Friday, January 27, 2017

Wickedness pure state is illustrated in The villa of broken hearts 2 : VIDEOS – The INFOnet of the Realtv

The wickedness pure state is illustrated in The villa of broken hearts 2 : VIDEOS

The wickedness in his pure state is shown in episode 48 of the Villa of broken hearts 2 , Wednesday, 25 January 2017 on NT1 with Anais is the winner of secret story. If at the beginning the young woman had a picture nice it degrades as its holdings in television contact with different realities. It is as well arrive to make fun of people’s physical, in short, to drop lower you can’t ! What a shame… An attitude already shocking at the college, but the share of young people of this age is even more so !

as Well as his burgeoning relationship with Antho is going on in the best possible way, Tara becomes the target of the criticism of the three singles from the Villa : Vincent, Steven, and Anaïs… the former of Antho. Would they be a bit jealous, to see their classmates thrive on the sentimental level ? The three friends are having fun in any case to criticize the physics of Tara with its protruding ears and their laughter of the viewers don’t like particularly to Antho who seems to be disappointed to see that his friends can be immature.

Always away from the group, singles are having fun then to imitate the couples of the Villa. Martika and Tony are naturally the first targets of teasing from their peers who are single. A game that is no exception for couples who prefer to remain indifferent to this type of behavior. Jazz decides to make as if they did not exist, and the start of a game. Each suitor has to say what he thinks of her broken heart in a word. Honesty to Tony, sincerity and Eddy, romantic Antho… and “I like it” Flo. Terry does not seem to build on this last one ! Orlando ends on a beautiful note describing Jazz as the woman of his life.

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