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“La La Land’ is also a nugget, musical : 5 things to know about the B. O – Franceinfo


In the film, Ryan Gosling plays-does he really piano ?

In the film, Ryan Gosling is a musician who dreams to open in Los Angeles its own jazz club to play and to play the music he loves. The actor, who had long wanted to have time to tame the piano, has learned to play in a record time. The director wanted to avoid that a musician does double. Thus, it is Gosling who plays the piano in all the scenes of “La La Land”, including when we see his hands in close-up, rush about on the keys, ensures the director Damien Chazelle.

To do this, Ryan Gosling has followed intensive courses of piano during four months at the rate of three to four hours per day. To the surprise of the director, the actor had not only met during the shooting of the required level, but it was far beyond. Partitions pre-recorded by a professional, however, have served to support, shows in this video the soundtrack composer, Justin Hurwitz.

Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chazelle talk (in English) of the work of the actor at the piano.


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sing it really ?

What a disappointment it was to discover, in adulthood, that the voice adored the wonderful songs of “peau d’ane” by Jacques Demy was not one of the dazzling Catherine Deneuve, but that of the singer Anne Germain (who doubled as the voice of the actress in The young girls of Rochefort) !

none of that in “The Land” : the voices of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that you hear singing in the movie. They have of course taken a few singing lessons and repeated. But the fact that they are not professional singers, does not diminish, on the contrary : their interpretation imperfect adds to the humanity and expressiveness to the adorable decor of cardboard of this love story.

“City of Stars”, a song major in the film, is a duet between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone


Who has composed the music of “La La Land” ?

This is Justin Hurwitz, who wrote this enthralling original soundtrack, nominated at the Oscars. The director did not have to go far to find it : he had studied on the same benches of Harvard. And the perfect pair : Hurwitz had already signed up to the music of his previous film, the acclaimed “Whiplash”. Damien Chazelle had the idea of making “La La Land” there are more than five years and his accomplice Justin Hurwitz has worked until you get to the good melody.

“I have made more than 1,900 demos for this movie,” he explained to Rolling Stone in December. “We threw a lot of things.” “City of Stars” is one of the songs that were requested the most work, while “Hearing (The Fools Who Dream)” is coming “fairly quickly”, he recalls. Once he had composed the music, he passed to Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, commissioned to write the lyrics of the songs.

The other song major film : “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)”


How Justin Hurwitz he composed the songs flagship “City of Stars” and “Hearing (The Fools who dream)”?

These two songs are both more then “The Land”, those who are nominated each for the Oscar in the category Best original song (in addition to the appointment of the whole of the B. O. in the category of Original Music).

“City of Stars” is one of the first songs to have been composed. Simple and terribly romantic, it is also the more heady of the two : five days after seeing the film, we still could not remove the spirit nor stop the hum. It is true that one hears repeatedly in the film, performed as a duo but also in solo by Ryan Gosling.

“I would say that the tone (of this song) is full of hope, while being melancholic,” Justin Hurwitz in Variety. “It comes and goes in the major mode to the minor mode because that is what the song is about” the highs and lows of life in Los Angeles as seen in the film.

“Hearing (The Fools Who Dream)” is a composition of more mature, which holds less easily. But we made the bet that, of the two, it is the one that will remain, once the runaway media by the wayside. Because unlike the “tubesque” “City of Stars” we will never be tired of this ballad, and of its subtleties.

“It is without doubt my favourite song of the film,” besides, Justin Hurwitz, and the one he is most proud of. While he was the inspiration for the B. O. of old songs such as those written for the duets of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Justin Hurwitz has nothing to listened to this composition “coming from a place of emotional very pure.”

In Variety, the musician welcomes in particular the work of Emma Stone. “What you hear in the movie is singing live.” During rehearsals, he says in substance, she knew the song but she kept in reserve for the day of the recording of kind of give everything emotionally to it. Actually, his interpretation is highly expressive and gives all its flavor and beauty to this beautiful ballad. A sensitivity engraved for eternity.

“Start a Fire”, a song more modern for the film, with the american musician John Legend


is it possible to love this film if you don’t like Jazz ?

The answer is yes. Of course, the musician Sebastian played by Ryan Gosling in the film defends the jazz tooth and nail. In true purist, he advocates for a return to the “real jazz” with his bride-to-be Mia he convinces to love the genre. But we can not say that the director is doing everything to convince viewers. The music of the film is in fact more similar to the musicals of classic Hollywood, that is to say, of the “great directory american classic”, that frankly Jazz.

at one point in the film, the singer and musician John Legend, who embodies an old friend of Seb, enrolls him in his new band a lot more modern and pop. He claims then to Seb to hang on to the past while the jazz musicians that he reveres were looking for, them, to go ahead and make the music of the future. A way for the director, Damien Chazelle, grew up in the jazz and jazz drummer, we say that his look of love in the retro precludes neither the lucidity nor the modernity.


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