Monday, January 16, 2017

Paris – The “Zapping” takes on under the name of “SEEN” on France 2 – The Express

Scheduled from Monday to Saturday at 17: 25 on France 2 and 18: 40 on franceinfo, “SEEN” proposes a selection of the last 24 hours of tv in 6 minutes, orchestrated by the father of the ‘ Zapping” Patrick Was recruited by the production subsidiary of France Télévisions MFP after having been landed from a Canal+ this summer.

Now, we are no longer +zappers+ but +voyeurs+. With Saw, everything that holds the form will be new: the name, the dress and the design are unpublished. For all that, I retain some point of view on the world of the image. The program, therefore, should not be too different on the bottom“, he explained in an interview published on the professional website of France 2.

For its first, the selection has made the lion’s share to France Télévisions, the opening images of Samuel Étienne (France 3) and drawing on numerous excerpts from France 2. “SEEN” works with a team of a dozen people to cover a hundred channels.

As the “Zapping” before him, “SEEN” has not neglected the political news with spades to François Fillon and Manuel Valls but also the pass weapons between the journalist Laurence Ferrari and Arnaud Montebourg on the fate of iTELE and the role of its owner, Vincent Bolloré, owner of the Canal+ group, during the discussion of the primary of the left enlarged.

It was under the leadership of the business man that the “Zapping“, created in 1989, had been deprogrammed last year.

Patrick Had also slipped a sequence of “Hi Earthlings” on C8, where the humorist Stéphane Guillon evokes Vincent Bolloré.

SEEN,” has also taken excerpts fromThe issuance of Antoine“, presented by one of the last historical pillars of the chain, Antoine de Caunes, and of “Groland” broadcast worship Channel.


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