beautiful of Nathalie Sarraute, Orsay, when the Renaud-Barrault plant their poles in the station abandoned…

throughout this period, she runs a lot and refuses much to devote to the theatre that she likes: in Remagen by Anna Seghers with Jacques Lassalle, who seek still to False Confessions by Marivaux in 1979, The Good Mother of Goldoni and Medea for the cour d’honneur in Avignon in 2000, with Isabelle Huppert in the title role.

'it would not enumerate the roles. It has always been in front, preferring instead the authors of the time. If a “character” he was deeply matched, this is the one that gave him Gabriel Garran in Emilia will never be picked by the anemone, according to Emily Dickinson.

In film, she works with the largest

Roger Planchon, Dominique Poulange, Brigitte Jaques, Pierre Laville, everyone has enjoyed working with this artist. It was a gas being poetic, it was said. Itself wrote. Poetry, stories, testimonies, and has participated in the book You saw nothing at Hiroshima, there are four or five years, confident of his own photos of the city at the time of the shooting. She has also published Just behind the whistle of the train, The Fire mirrors, The Hostage of desire. Poems, short texts, evanescent as watercolors but fed of gravity..

in film and television with the best, his career is even more important. She is the woman in love in Leon Morin, priest by Jean-Pierre Melville, to the side of Jean-Paul Belmondo. She found Franju for Thomas the Imposter according to Cocteau, it connects the films, choosing them with care. She has worked with the greatest: Denys de la Patellière -its beginnings – Bellochio, Kieslowski, more tonic, Mocky, Arcady, but also fascinated most young people who have all had at heart to offer him beautiful characters. In the disorder, Tilly, Garrel, Rouän, Améris, Bonitzer, Huster, Dubroux, Isserman, Marshall, Bourdieu. Many of the women in this list. And forgiveness for the omissions. In 2016, it will still be turned Paris barefoot of Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon and Marie, and the Shipwrecked of Sebastian Betbeider. It is the review.


The british actor John Hurt, the face of Elephant Man, is death – The Express

The actor had incarnated Mr. ollivander’s in Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, had also played the role of the second officer Kane in Alien and starring in 1984. The british actor, John Hurt died at the age of 77 years after a pancreatic cancer, have announced that this Saturday, several british media, citing his agent.His death was confirmed to the british news agency PA, by its agent, Charles McDonald.

He had been named for two academy awards, for his supporting role in Midnight Express (1978) to the side of the protagonist, William Hayes, an american tourist detained in jails in turkey, and for his first role in “the Elephant Man,” two years later. His performance in Midnight Express had earned him to be awarded at the Bafta Awards, the annual awards british cinema and television, and get the Golden Globe for best supporting role.

“A remarkable man”

The american actor Elijah Wood (aka Frodo in the saga the Lord of The rings), has paid tribute to the british actor, on Twitter : “Very sad to hear of the death of John Hurt. It was an honor to have watched your films, Sir.”

“John Hurt has been one of the most powerful, generous, and authentic actors I’ve ever worked with. A remarkable man. We’ll miss you,” responded the american actor Chris Evans on Twitter, in the middle of many tributes to anonymous.

One last appearance in Jackie

Often hired for secondary roles, John Hurt, born January 22, 1940 near Chesterfield, in the heart of England, was originally intended for a career as a drawing teacher. It finally integrates the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, before starting his career in uk productions in the 1960s.

and His career took off permanently at the end of the 1970′s with his roles successive in Midnight Express and Alien, the eighth passenger. John Hurt has played in some 140 films, and has been present on the screen during numerous appearances on television series, including the british series worship “Doctor Who“.

a Very well-known in the United Kingdom, the actor has won four Baftas during his long career. He had been knighted by queen Elizabeth II in 2014. His pancreatic cancer had been diagnosed in 2015, but the actor had not waived the cinema.

For his last role, he played the father Richard McSorley in the biopic Jackie, the story of the former First lady of the United States Jackie Kennedy, released in December the United States and in theaters in France on the 1st of February next. He had, however, had to resign in July of last year to a role that had been proposed in a piece of theatre based on the advice of his doctors, according to the BBC. “It is with great sadness and great disappointment that I have to give up,” he said.


Friday, January 27, 2017

VIDEO – The declaration of love, Guillaume Canet Johnny Hallyday – Gala

Guillaume Canet will play the interpreter of’Light the fire in her new film, and wanted to pay tribute to him.

In Rock’n’roll, Guillaume Canet tells the story of his own life as an actor quarantenaire to the orderly life with his companion. For this fifth feature film as a director, he convinced his friend Johnny Hallyday and his wife Laëticia to play their own roles. The movie’s promotional campaign is in full swing at this time, on social networks thanks to the battle of photos ridiculous of Canet-Cotillard, as well as through before-first in the whole of France.

as Well, the entire team of Rock’n’roll was in le Havre on Wednesday. And in the room, there was Daniel fan n°1 de Johnny Hallyday ! It was not necessary any more to Guillaume Canet to grab his smartphone and record a video message to the address of the singer ! Danièle : “I’m a fan of you since 1960, I am everywhere, I love you, and hello to Laëticia “, has launched Danièle. And the actor-director to chain : “Everywhere we go people have the same reaction, they all want to tell you that they love you very strong,” and rotate the camera around a room clapping to break. A nice message to discover the above.

The trailer for Rock’n’roll, it is located below.


Wickedness pure state is illustrated in The villa of broken hearts 2 : VIDEOS – The INFOnet of the Realtv

The wickedness pure state is illustrated in The villa of broken hearts 2 : VIDEOS

The wickedness in his pure state is shown in episode 48 of the Villa of broken hearts 2 , Wednesday, 25 January 2017 on NT1 with Anais is the winner of secret story. If at the beginning the young woman had a picture nice it degrades as its holdings in television contact with different realities. It is as well arrive to make fun of people’s physical, in short, to drop lower you can’t ! What a shame… An attitude already shocking at the college, but the share of young people of this age is even more so !

as Well as his burgeoning relationship with Antho is going on in the best possible way, Tara becomes the target of the criticism of the three singles from the Villa : Vincent, Steven, and Anaïs… the former of Antho. Would they be a bit jealous, to see their classmates thrive on the sentimental level ? The three friends are having fun in any case to criticize the physics of Tara with its protruding ears and their laughter of the viewers don’t like particularly to Antho who seems to be disappointed to see that his friends can be immature.

Always away from the group, singles are having fun then to imitate the couples of the Villa. Martika and Tony are naturally the first targets of teasing from their peers who are single. A game that is no exception for couples who prefer to remain indifferent to this type of behavior. Jazz decides to make as if they did not exist, and the start of a game. Each suitor has to say what he thinks of her broken heart in a word. Honesty to Tony, sincerity and Eddy, romantic Antho… and “I like it” Flo. Terry does not seem to build on this last one ! Orlando ends on a beautiful note describing Jazz as the woman of his life.

site serach for the editors to write summaries of French emissions “The Voice, Koh Lanta, New star, Guard you…” and talent shows, and foreign… If you are interested leave a comment or send an email! Thank you in advance ! We need you !!!


Elton John attacks the song from the musical The Devil wears Prada – Le Figaro

The singer will compose music for this new project, adapted from the book and the film of the same name inspired by the editor-in-chief of the magazine Vogue, Anna Wintour.

“I’m a big fan of the book and the movie, and a great amateur of fashion”, explained the british singer, in a press release. Elton John launches out to the conquest of another monument of pop-culture. After you have composed the music of the lion King, a huge success on Broadway, where he produced more than a billion dollars in revenue and continues to display a complete, the artist is going to have to “re-imagine The devil wears Prada for a musical. It’s super exciting. (…) I’m looking forward to attacking me at this big piece of popular culture,” he says in the press release.

The date of the premiere of this musical comedy will be announced later, the statement said. But the project is preparing for 2015 to be the “Fox Stage Productions”. This studio aims to transform the film of the brand in a music-hall. in The diary of a deflated and Mrs-Oriented would be in course of preparation.

The booklet was entrusted to the author and screenwriter Paul Rudnick, who has written several plays performed on Broadway, but also the screenplay for the film “Sister Act” and “The values of the Addams family”. He is also a regular contributor to the journal The New Yorker.

Elton John has experience in the matter. In addition to The Lion King, he has also enjoyed success with his adaptation of Verdi’s opera “Aida” as well as the one in the film Billy Elliot.

The devil wears Prada evokes the experience of a young woman hired as an assistant to the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, a leading figure in the world of haute couture and ready-to-wear, which behaves as a tyrant within his writing.

the author of The book, Lauren Weisberger, has confessed to being inspired by the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, after an internship at the editorial office. Anna Wintour is since many years one of the most influential figures in fashion.

The film, in which Meryl Streep played the role inspired by Anna Wintour and Anne Hathaway, the assistant, was released in 2006 and has made $ 326 million of revenue in the world. A real surprise which had fueled rumors of a second movie based on the book revenge wears Prada. The musical will surely be very lucrative. One wonders, therefore, how Elton John was asked to write when you know that it calls for 1.25 million dollars to play at a wedding.