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VIDEO. Brit Awards : god save Christine and the Queens ! – The Parisian

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After you have been adoubée by Madonna and Elton John, Christine & The Queens continues to rise abroad. The artist has just been named the Brit Awards 2017, in England.

Cocorico. Without being chauvinistic, we’re not going to rein in our pride ! Christine & The Queens has just been named as the artist of women international of the year at the 37th edition of the Brit Award, the awards ceremony of the artists in England, which will be held on February 22.

Heloïse Letissier, his real name, competing alongside Beyoncé, Sia and Rihanna, his idols. A new distinction for the young French artist who continues to seduce the alien. “I have no words “, she simply commented on its networks.

After the whirlwind French, the magnetism of Christine wreaked havoc in the country saxon. In the United States where she has toured, our ambassador, a native of Nantes is the only French artist to have appeared on the cover of “Time”. For the magazine, it is part of the new generation of leaders”, in “remaking the world”. A few weeks ago, this is Madonna, who invited him on stage during his concert at Bercy in December 2015.

” She is an amazing artist”

Elton John

It is not the only star to adouber. “She is an amazing artist”, even ecstatic, Sir Elton John before the qualifier “of star comprehensive and international” on stage, last September, when he shared with her the scene at the festival iTunes London. He even made the honor to return with it the English version of his hit ” Christine “, after “Tittled” the English version of his album. Elton also shared with her his mythical title of 1971′s ” Tiny Dancer “. “I saw it at the Roundhouse in the spring and it was amazing, he completed at Beats 1. It is very popular in England now. I hope that this will spread to the rest of the world, and I think that this will be the case, because once we saw it in live, one is dazzled. “

VIDEO. Christine and the Queens & Elton John Live

angels on his cradle that brought him luck, both in terms of sales – the album works very well in England, and the press, because it connects the titles more classes than the others.

” I sense that everything is possible here and this is what I love,” she started before a human tide during his concert at the famous festival Glastonburry last July. A mantra that him luck and that proves the identity of an artistic project may experience an echo that does not know borders.

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