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Mysterious death of the singer of Lambada, which was found burned – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Loalwa Braz Vieira, the interpreter of the brazilian group’s French-brazilian band kaoma, famous for his dancing throughout the planet in 1989, died Thursday at the age of 63 years. The exact causes of this tragic disappearance are still unknown. A police investigation is opened.

The brazilian singer Loalwa Braz Vieira, interpreter’s tube world Lambada, was found burned in his car on Thursday to Saquerema, on the coast of the Rio de Janeiro area, a-t-on learned from police source.

“Yes, I can confirm this”, told AFP a police officer from the local police station, without providing further details in the immediate future. According to local media, the body of the singer was found charred inside his vehicle, found not far from his home. According to the Military Police, came to support the national police, between two and four men broke into his house. The screams of the singer, alerted the neighbors, who called the authorities.

The commander of the fire brigade, Leonardo Couri, explained his side, a bottle of gas had been found in the vehicle, and the criminals have also attempted to set fire to the house. In fact, the brigade has been called a first time to 3 hours and 40 minutes in the morning to fight a fire at the home of the singer who had consumed the attic.

She quickly received a second call stating the fire of a vehicle in the vicinity: “we have reported a burning car not far away. The interior of the vehicle, our team has identified a body charred and we triggered the criminal investigation.” said Leonardo Couri. It is in this car belonging to the singer that the body of this last was found. The body has not yet arrived at the medico-legal Institute of Araruama. The Military Police continues the investigation.

Loalwa Braz Vieira has accessed a dazzling and ephemeral celebrity world in 1989 performing with the group French-brazilian band kaoma song Chorando se faith (He departed, weeping,, editor’s NOTE), more known under the name of Lambada.

A title tropical merging carimbo, merengue, salsa and zouk, which Loalwa Braz Vieira was the icon of brazilian in the 1980s. The song, accompanied by a clip that is joyful and sensual featuring a couple dancing in a style chaloupé very stuck-tight, has experienced a worldwide success. It has sold 15 million copies in more than 100 countries.

A great success in France

Born on June 3, 1953 in Rio de Janeiro, she was particularly known to have sung Lambada with the group of French-brazilian band kaoma. The clip played in a loop on television has helped make it what it was commonly called at the time the summer hit.

In 1989, it remained ranked in the top 50 in France during 27 weeks, including 12 weeks at number 1. She entered the closed circle of songs the most sold of all time, with 1.735.000 copies of this single.

A film named Lambada, and another, The Forbidden Dance is Lambada will also participate in the phenomenon. In France, where Loalwa Braz has lived for several years, the tube has sold 700,000 copies. It has been used by chieftains of the marketing of the brand Orangina in a clip advertising, as intoxicating as languorous.

French-brazilian band kaoma will experience more success with titles such as Dançando Lambada and Tago Mago. And then the singer will continue a solo career with the album Recomeçar in 2003.

Lambada by French-brazilian band kaoma in 1989

The Clip Orangina on LLambada


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