Monday, January 30, 2017

Antonio Banderas hospitalized after a heart attack – LCI

BIG SCARE – actor Antonio Banderas has been conducted in emergency to the hospital for very severe pain in the chest, during a session of sport. After thorough examination, the doctors have made their diagnosis.

More than fear of evil, for Antonio Banderas. For a few months now, Antonio Banderas is established in Great Britain, in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by meadows and forests. A bucolic setting for the actor who has decided to leave Hollywood and its madness for a little quiet.

Everything was for the better, until the last week where during a session of sport, the actor is unwell. It was his daily sports in his home at Surrey, England when he was the victim of a very violent pain in the chest . Called in emergency, the er doctor made the decision to lead the actor to the hospital.

heart disease

Saint Peter Hospital, located in the town of Chertsey, the doctors made him pass a few extra tests. The specialists have decided to place it during long hours of observation. And then the diagnosis came : the Spanish did a heart attack but it is now out of danger.

a Few hours after this fright, the comedian 56-year-old was able to return home where he has posted a message on Instagram : “I am enjoying the nature after a small fright,” wrote the actor with the one who shares his life, Nicole Kimpel.

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