Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kate Hudson as a couple with Brad Pitt ? His brother-in balance with a sense of humor – Pure People

The beautiful Kate Hudson is in a relationship with Brad Pitt ? In the past few months, the rumor does not cease to swell around the supposed couple, that would be the ex of Matthew Bellamy and the husband of Angelina Jolie (in the midst of a divorce).

in Front of the amazing media coverage of this rumor, Oliver Hudson, brother of Kate, is out of his silence. On Instagram, he posted a cover of the tabloid Star, which highlights her sister and Brad. The magazine believes that “this is getting serious” between the two, because Brad would have moved in with Kate and that this last “does not tolerate“. the Star also claims to bring about Goldie Hawn, mother of Kate.

Annoyed and at the same time amused, Oliver, has released a message completely hilarious in the caption of this photo. With a second degree, it clashe the behavior of Brad Pitt – of course, nothing is true… finally, it is believed – and wrote : “Yeah and it’s Hell ! It is so messy ! He drinks from the bottle and leaves the door open when he is on the toilet !! And all this happens when he is home !!! I already call ‘my brother’ and it has created tension between me and my true brother, Wyatt, who now no longer wants to talk to me. He insists that my kids call him ‘Uncle B’ and he has lost the youngest at the pier of Santa Monica for two days. Thank God for the warning device removal.”

Oliver continues by making reference to the so-called declarations of his mother that would have said that Brad Pitt makes his daughter very happy : “My mother flirts openly with him ! She wears nighties all the days, kind to 15h. And dad says nothing other than ‘All is well, it is Brad Pitt !!’ In short, everything does not happen super property“. “Then BP, it is time that you move on dude. I need to find my life,” he concludes by adding a small post-scriptum instead of assassin but full of irony : “I’m going to smoke a bong [marijuana] with you, and after you get the hell out. We thank you. Oh, and I found your medical bracelet, so I’m going to return.” A reference to the fact that the addiction to the drug from Brad Pitt was one of the reasons that pushed Angelina to ask for a divorce, and the bracelet is a nod to the social services that follow closely the hollywood actor, who struggle to ge t shared custody of her six children.


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