Monday, October 19, 2015

Danièle Delorme died at the age of 89 – FranceTV info

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Cinema, theater, television, Danièle Delorme is a lifetime devoted to the comedy. In 1949, it is the role of Gigi, based on the novel by Colette, who brings him fame. For his work, the actress claims freedom “power, when choosing his work, stay true to what you love, at what we think” , she says in 1958 .

In life, it is a long way with actor Daniel Gelin, her husband until 1955. In the 50s, she alternates the cinema and theater, addresses the texts the great authors. In 1976, under the direction of her second husband, Yves Robert, it will be Martha, wife of Jean Rochefort in “Pardon Mon Affaire” and “We will all go to heaven.” In the 90s, Danièle Delorme had held for five years the role of Madam Principal in a series broadcast on France 2. This is a popular but demanding actress who disappears at the age of 89.


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