Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TPMP : why does Cyril Hanouna do not present the issue this Tuesday, January 24 – LCI

REPLACEMENT – The host of “Key not at my post” will cede its place for a special evening, Tuesday, 24 January. But why will desert-the plateau of C8 ? Explanations.

The fanzouzes will be deprived of their Baba Tuesday 24 January. But they shouldn’t be afraid, this last will come back the next day at the helm of the “TPMP”. If the presenter will offer a day of holiday this is not because it is suffering or because of the joke very doubtful that it has made last night, nothing of all this. In reality, the presenter will be filming a new issue as stated in Télé-Loisirs.

For the moment, the content of it is quite mysterious. Is it the program that could be used in place of “not Touch my position” during the holidays ? A special edition of the show as “TPMP skiing” ? Nothing is less sure. In any case, Cyril Hanouna has announced himself that he was going to let its columnists without him, on Twitter. And to compensate for his absence, he promises a bonus like no other. “As I’m not there on Tuesday, I put the madness tomorrow ! And Wednesday, the heavy one will finish later ! Otherwise, I wish you a week of phew”, he wrote on the social network before sending a message to his team.

After having announced that this would be Benjamin Castildi that replace it, it is finally Julien Courbet, who is at the helm of the program, including the chronicles of Camille Combal, Jean-Luc Lemoine have been lengthened for the occasion. In “He thinks what Camille ?”, the darling of Cyril Hanouna has also given a small teaser to its viewers. “Cyril is preparing for the TPMP XXL tomorrow night, you’ll have a double dose of TPMP !” a-t-launched it on the shelf. What (almost) want the fans to see Cyril Hanouna be absent more often.


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