Friday, October 23, 2015

Adele, already number 1 in the world with Hello – Le Figaro

VIDEO – British artist published Friday, October 23 the clip from his new album to be released November 20. The piece prances already the top seller on iTunes platform.

Not surprisingly, the diva Adele made a comeback Friday, October 23. A return she announced in a spot during the commercial break of the show X Factor in Britain and a letter to his fans.

Thus, at the launch of his first clip taken from his album 25 , to be released on November 20, and directed by Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan, the craze was immediate. The melancholy ballad Adele is shared thousands of times, the tweets are multiplying on social networks and the song … Hello becomes, in a few hours, number 1 in France and in the world .

The pre-orders of the album make 25 the most bought on iTunes disk. Adele easily dethrones the Chedid family, boy band One Direction and the slammer Grand Corps Malade, who nevertheless did return to the song Renaud and Keen’V.

The title Hello , the YouTube counter panicked and crossed the same day of release of the song, the threshold of million views. Behind the camera, the talented Xavier Dolan that is, with this video, originally the first video directed by Imax. It is therefore logical that we find Hello , also the ranking of the most purchased songs on iTunes before Justin Bieber, rapper Drake and the French artist Master Gims.


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