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Series: Al, hero of Happy Days, has died – Le Parisien

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Fonzie and Richie are grieving. One of the actors in the series Happy Days, Al Molinaro died Friday. In this cult series of the 1970s, he played Al Delvecchio, the manager of Arnold’s malt shop, facility where the heroes find themselves regularly.

Al Molinaro was 96 years old, he died in a Wisconsin US hospital.

Before joining the Happy Days series from season 2, he had appeared in other American soap operas as Get Smart and Bewitched. The actor had taken advantage of the celebrity it brought the series to develop its own chain of establishments, Big Al.

VIDEO. Generic Happy Days

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Series: Al, hero of Happy Days, died

Fonzie and Richie are grieving. One of the actors in the series Happy Days, Al Molinaro died Friday. In this cult series of the 1970s, he played Al Delvecchio, the manager of Arnold’s malt shop, facility where find themselves …

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Patrick Bruel Barbara sings in a new album – The Point

It was the project for a long time in her heart, without having had time to realize it. It is done: on November 27, Patrick Bruel release a new album in tribute to Barbara, a real myth of the French song, disappeared in 1997. A purecharts information provided by the website and confirmed by the Columbia record label <. /> p>

It will include many leading titles of the singer-poet as “The Black Eagle”, “Göttingen ,” Evil to live , or “Madame and” Say, when are you coming back? … Titles entered a long time in the classical repertoire of French songs and have always moved and fed Patrick Bruel, as the fate of the lady in black, who lived his art as a vocation. The singer has also chosen an evocative phrase to titrate his album, as a dedication to women, and especially the artist’s muse: “Very often I think of you. “

A record surreptitiously

We did not expect necessarily to a rapid return Bruel in stores: his latest album, Which of us , released in 2012, had sold nearly 400,000 copies, and the singer had made a great tour, while chaining film shoots. The secret about its new opus dedicated to Barbara was well guarded. Recording took place this fall, with little fanfare, and nothing had yet filtered the project until recent days. At most we had understood, turning interviews, the beautiful and long history Barbara had been able to create with its audience remained a model for the popular singer. We also remember that Bruel has already sung on stage the song “Vienna”, composed by the great interpreter, and on TV shows, and more recently, during a symphony concert given at the Palais Garnier.

The bet seems risky for Bruel, more accustomed to popular standards imposed by that intimate register Barbara. At 56, he considers that probably mature enough to publicize a demanding work with texts and melodies chiseled to perfection, although it remains far from its repertoire. After all, why not ? Bruel had surprised everyone by recording standard of the thirties and forties in the album Between , in the early 2000s, when he raised completely forgotten titles like “Les Amants de Saint-Jean” “Ah! if you knew my girl, “or” When you walk along the water. ” His audacity had paid: he had been almost 2 million copies and won over all public



Next week in “Serving France” – Ciné Series Direct


On Thursday night viewers discovered the new series Arte “In the service of France.” A wacky series if not crazy and a bit disturbing created by Jean-François Halin, screenwriter of the films “OSS 117″. The story is about a young student who, in 1960 in Paris, landed in the French secret services. The opportunity for him to discover the hectic office life of self-proclaimed world’s best secret agents battling geopolitical crises of the moment. A spy comedy that was not necessarily the taste of criticism. She even showed sometimes murdered. But viewers still have the last word, we will follow with great interest the evolution of the curve of the ratings. For this first appointment, the series has aroused the curiosity of almost one million viewers (up 1.2 million peak)

 & # xA9; Luc Roux / Arte

© Luc Roux / Arte

those who have not seen the series is available in replay on the website of ARTE . In the meantime, this is what awaits you next week with the release of four new episodes.

Episode 5

Merlaux is on a mission to Moscow with Calot. Wanting to show him the ropes, it makes a clumsy maneuver and causes an incident with the CIA. Meanwhile, it is fighting the commotion Service: Marie-Jo, the secretary, will be promoted C official! Merlaux, love, prefer to see Breathless with Sophie.

Episode 6

Mercaillon colonel decided to create a post of Deputy Director. Miller, Jacquard and Skullcap are (really) try everything to get the job. Merlaux, he is destabilized by Sophie and her willingness to be a “modern woman”. A term he hardly understands …

Episode 7

The agents learn that a premium inherited from the Vichy regime is removed, questioning their social gains. Indignant, Moulinier, Jacquard Skullcap and went on strike. Colonel prohibits Merlaux to see his daughter Sophie. Bruised, the young man immersed himself in work and undertake something that the Service did not used to do. Integrate information

Episode 8

The Colonel learned Merlaux that continues to attend Sophia. To dissuade it tends a trap with a Lebanese arms dealer. Merlaux ends up in the arms of Clayborn, the beautiful spy Service, and filmed in spite of himself. The success of this mission is to finally tenured him. Colonel, he recovers the film compromising.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Patrick Bruel is preparing a tribute album Barbara – Le Figaro

The singer will release a disc repeatedly called Very often I think of you , in which he revisits the monument of French song repertoire. The album’s release is scheduled on November 27.

Patrick Bruel was present Sunday, October 25 on Sunday Highly platform for the promotion of the last film to which it participates, Angel or Gabrielle . However, the singer of 56 years that chains movie roles does not forget his first love: music

According to the site ChartsinFrance, the interpreter of The Place des Grands Hommes <. /> i> has begun to take over a part of the repertoire of a monument of French song: Barbara. The Algerian singer locked himself in a studio a few weeks, that in the greatest secrecy, to record a cover album titled Very often I think of you . The record will be released on November 27 in stores.

Three years after the release of his latest album, Which of us , Patrick Bruel returned to pay homage to one of its favorite artists. He had already celebrated Barbara in January, resuming his title Vienna in his symphony concert at the Opera National de Paris.

There will be no new songs on this album but mainly classics of the singer. The flagship titles Say, when are you coming back? , Nantes , My greatest love story , or The Black Eagle will probably present.


In the service of France. Who is Hugo Becker, hero of the series Arte? – West France

With his side parting, Tintin’s profile, Hugo Becker was an ideal son-side in “Serving France” . It is the young first type of a feature film of the 1960s Style Delon or Belmondo, in their early days.

“It is our beautiful André Merlaux” , laughs Jean-François Halin, the creator of the series. Happy cast of this spy comedy that lies somewhere between “Mad Men” and “OSS117″ (which is also writer).

Movies, TV and mini-series

Born in Metz there are twenty-eight, Hugo Becker, aka Merlaux, is the only actor little known of the troupe, also excellent. Next TV series, he made no memorable appearances in “RIS forensic” or “Julie Lescaut” .

The miniseries “Heads” did come forward last year, on France 2. Alongside the actor Clovis Cornillac, he played a young Romain are committed tortured kitchen, out of prison. . A role for which he won an award at the Festival television creations Luchon

cinema side, we have seen particularly in two feature films of 2011 Action: “The assault “, Julien Leclercq, and ” Prey “, Eric Vallette.

Prince ” Gossip Girl “

But it is on the side of the United States … that we must seek the most popular role – for now – of this actor trained at the Cours Florent in Paris and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

“He participated in the American series” Gossip Girl “”, says Jean-François Halin. He played Louis Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco, in this series Youth golden Manhattan, New York. “ It has made him a worldwide star!”

Her character did not leave indifferent not that of Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester embodied by) in two episodes of the 4 th season filmed in Paris and twenty others carried across the Atlantic. Very many teenage fans “Gossip Girl” around the world have also succumbed to the charm.

Perfectly trilingual

Hugo Becker who speak perfect English and Spanish, also toured the USA in the film “Damsels in Distress” , Whit Stillman (2011) and “Breath In” , Drake Doremus, presented at the festival Sundance 2013.

In other words, the actor is not “in the service of France” only yesterday! It was announced in 2016 in “Republican Gangsters” , alongside Niels Arestrup, Kad Merad and Anna Mouglalis. A series filmed in the North in the spring for Canal +. More to come …

“Serving France” , four 26-minute episodes aired every Thursday from 20 h 50, on Arte. Until November 12.


Dawson: the real story behind the end that divided fans of the series – Screenrush

Twelve years after the end of the series clap, Greg Berlanti, one of the producers of Dawson, has finally explained how the relationship between Joey and Pacey was born in the minds of writers and how was decided the final choice Joey.

Launched in 1998 on the now defunct American channel today The WB, the series Dawson has undoubtedly marked the history of teen dramas the television. But when she left the screens in May 2003 after six seasons, his last episode left a bitter taste among some viewers. In case the final decision to Joey (Katie Holmes) who, after years of hesitation, finally decided to listen to her heart and choose Pacey (Joshua Jackson), rather than Dawson (James Van Der Beek), the hero which nevertheless gave its name to the program.

A resolution rather expected, given the trajectory taken by intrigue during the third season, but has nonetheless surprised fans of the main character. Twelve years later, the producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Blindspot), who worked as writer and executive producer on the series, has entrusted the Vulture website on the reasons that led the authors to create a love triangle between Dawson, Joey and Pacey, and which, ultimately, tipped the balance in favor of beautiful brown.

In the beginning, there were Dawson and Joey

When creating Dawson in 1998, Kevin Williamson, just basking in the success of Scream and Scream 2, which he wrote the screenplay, has a very clear vision of what will be the series. It will focus on the love story of Dawson Leery, persona he shaped according to his own story teenager dreaming of cinema and Hollywood, and Joey Potter, the girl next door that will take time to “notice” and to do other than tomboy. And obviously, as the original plan of the writer, the series can not conclude otherwise than by these two soul mates together.

Except that here, in 1999, after the second season, Kevin Williamson leaves his duties as showrunner to sail to other projects (including the creation of the Wasteland series, which unfortunately does not find its audience). Dawson who knows pretty hearings, without being exceptional, then continues without his “daddy” and the team of scriptwriters up hopes to leave Dawson and Joey in the center of the story, to keep the course established by Williamson.

Quickly though, creatively, the beginning of season 3 proves very complicated. Some plots are poorly received by fans (Eve, cheating Andie) and the chain and the studio then ask Greg Berlanti, just promoted to showrunner , to find a way to redress the balance in faster. The solution, Berlanti already has in mind. It is called “Joey and Pacey” and is about to launch a new era for the series of WB.

A love unexpected story to save the show?

The reconciliation between Joey and Pacey Witter, the best friend of Dawson, is initiated by the middle of the third season. “I wanted to tell a story to the King Arthur, in which Arthur Dawson would, and that would allow us to explore what happens when Lancelot and Guinevere fall in love” says Greg Berlanti. The long-awaited kiss occurs during episode 17 of this season and therefore it is too late to turn back. “We wrote what we wanted to see on the screen, and we have not really thought about the impact this could have” .

But ultimately, it unexpected development, which seems to pack the majority of fans, drives up the hearings and gives the series a few of its best episodes (“We know well the song”, “Married Life”). “The relationship between Joey and Pacey was different and surprising. Nobody expected us to go in this direction” says the prolific producer. “These two characters have always had an incredible chemistry. They had a little something Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn that was that I loved writing for them” .

The love story between Joey and Pacey, a couple at the end of Season 3, and the war between him and Dawson, still enthrall fans during almost all of the season 4. Until the prom episode coupon and the inevitable rupture, to shake things up a bit, drama forces. The renewal of the series for a fifth season marks the transition from high school to university figures and also the departure of Greg Berlanti, who is going to create his own series, Everwood.

Choosing Joey … and choice of Kevin

Despite a stealth rapprochement during episode 15 of the season 6, “The Longest Night”, Joey and Pacey will never recover together during the last two years of the show. These new episodes, lower in quality, especially finally endeavor to rebuild the friendship between Dawson and Joey, in one way or another, have always had feelings for each other. Therefore, anything is possible as to the final outcome of the series.

After the end of the adventure officially announced, The WB and Sony Pictures Television decided to contact Kevin Williamson to ask her to return write the latest episode, to close the loop. Williamson agrees and begins to floor on this double final episode, in collaboration with Berlanti and Maggie Friedman. If the idea of ​​making a leap in time of five years is rapidly stopped, the question of who will choose Joey is problematic for Kevin Williamson. “Kevin was not present during seasons centered Pacey and Joey. He probably thought he had to finish the series Dawson and Joey, as he had always planned” .

” While we were trying to build the plot of the episode, Kevin realized that a major part of the series was made without him and that history had evolved into something different. Another direction was taken ” says Greg Berlanti. series finale eventually ends in Dawson, having realized his dream in Hollywood, and … Joey and Pacey couple. Dawson has got success, but not the girl of his dreams, really.

And even if this outcome sounds like a resolution of the love triangle Dawson-Joey-Pacey, the question soulmates remains open by Kevin Williamson himself: “From the beginning, I wanted to talk soulmates Telling what I believe to be soul mates.” , he confided in June when ATX festival. “It’s not always romantically. In the end, I think Pacey and Joey are soul mates, like Dawson and Joey, Pacey and Dawson or. This triangle has always been the heart Series “. Dawson and Joey, friendly soul mates? Fans of the duo can probably take comfort with this.


Ash vs Evil Dead: the cast gathered this week for the premiere in Hollywood – Screenrush

Ash vs Evil Dead <- - /> breadcrumbs!>: The cast gathered this week for the premiere in Hollywood

By Carolina Frusca ▪ Friday, October 30, 2015 – There are 11 minutes

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On the eve of launch Ash vs Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell regained its partners in Hollywood on October 28 on the occasion of the premiere of the series. Launch and promotion Timely for Halloween.


TV program: should watch (or not) “In the service of France”, this Thursday night on Arte? – MetroNews

Yes, because it is written by the writer of OSS 117
He made us die laughing with OSS 117 . Jean-François Halin, screenwriter of both feature films with Jean Dujardin, plunges us back into the daily life of French spies fiction that aims to be as crazy and shifted the films of Michel Hazanavicius. History ? In the Paris of the 1960s, André Merlaux, 23, is recruited to be trained at a secret agent trade. But the reality is far from what he could imagine and spyware are just lazy officials more concerned about their expense by their mission …

No, because it’s not funny at all
Originally developed for Canal +, Arte which is ultimately recovered In the service of France . Presented as a funny and offbeat parody, the series has not even won we would do an ounce of a smile. Weighed down by too slowly, novelty completely falls flat for want of prickly replicas. Too absurd kills the absurd.

Yes, if you’re a fan of Gossip Girl
In the role of André Merlaux, the young and idealistic lunar secret agent include Hugo Becker, that fans of Gossip Girl know well since he played in Season 4 of the series for teens. He embodied Prince Louis Grimaldi, which Blair Waldorf (Meester Leigton) fell madly in love. It was also seen last year in Heads , on France 2, in the role of a cook become alongside Clovis Cornillac.

No, because Arte had accustomed us better
Slightly more discreet than other large chains, Arte stands out in recent years by a sharp and original programming for series. D So they may (on the life of priests) to Real Humans (which looks at the issue of clones) through Borgen (on policy) or Hatufim – Prisoners of war (Israeli series that inspired Homeland ), the Franco-German channel has never been afraid to cross borders and tackle sensitive subjects. Except this time, the sauce really takes forever …

In the service of France every Thursday at 20 pm 50 on Arte.


Spectrum: Monica Bellucci, sexier than ever on the cover of magazine Lui – Le Figaro

Choose the next adventures of Agent 007, the actress made the front of the male Monthly of November. The Bond girl oldest of the saga appears there femme fatale in a hot outfit.

Monica Bellucci 51 years, but does not age, far from it. The actress is showing of Spectrum next James Bond directed by Sam Mendes, and for the occasion she made the cover of the next issue of the magazine him . The Bond girl appears more sensual than ever.

In a black lace dress, hinting her curves, Monica Bellucci poses in profile, hands placed on hips. The magazine cover is dark, titled: “. Monica Bellucci, the service of his majesty” If the next issue of him will be on newsstands in November, the photo has already been around social networks. And everyone is unanimous: if at age 51, she interprets the oldest “Bond girl” of the saga, Monica Bellucci has nothing to envy the young.

The actress does not also complex about his age. On the contrary. It thus told in the pages of Paris Match in January, “Today a 50 year old woman is still desirable. We listen to what she says and his image remains a reference. When I see actresses like Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert, who in age are at the top of their game, it gives me wings! “

Spectrum , indoors November 11, Monica Bellucci plays the role of Lucia Sciarra, the widow of an Italian mafia. Along with Lea Seydoux, second “Bond girl”, and twenty years after she was born.


Hédi Kaddour: “I have two dialects in the throat: the Tunisian and Moroccan” – Le Point

Interview by our correspondent in Tunis

Punctual and precise. Punctual despite media demands are increasing, despite precise June 1 whose battery runs out, which is really not the time. Voice calm, peaceful, young writer for 70 years (at this age, Henri-Pierre Roché had not yet released Jules and Jim ) crowned with one of the most prestigious awards the literary season with the French. Hédi Kaddour, cordial and relaxed, savoring this price. At the dawn of a media-trading whirlwind vampirisera his agenda, among tour trays and signatures in bookstores, the author evokes Thomas Mann, its saturated mailbox, the hypothesis of the Goncourt and other curiosities. Waltenberg , 2006 Goncourt first novel, the overriding , portable interposed by meeting with an apostle of “novel world.” Born in Tunis, he does not deny his roots, but says that “life separate.” His book, set in 1922 in a small imaginary town between Morocco and Tunis, evokes the reactionary lobby that has scuppered the project of emancipation of the French colonies

The Point Afrique. You inspire this price

Hédi Kaddour: This is great. I always struggle to respond to hot. I felt a lot of fun to be had with Boualem Sansal, by the French Academy this afternoon. It is a beautiful tribute, a beautiful thing. It’s very exciting, granting this award to the heart of the Academy.

What is your relationship with Tunisia?

I am born in Tunis. I spent my first twelve years, which are perhaps the most important. Then I worked in Paris. I am both a product of Parisian high school and an apple and chips couscous. For thirteen years I have been cooperating in Morocco. Tunisia, these are family ties and life separate. It did something to me that it could spill over part of my childhood.

Do you follow the Tunisian news intently?

I the’m very closely. Today, any news is transmitted immediately. I am just as much what is happening in Morocco, Algeria and elsewhere.

How this book was he born ? Is it a novel of ideas?

No. The trigger was writing a novel-world, mixing the 1920s, France, England, Germany … I was not sure at first. Digging through archives in the United States, I have read articles that told of film crews settling in North Africa. That was the trigger in a society where the colonial order reigned. A reactionary society, a society cut off between strength and domination.

Balzac returns repeatedly in your characters. Is this your literary vein?

The works that I prefer are not necessarily those representing the European classicism. Like Faulkner, Claude Simon … When I write, writing that I use is similar to that of a reporter. It is not baratine, no editorialised. I have no taste for the Kalashnikov sentence. A few words, a point. And start again. I am conscious of writing, but these contemporary affectations, this very brief sentence. I like the change in pace. Like Russell Banks, Underworld Don DeLillo. In my novel, I wanted a crossroads of cultures, cultures interpenetrating, a mixture of contacts.

Speaking yesterday, North Africa 1922, do you speak of today?

I need time. A small century is perfect. Thomas Mann said, “murmuring the utterer imperfect”. For me it is the right distance for writing. A historical distance. I’m comfortable as well.

Your novel is set in an imaginary small town Nahbès. Why?

I am torn between two “Arab”. I have two dialects in the throat: the Tunisian and Moroccan. When I speak, I do not know if this expression is Tunisian or Moroccan. And what interested me was the issue of the protectorate. In France, the mission of development. But in 1922, the Taittinger project against protectorates, signed by Maurice Barres to my astonishment, was torpedoed by the reactionary lobby overriding . The colonial lobby has frustrated this project, which was taken for thirty years longer relevant countries. With pain all the stronger as the number of lost years.

Have you read the novel by Boualem Sansal, 2084 , with whom you share this award?

No. I am caught in a media whirlwind when I read the books of authors who I am invited in emissions. This makes each time more courteous novels that I consider to have read. I have not shared anything with Boualem shelf.

Will you be translated into Arabic?

I signed an amendment to my contract to Gallimard the book to be sold cheaper to export. For translations, it starts to happen.

You sold so far, 28,000 copies …

It is beyond figures my first novel Waltenberg . My new novel is more transparent, shorter. I worked on clarity, what Orwell said: “Good writing is like a window.” It allows to forget, to see beings, their movements …

Do you write a third novel?

Yes. I feel so good when I write. But with this price, I have to respond to many requests. And I have this at home Gallimard, which published my poems at a loss for many years. They lost twenty balls twenty-five miles each collection. I owe them that. Today, I can not write an hour, half past one day. I will not complain.

What is your view on the French press towards the Maghreb?

There are always good things: stories, portraits. When I was in Morocco, the correspondent of World was very careful, because the goal was not to get kicked. But when a reporter came, it was perfect. The right people, the right analysis. Thanks to the correspondent. Today, few newspapers can afford to have full-time correspondents, which raises the question of the economic situation of the PQR particular.

Are you going to come to Tunisia the occasion of this price? Have you received congratulatory messages from Tunisian political s?

There are things in preparation. Gallimard will take care. This is likely in early 2016. As for the official reactions, I do not know. My mailbox is full, more than 150 mails fell in two hours, the same for SMS. I do not know.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Patricio Guzmán: “I wanted to tell a little-known story of Chile, almost cleared” – Télé

The recent past of his country is still at the heart of his films. For “pearl button” on the Chilean documentary filmmaker set sail to the south.

The Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán explores always contemporary history of his country. It evokes for us The pearl button , its new captivating documentary, ambitious and singular.

Nostalgia for the Light in 2010, and The pearl button are aesthetic and philosophical essays, very different from your historical documentaries precedents, Chile Battle Salvador Allende or The Pinochet Case . Why the change?

I do not know really, it was not premeditated. Everything is party effect of Nostalgia for the Light . I wanted to make a film about the Atacama desert in northern Chile, which has always fascinated me. I started to interest me, again, to the Missing of the Pinochet dictatorship. To a group of women who, guided by an archaeologist, spend some areas methodically comb to try to find the remains of their relatives. In addition, Atacama is also the perfect place for stargazing, and has built eighteen observatories. I was struck by the similarity between the search for these bereaved women and that of astronomers who watch a bit of sky in search of a star, a presence without being sure of finding it. It is also a short work of a documentary filmmaker. Nostalgia for the Light was built on the affinities, strange and strong, between all these quests.
The pearl button is an extension of this approach open this need to initiate a reflection, exploration, without preconceived idea of ​​film. After filming the North, my first desire was to visit the other end, at the end of the South. I had never been there in my life, like many Chileans. This is a difficult area to access, landlocked, sparsely populated. When I embarked on a tall ship for ten days, with the sound engineer and assistant, I did not know if I left just a journey, or I was going to make a film, two films …

What have you found?

From the Gulf of Penas to the southern tip of Chile, opposite the Antarctic, this beautiful and unique land is crisscrossed with hundreds of arms seas and fjords that form countless islands. It was once the domain of nomads six indigenous tribes, who moved constantly from one coast to another, living by and for the ocean. In 1900, they were already very few, about seven miles. Today, they no longer exist. Their few descendants live in cities, have melted into the population. By discovering this landscape, they disappeared without a trace, I wanted to tell their untold story, almost cleared away from the center of big cities, Santiago, Valparaiso, Concepción … History has abandoned these people . It is found only here and there, a page, a paragraph devoted to them, and which, moreover, when mostly nineteenth century.

I was particularly touched by tragedy of “Jemmy Button”, a Native teen brought in London by a British cartographer in 1840, for a stay of one year. At the time, to England, it was the equivalent of a trip to another planet in light years. On his return, the boy was no longer at home anywhere. Abroad, uprooted, abandoned by his tribe, he lived and died alone. At this stage, my film began to take shape. I archival photos, landscape plans, I met the last survivors of these tribes – barely twenty people that keep the memory of an entire culture. But it still missing something to make a film.

“Chile is an endless corridor, completely isolated between the Andes and the ocean.”

This is the time you have decided to integrate the missing story of the Pinochet regime. How did you connected these two subjects very different in appearance?

The obvious link to me is the search for a memory, a trace of the crimes of the past, and their impunity. Chile is an endless corridor, completely isolated between the Andes and the ocean, a completely enclosed area where these dramas are answered. The Indians were contaminated, ravaged by diseases brought by the conquerors, northerners. Most died like flies. And the others are massacred on the orders of the landowners, sheep farmers who wanted to drive them from their land. This is the story of a total extermination. What remained of their civilization disappeared when the survivors were grouped in Catholic missions. The key was on the largest island, Dawson, in front of Punta Arenas. At the same place where, decades later, the gouverment Pinochet has built a concentration camp for ministers Allende.

Why this title, The pearl button

At the Museum Villa Grimaldi in Santiago are exposed twelve long rails of about one meter, which were recovered in the ocean. They were used to weigh down political opponents, when swung with water from the top of a helicopter in the same southern Chile, about one thousand kilometers above. Today, an estimated 1440 people were removed without a trace. On one of the rails of the museum remains hung the famous pearl button, the last remaining person who had been attached to it. Just a button, almost similar to those of Jemmy Button. it gave me a great impression. The story repeats itself. This is the core of the film. With the sky and water. There, moisture is magnifier appears larger stars, representing the afterlife in indigenous legends. And the ocean, which reflects the firmament, is also the grave of the victims of Pinochet. To try to find them would require financial resources that lawyers and families do not have … Many efforts are being made today, but the area is so large that it is extremely difficult.

“A new generation, born after the end of the Pinochet regime, requires the truth, another report in the country’s history.”

You have long lamented the lack of a working collective memory in Chile, the trauma of dictatorship. What about today?

Fortunately, this is changing. A new generation, born after the end of the Pinochet regime, demands accountability in all areas, from education to health, and demands the truth, another report in the country’s history. The phenomenon involves a vast movement of students, a popular force that makes me want to hope. And today about a third of young Chilean documentary concerned with the memory of the country, which is considerable, given that the documentary is a very important and lively form of cinema in the country. This change also affects my own films, it was very difficult to broadcast once in the country. Today, The pearl button is set both in the rooms and in schools, and my work will be the subject of a retrospective, in a festival to be held in cities across the country.

What is your next project?

After Nostalgia for the Light and The pearl button , my next film will complete a sort of trilogy. I am still in the early days, and, like the others, I do not know exactly how it will look. I just know that this time will focus on the Andes, this immense and long mountain thousands of kilometers that isolates us from the rest of the continent and that hides the sun. When the sun rises in Argentina, there are still two hours of night in Chile. This will be another investigation species in this geographical loneliness … As soon as I met the funding, I will leave.


France suspends TV projects with the producer of “Plus belle la vie” approached by TF1 – Le Parisien




France TV suspends its projects with the producer of “Plus belle la vie” approached by TF1

Gros gale on the bar of the Mistral. France Television announced Thursday in a statement, the suspension of its projects with Newen, the company that produces “more beautiful life.” A response to the announcement of talks on the …

2015-10-29 9:53:00 p.m.

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Grand Prix of the French Academy: Kaddour Sansal and tie – Le Figaro

The authors of 2084 and The overriding , which competed for the price of the novel of the famous institution, obtained the same number of votes. This is the third time that the jury are two novelists at the same time.

The writer of Tunisian origin Hédi Kaddour and Algerian writer Boualem Sansal tie Thursday received the Grand Prix of the novel of the French Academy, the first major literary prize of the season.

Hédi Kaddour and Boualem Sansal were chosen in the fourth round by eleven votes each, against a voice Agnès Desarthe. This is the third time that the Academy awarded its Grand Prize novel two writers at the same time.

The two writers, arrived together at the Academy, very relaxed and without a tie, join in this ranking of authors as prestigious as François Mauriac, Michel Tournier and Patrick Modiano. The prize is worth 10,000 euros.

By providing prices francophone Algerian writer Boualem Sansal for 2084 (Gallimard) and the writer of Tunisian origin Hédi Kaddour for The overriding (Gallimard), immortals rewarded two critically acclaimed books.

This is the chronicle of a world sinking given Hédi Kaddour to see The overriding , panting novel and relentless fresco of a still colonial society of the 1920s in North Africa.

Already winner of Jean Freustié, Hédi Kaddour could become the third writer Jonathan Littell and after Patrick Rambaud, receiving the same year the Grand Prize novel by the French Academy and the Goncourt, the most prestigious French literary prize, which will be awarded on Tuesday.

The world described by Boualem Sansal 2084 himself is a nightmare. Sure, can you reassure, it is a fiction even though, can we be alarmed, this novel looks like a prophecy.

The author of the “Village of the German, “where he was the link between Nazism and Islamism, takes us into the future at the heart of Abistan, a fanatical religious state whose power extends almost all over the planet.


“The pearl button”: the new jewel of Patricio Guzmán – Le Point

Known for his many documentaries on contemporary history of Chile, Patricio Guzmán again with a new masterpiece. Five years after the poetic Nostalgia for the Light , where the Chilean filmmaker spent the Atacama Desert and its stars screened, The pearl button (Spanish El Botón of nácar ) explores the mysteries of the Pacific Ocean, this blue gold so dear to the natives of Patagonia. Here the water has replaced sand and used as breadcrumbs in Guzmán’s story. At 74, the director signs a film chronicle of the largest archipelago in the world (74 000 km of coastline). Many ethnic groups live in this secular country, including the people and Yagán Kawésqar, from which the movie characters, the last representatives of a civilization about to faint.

Between odyssey more thousand kilometers by canoe and epic crossing of Cape Horn, everyone remembers, sometimes in his language, his childhood memories. They lived in harmony with nature and the cosmos, adapting to the polar cold and the undulating geography fjords, without compass nor god nor master. So much so that the word “police” does not exist. These tribes stuck to what was willing to offer the sea until the arrival of gold prospectors, and with them, the eclipse of a world: theirs. Through their words, it is the voice of their ancestors that resonates.

memories Labyrinth

As a memorial labyrinth of wild islands, mountains and glaciers, Guzmán brings back the ghosts of centuries of impunity. Film after film, this expatriate (Cuba, Spain, then in France) dissects the Chilean revolution to the core to analyze the complexity and probe the smallest stigma. His work looks less like a series of reports that a piecemeal investigation into the past of a nation with a short memory. Haunted by the dictatorship – and the coup in 1973 – Pinochet, Guzman continues to return, as if to assure that this shameful chapter of history does not sink into oblivion forever.

In this introspection attests: “It’s like I was trapped in amber, as these insects from ancient frozen forever in a drop.” Water is cleverly linking the victims of colonization and those of an authoritarian regime. In both cases, Guzmán shines the spotlight on the perpetrators as well as on the martyrs. When showcases the “death flights”, this appalling practice of the dirty war of disposing of opponents to the sea attached to a rail railway from military aircraft, the director brilliantly leads the viewer awareness. The story of the discovery, in 1976, the lifeless body of Marta Ugarte – teacher and tortured communist militant – spat out by the waves on a deserted beach freezes the blood. Not to mention the description of his face: “She looks at you, she is alive.” As the eternal witness of the crimes perpetrated by the Chilean armed forces and the sea which has not kept the secret. And the ocean became cemetery.

At once ode to water, maritime chant for the dead and humble life lesson, the tale of Guzmán needs to its aesthetic captivating portraits in black and white Kawésqar survivors that Paz Errázuriz photographer immortalized in the 1990s and scrolling slideshow way as he tells the story. Not to mention the mesmerizing quartz block containing an old straw three thousand years in which the first images open. Instead of blurring the message, the rare esoteric passages revive the intrigue. In Berlin, the screenplay won last February the Silver Bear. “A country without documentary films is like a family without a photo album,” said the person. The seventh Chilean art can rest easy

Watch the trailer of the film.


The Papyrus of Caesar Asterix head of sales – Le Figaro

The last album of the adventures of the Gaulish magic potion, fired two million copies in France, dominates the ranking of the most sold books for the week of 19 to 25 October, according to Livres Hebdo .

With a circulation of two million copies in France and a total of 4.2 million worldwide in 20 different languages, it’s no surprise that Papyrus Caesar new adventure of Asterix and his sidekick Obelix, released October 22, is leading sales in the Top 20 GFK / Livres Hebdo.

Second book of the franchise for the writer Jean-Yves Ferri and artist Didier Conrad, the album published at Albert-René could even, according to this trend, which is particularly favorable, become the Book sold for 2015.

The Papyrus Caesar ahead so Extremely simple, cookbook Jean-François Mallet published by Hachette Pratique which made its debut in eighth place last week in the Top 20.

The two French authors also triumphed in the Book of Baltimore Swiss Joel Dicker, yet accustomed to first place, he so busy with her previous novel, The Truth About the Case Harry Québert , sold over 3 million copies.