Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Top Chef 2017 : Marion Lefebvre crying, a candidate evacuated by the fire department ! Replay of episode 1 –

The new season of Top Chef begins, and it promises already to not be tender with the candidates ! Indeed, if the full cast of Top Chef 2017 still has 15 applicants, 3 will be eliminated tonight. For the first trial, the jury welcomes the top 5 cooks, who have to carry out a pasta dish… without the pasta ! A exercise that intends to meet Kelly Rangama, making cannelloni, celery and eggplant caviar. For his part, Guillaume Sanchez also intends to win. From the first minutes, we understood that the candidate self-taught is a born competitor and a born. The 26 year old young man is a true bad boy, and he intends to win this first race with his tagliat elle of cuttlefish to the apple. And so what if her recipe is not pleasing to the heads ! In the Face of these two formidable candidates, Jean-François Bury imagine spaghetti milk with mushrooms, while Michael Riss and Alexander Spinelli leave both of them on a recipe of ravioli. To the end of this first round, each juror chooses a candidate to directly integrate its brigade. Michel Sarran chooses Guillaume Sanchez, who has largely completed on time, even taking the time to do the dishes ! Hélène Darroze to his side chooses Kelly Rangama, while Philippe Etchebest his sights on Jean-François Bury.

Top Chef 2017, M6, candidatesGuillaume Sanchez, the candidate of Top Chef the most thug of all the seasons combined

Second race of the evening, 5 new applicants have to revisit the heart flowing. Maximilian Dienst decides to give it all with his recipe of hen pheasant at the heart runny foie gras. A composition which immediately seduce the jury, and, more particularly, Hélène Darroze. For his part, Alexis Delassaux, who prefers to cook in a t-shirt and baseball cap offers a espuma sweet corn. Second wife of the contest’s Top Chef 2017, the lovely Marion Lefebvre, who has made the buzz with her sexy photos. The young woman decided to go on a floating island with the coconuts and his heart of exotic fruits. If the recipe seems to seduce the jury, Michel Sarran remain doubtful as to the technical capabilities of the young woman. Completely taken by the time, it fails to pull out his recipe in time, and has nothing to present to the jury at the end of the test, it is automatically sent in last chance. For his part, Franck Pelux chooses to revis it the vacherin was much too simple in the taste of the leaders. Finally, David Grémillet offers a recipe of egg mollet in the marrows fried, which disappointed the jury. At the end of this event rich in emotions, Philippe Etchebest chooses Franck Pelux, which was unanimously in leaders, by revisiting his vacherin with blackberry and marjoram. Hélène Darroze chooses Maxililien Dienst, and Michel Sarran chooses Alexis Delassaux.

Top Chef 2017, M6, candidatesMarion Lefebvre magnifying glass his dessert, and melts in tears in Top Chef 2017 !

the Third and last test, the 5 new candidates must revisit the famous recipe of beef, carrots. Philippe Etchebest found Carl Dutting, the big winner of Aim’s Top chef. A rookie he intends to integrate in his brigade ! Only problem is that Carl is mistaken in his cooking to the japanese, inverting the sugar and the salt. An event definitely placed under the sign of the disaster, since Thomas Letourneau is injured from the first minutes of the test. Supported by the fire department, the candidate loses almost half an hour of the event and wants to give up everything. But it is without counting on Philippe Etchebest, decided to remotivate. On his side, Jeremiah Izarn is also very stressed at the idea of meeting the chefs, to the point that the candidate was tangled completely brushes in attempting to explain his recipe. His “carpaccio of beef thick and cooked”, in fact, gives the jurors skeptic al. Julien Wauthier launches into a sirloin steak grilled, while Hyacinth Trivero, the third and final woman in the competition proposes a beef snacké to the mashed potatoes. A recipe “without surprise’, which leaves the heads on their hunger. Helena finally chooses Thomas Letourneau, who was able to catch up despite his finger injury, while Michel Sarran his sights on Julien Wauthier, and that Philippe Etchebest integrates Jeremiah Izarn. But the chief is angry with Carl Dutting, his protege, and he let her know. the “today, thou hast disappointed, you doubt you do not choose. But it will take you to fight to do better”.

Top Chef 2017, M6, candidatesWho will be the first 3 eliminated from Top Chef 2017 ?

For the last test of the last chance, the 6 remaining contestants will have to compete on a recipe shrimp. Marion Lefebvre decides to imagine a tartare with apples. On his side, Alexandre Spinelli embarks on a recipe for avocado with shrimp. A classic that the cook intends to revisit. But the visual does not appeal to the jury. the “I’m not packed, it is fro”, regrets Philippe Etchebest. Reboosté by the encouragement of his mentor, Carl Dutting also on a tartare, David Grémillet. Michael Riss presents to the jury his fried shrimp with pistachio. A risk to the cook who tested this recipe for the first time, and which intends to attract the attention of the jury. Other risk-taking also for Hyacinth Trivero, who abandons the simplicity, to launch into a recipe of shrimp in all its forms. During the blind tasting, the jury chose unanimously to save the plate of Hyacinth Trivero, who decides to cont inue the adventure with Hélène Darroze. Michel Sarran chooses to save David Ruff, and Philippe Etchebest decides to save Carl Dutting, her foal Lens Top Chef. It is, therefore, Marion Lefebvre, Alexandre Spinelli and Michael Rissqui are eliminated permanently from the competition. What did you think of the first episode of Top Chef 2017 ?


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