Monday, January 23, 2017

Cyrille Eldin of the “Petit Journal” de Canal+: a nightmare for journalists – The Express

This is a funny matchup that took place on Sunday evening, near the HQ of Benoît Hamon, head to the first round of the primary of the left.

Cyrille Eldin, host of Diary of Canal+, with his columnist Sandrine Calvayrac, was arrested with some vehemence the journalist of the Daily Camille Crosnier.

“next time, it is a nudge, but violent,” warns Cyrille Eldin in the above sequence. A man asks him to “move away”. The facilitator responds: “What emerges! Me heater not shits.”

“Why you answer for my questions?”

On another video, one begins to understand the reasons of the conflict between the two representatives of the programming competition.

We hear Camille Crosnier and Cyrille Eldin wrest the words of Benoit Hamon, just after the results of the first round. The policy does not know any more where to give head. “Why are you talking about for my issues?”, if that annoys Eldin.

A journalist who witnessed the scene told The Express: “I was in the fray of journalism, around 23.30/ midnight. I found that the atmosphere was particularly tense, ” he remembers. First, Hamon answered Eldin, which has squarely put the hand on the shoulder to the corner, and finally he preferred to be out of the questions to be humorous to respond to Camille Crosnier”. Voila that did not have to please the host of Canal+, which has resumed, with much less success, the show created by Yann Barthes, while Daily proved a massive hit on TMC.

An enmity that dates back to the wishes of the Fillon

On the social networks, the behavior of the host of Canal+ has shocked many journalists as well as a lot of internet users.

But, according to the journalist witness of the altercation, the hostility between the two journalists went back to the wishes of François Fillon, in the 19th arrondissement at the beginning of January. “Camille Crosnier was there. She was interviewing Fillon clear, when suddenly, Eldin came out of nowhere screaming, ” recounts the journalist. He realized that there was an opportunity to talk to Fillon and he has rotten its sequence.”

Cyrille Eldin, a attacking style and invasiveness

The behavior of Eldin has not, however, necessarily surprised the people who had already met in the story. The leader of the Diary, which has not responded to our requests, is likely to be accustomed to shoving it on the ground. Cyrille Eldin would be the kind of physically invasive, according to the journalists interviewed by The Express.

“It is offensive, it does not hesitate to put the microphone under the nose of the policies and while it is talking to him,” said one of them with The Express. “It has not prevented me from working for as many, says, however, the journalist. It is just unbearable.”

“It must be a nightmare for photographers and camera crew, believes another political journalist questioned by The Express. He gets all the time in the field of cameras, there is nothing to do to be in the middle. And then it’s a killer buffet”, he joked. If the journalist admits that the former journalists of Diary of Yann Barthes had already sometimes been “troublesome”, he considers the “baby Eldin” even more aggressive. Always during the best wishes of François Fillon in Emmaus, a columnist Cyrille Eldin has not been very respectful towards his colleagues. “He landed with his microphone without any warning, shaking the whole world. In the beginning the style Eldin made me laugh, but to force them, it only amuses me more.”

The threat of the sequence isolated

Everywhere he goes, Cyrille Eldin considers a priority. Questioned by The Express, a fourth journalist remembers, for example, a facilitator in late, screaming that he “must go to the dentist” to forge a path between the 50 people present in front of the HEADQUARTERS of Marine Le Pen. “Sometimes, I talk with policy makers, off, to obtain some information. And there, it happens, takes the arm of the guy, and leaves with,” he continued. When the vows of Fillon, the journalist recalls being hustled unceremoniously by Eldin, who wanted to speak to the director of campaign politics. “I wasn’t even talking to her!”

If jostled often prefer not to react, it is that they did not want to end up on television, and become the object of mockery of Cyrille Eldin in his Petit Journal. “More than once I wanted to me to take away, but what holds me back is that I am not out-of-field. I did not want to find me on the Channel, that is isolated in my sequence for me to ridicule.” This time, this threat has not been enough to calm the spirits.


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