Sunday, January 15, 2017

“The 12 Coups de Midi” : Christian compares his adventure to “a fairy tale” –

12 Coups de Midi Christian compares hi s adventure to a fairy tale Image Credit : Capture / TF1 Credit Media : Isabelle Morini-Bosc

After 193 entries in the daily TF1, 12 o’clock, Christian, indéboulonnable since July 4, 2016, was eliminated Saturday 14 January. For the price of one last test that is rich in suspense, the bubbly Claire was thrilled with the star. To comfort him, Jean-Luc Reichmann hand over the cheque 809.392 euros on the set of the show. It is the second largest jackpot won in a game show on television.

A sum of money that is going to upset her life. “When I started the game last July, I was a mere beneficiary of the RSA, I really had next to nothing to survive. This adventure really looks like a fairy tale because I find myself at the head of a colossal sum of money, whereas before I was counting the cents,” says the winner to the microphone of RTL.

“Reasonable”, it is not a question for him to make some follies. “I’m not going to be extravagant in addition to measurement. This huge sum of money will allow me to bring my children to the shelter of the need. I’m going to their open accounts, I’m going to allow them to make studies comfortable. This is the day that will all change. It goes from moments where you had to count the packet of pasta, and now you can purchase things a little more consistent and get pleasure simply.”

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