Friday, January 20, 2017

A host of musical scathing for Donald Trump – The World

Gorillaz, Arcade Fire and Moby have released the previously unreleased songs criticizing the president-elect, the day of his inauguration.

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The British Benjamin Clementine in the new music video of Gorillaz.

Shown in a fixed plane, the british singer Benjamin Clementine stands at the center of an elevator with glass walls. They are used as screens for the projection of various images and films. The officiants of a ritual in an african village, an extract from the cartoon by John Halas and Joy Batchelor in 1954 based on the novel animal Farm by George Orwell (1903-1950), a critic of authoritarian regimes, published in 1945, a walk of the penitents of the religious festival of La Candelaria, in Seville, Spain, whose costumes evoke those worn by members of the Ku Klux Klan, and the characters of horror films, children mysterious of the Village of the damned in the film made in 1960 by Wolf Rilla (1920-2005), two or three times Clint Eastwood in cowboy, the dancers, kabuki, traditional japanese theatre, a rainbow… And in the shadow of chinese characters drawn from the group Gorillaz’s singer and songwriter, british, Damon Albarn.

Put online in the morning of 19 January on the american website hosting content YouTube, the video-clip of the song Hallelujah Money, performed by Benjamin Clementine and Gorillaz, is accompanied by a short explanation. This is for the group to make a ” a comment in a historic moment for strong political weight “. In this case, a few hours of the official ceremony of inauguration of Donald Trump, Friday, January 20, during which he will sworn in and will officially take up his function of president of the United States. The song, an evocation of the glorification of money (its title) and promises of prosperity found made by the candidate Trump during the election campaign, undeniably has an aspect message. It is based on music rather monotonous, reminiscent of the experimentation of Gorillaz from sound application of a tablet iPad in the album The Fall in 2010. Friday, January 20, at 19 hours, it was over 3.2 million views on YouTube.

” I gave you power, I can resume “

at the same time the montreal band Arcade Fire with the soul singer Mavis Staples and the singer, songwriter and american songwriter Moby has also put online on the morning of January 19, songs with political message. With apparently less success in terms of audience on YouTube. That of Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples, which is titled I Give You Power, had garnered nearly 170,000 views late Friday afternoon. On a base of electro, with a fixed level on a mixing console, Win Butler, the lead singer of the band, and Mavis Staples, a long-time advocate for civil rights in the United States, sing ” I gave you the power (…) I can resume “. And clarify their purpose in a short sentence, ” it has never been so important to stick together and take care of each other “. Arcade Fire had participated in the tour to support Barack Obama during his election campaign and then in a gala concert during his inauguration.

More openly whistleblower, the American Moby with The Void Pacific Choir presents Erupt & Matter (more than 17 000 views) with its martial accents crossed stripes rock target clearly his enemy, also with a phrase of accompaniment : ” the far-right racist and outdated which is encroaching on the democratic freedoms in most of the countries of the western world. We must respond to this by protesting, by supporting the progressives and the most important in voting. “ The video clip shows excerpts of manifestations of anti-Trump, of the dictators, including Bashar al-Assad and Mussolini, of the personalities of extremists and nationalists, including a fleeting image of a meeting of Marine Le Pen. Moby has regularly taken a stance against the governments republican in the United States and had been one of the musicians to be among the donors during the campaigns of Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

For its part, a part of the art world has chosen to” welcome “the new president by an” act of refusal “. Museums (the national Museum of the american Indian and the Gallery Renwick in Washington, the Queens Museum in New York…) remained closed on Friday for a symbolic ” strike-the-art “.


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