Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pierre Palmade absent Enfoirés : concerns over his state of health Gala

Pierre Palmade has announced on Facebook that he would not be part of the troupe Enfoirés this year – a few days after put an end to his project ” The troupe à Palmade “. Announcements of concern to his fans : some people are afraid that the comedian is gone back in to the excesses that have plagued his career, between alcohol, drugs, sex and depression.

It is with great regret that I will not be the Enfoirés this year “. In one sentence, published on Facebook, Pierre Palmade has woken up from years of anxiety : what have his fans to see him dive back into the darkest periods of his career., when it grew again the excess. If today the comedian “prefer abstinence ” in respect of alcohol, as it “don’t know the temperance” (as it said in the Paris), it has in the past experienced an addiction not only to alcohol but also to drugs and sex – without counting the years of suffering related to his difficulty in accepting his homosexuality..

I hope that all goes well and that this postponement is due to a professional project and not a health problem,, ” one can, for example, read a comment on the account Facebook of Pierre Palmade. The simultaneous announcement of this absence from the Enfoirés and the judgment of its project “troupe à Palmade,” ask a question. comedian tells for its part to have undertaken ” very many professional projects “, which would explain these decisions. Case to follow but one thing is for sure : Pierre Palmade is going to have to, one way or another, to reassure his fans.


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