Sunday, October 18, 2015

Attack “Charlie”: “The truth is far” for the companion of Charb – The Point

The last companion Charb “wants to know the truth.” In an interview this Sunday at Paris , Valerie M., overshadowed in the media by Jeannette Bougrab while investigators designate it as the last companion of director of Charlie Hebdo ensures that “the truth about the assassination” of 7 January last “is still far away.” She said “we can not settle for the only thesis of Islamist terrorism.”

Links with the Middle East

Valerie M. evokes including daily links maintained by Charb with businessmen, “including the Middle East.” While the satirical newspaper “had to find 200 000 euros before the end of the year” not to put the key under the door, Charb “began to seek funds everywhere.” “He was put in touch with many different people,” she said, indicating that Charb “never intended” to give him the name of his “contact”.

In columns the Paris , Valerie M. was surprised that investigators are not interested in a closer look at this story. It qualifies effect of “disturbing coincidence” that Charb managed to find the money to back up the log finance the day before the deadly attack. “Who paid? Where is that money and how it was resolved? Can there be a connection with the events of January 7? “Asked she

” The business carried away “

Another episode that does not pass to the partner of Charb. Burglary of the apartment of the journalist, just after the attack. “He had been visited, ransacked and taken away business, including (…) his laptop that surely contains information useful to the investigation,” says Valerie M ..

In a letter sent to investigators and revealed by Closer in the month of June, Valerie M., who claims to have been with Charb “the day before, the day before and the drama of the morning,” had already mentioned the ” sacking “of the apartment. Today, she is surprised that the police “did not seem interested” in the robbery, and they “do not look to see if other people” behind the Kouachi brothers.


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