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In the Face of Trump, the pop still gives voice – Télé

While Donald Trump settles the power, the planet pop is booming. Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, Fiona Apple, and Moby mobilize in music. With more or less inspiration…

” A song can be the ferment of a political change ? “This topic of essay, once placed in the Tray of French, has taken all his acuity on the occasion of the u.s. presidential elections. Many artists will beau be mobilized against Donald Trump, the Story has settled, it has won. On the eve of his official inauguration, the pop stars of international fame seemed to be more lift than ever. Canadians Arcade Fire, the English Gorillaz, and finally the American Moby and Fiona Apple come opportunely to swing on the Canvas of their songs missiles. But the investiture of Donald Trump is a good new for the music ? Well, it depends…

Arcade Fire feat. Mavis Staples – I Give You Power

context Remained mutique, since the release of his album Reflektor, in 2013, the group pop-arty of Montreal out of its silence and announce its page on Facebook : ” It has never been so important to stick together and take care of each one. “ It specifies that the revenue from the song will be donated to the american Union for civil liberties (in English American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU). An organization pacifist founded in 1920, and marked on the left who, in the course of its history, fought for racial equality, against the witch-hunt, and more recently for the right to abortion and gay marriage… In 2006, the american Union has filed a complaint against the program of listening and monitoring massive population launched by the NSA, the us secret service. The association, which claims 500,000 members, has been dismissed of his complaint by the supreme Court…

Verse key ” I gave you power, I can take it back… Watching me. “

arrangement A harmonium, which goes from the mist thinning, a nagging and unstoppable bass line, synthesized, announce a walk to the battery and a slow rise of the voice, more and more strong and determined. The voice is powerful and rocky Mavis Staples, the high priestess of the blues and soul since the 1950s, meets and mingles with the most high, of his younger brother Win Butler, the leader of Arcade Fire.

The verdict Nothing much in this song obvious and combative, throughout lots of e-mail, which manages to embrace in one movement the gospel and the krautrock. David Bowie had not qualified as Funeral, first album of the Canadians, ” stroke of musical genius “, lightly.

Gorillaz feat. Benjamin Clementine – Hallelujah Money

context If you forget The Fall, album, quickly recorded by Damon Albarn on his Ipad while he was on tour with the group, and swung free on the Net, the Gorillaz had not given serious news from their Plastic Beach in 2010. An album and an animated film – concept, accents of green, inspired by the pollution of oceans by plastic. This disk filled up to the mouth of guests (Lou Reed, Bobby Womack, Mark E. Smith, Snoop Dogg and De La Soul…) on a background of electronic beats, as heard a thousand times, hasn’t convinced us. in Hallelujah Money would be the first single of a forthcoming album…

Verse key ” hallelujah, Hallelujah, money. Don’t worry my friend. If it must be the end, that it should be so . Unless you move, nothing will change. “

arrangement A tempo of drum machine simple, not to say cheap, introduced the spoken word, the singer and poet Benjamin Clementine. His speed slow, his male voice incredibly cavernous, are worn by female choir celestial before carrillonnent of church bells. The drawl and child of Damon Albarn slips in the middle of the song. To disappear again. Such as that of an angel.

The verdict Everyone will enjoy differently the clip of the song, pop and colorful, and quite funny, which appear promiscuously a kind of vampire, the banner star-spangled, church bells, and even a cowboy. The role of the villain yankee returning to Clint Eastwood, who had however inspired in 2001 one of the best songs recorded by Gorillaz. The problem is the song. The impression of hearing a zombie knocked out by the alcohol, crying at the bottom of a bar her sadness of being lonely on Christmas eve. How can one save such a thing ?

Fiona Apple feat Donald Trump – Tiny Hands

context Between jazz, tribal music and pop beat-up, the melodramatic Fiona often gives the impression of doing too much. As on his last album-hold your breath – The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do, published in 2012. But his countless fans love him precisely for that… Abused at the age of twelve years, she has to follow a long psychotérapie. The song has been saved.

Verse key ” We don’t want your small hands coming up to our panties. “

arrangement A piano bastringue, the voice samplée Donald Trump, scratch hip-hop, a sample of a snare drum, composed by Michael Whalen, a pillar of the music of film and tv series. And the singer who picks up in one sentence sarcastic all she thinks of the awful new president.

The verdict This is not a song but rather an anthem tailor-made for the manifs. Fiona Apple uses the more famous of the innumerable outputs a sexist Donald Trump : ” And when you’re a star, they leave you to do it. You do everything that you want. You can catch the cat ” (” grab ‘ em by the pussy “ in English). We can’t wait to hear Béyoncé the singing, accompanied by tens of thousands of people, on the occasion of The women’s March, in the aftermath of the investiture ceremony of Donald Trump, in the streets of Washington.

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Erupt & Matter

context In October 2015, the bald, the most famous of the electro-pop confided to Télérama his great difficulty, to record his thirteenth album. The former punk, author in 1990 with the title Go! one of the first hits world of techno, said, he wished to return to his first love, drawing the group’s post-punk English Magazine, and particularly of the song The light pours out of me. the ” This required that I wait until they have fifty years to allow me to love a song that I liked yet already there are thirty-five years…” enjoyed it. Unfortunately, These Systems Are Failing, released in 2016, is being passed rather inapercçu.

Verse key ” coming out of the dance floor, I saw how the world had shrunk. Get up ! Get involved ! “

arrangement A song in the dark, singing a mad, and bass-guitar-batteries very rock. But with a sound production in the era of time techno.

The verdict Moby comes out, appropriately, the clip of Erupt & Matter, extract from These Systems Are Failing, a few hours before the inauguration of Donald Trump. But we do taxera not the American of opportunism, since he had clearly presented his album, released a few months before the elections as ” a contribution to the policy debate “ and ” an incentive to commit “ . The activist of animal rights, the far left, ” viscerally anti-patriotic “, has not been more heard that his disk….


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