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From what age can children watch “Star Wars”? – FranceTV info

Star Wars was always destined to children. It was George Lucas, director and creator of the saga, who says (the BBC in 1999, for example). Disney has understood, by buying Lucas movie production company. Millions of fans claim to have “grew up with the trilogy” , imitated the sound of early lightsaber tried talking backwards like Yoda and repeated: “Luke, I am your father “ throughout childhood. But parents eager to see Star Wars VII: The Force Wake , which comes out in France on December 16, question. At what age can a child really see Star Wars ?

Here are some keys to deciding if your children are ready or not to face Darth Vader or to line up the dark side of the Force.

It depends episodes

The author of the blog The Guide Galactic Parent summarized his position based on his own experience cinephile father: “At 4 years without any real problem, from 5-6 years to begin to understand the history.” His child 7 years very well understood the whole saga, 2-3 screenings of each film” . It’s a little younger than the recommendations of Common Sense Media. This NGO evaluates films, books according to a list of clearly stated criteria (positive messages, role models, educational, violence, sexuality, language, consumerism …) and indicates the minimum age recommended to expose children to certain content.

The Original Trilogy, from 7 years. Whether you know by heart or not Star Wars universe , it seems logical to start by Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977) and watch all in chronological order of the outputs. The daughter of George Lucas saw the first film 4, tells Wired (in English) “fascinated by the strong personality of Princess Leia” . During these three films, the young spectators will attend, certainly, in fierce fighting, but without any bloodshed (thanks to the magic of the lightsaber that instantly cauterized wounds) or face twisted in pain. See all the same how your child reacts to the suspense of garbage disposal scene in Episode IV opposite the palace of Jabba’s Rancor, in Episode VI : Return of the Jedi . Or the beginning of Episode V: Empire against attack, when Luke Skywalker finds himself trapped in the pantry of a Wampa on Hoth

. The prequel trilogy, not before eight years. This second trilogy, which began in 1999, is much darker, but no more bloody. Episodes I and II also contain no real scary or violent scenes. Only the third book, Revenge of the Sith, has been recommended for children under 13 years in the United States. One scene in particular is considered “difficult” The Galactic Parent Guide: the duel on Mustafar, Anakin in which burns in lava. And the romance between Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker “risk of boring” the children, said Common Sense.

And the “Force Awakening”? It is too early to tell, since the studios have given very few clues about the next episode, released December 16. The latest trailer still book the film’s tone. Again, despite the fighting, violence is rarely shown frontally. In addition, the franchise Star Wars now owned by Disney, including children, even very young, remain the privileged public.

It depends where

Some parents are quick to show Jedi duels and fights X-Wing to children significantly younger. But a movie at the cinema or from home are two very different experiences.

At home from 5 or 6 years. For the first trilogy, you have little choice. In front of the home screen as it goes. A good way to calmly visit Tatooine and Death Star. On the blog Dork Daddy, 19 bloggers relatives even believe that children aged between 4 and 6 years old can play Star Wars “taking into account the emotional, social and intellectual development of each child and always under adult supervision “.

” Sit down with your children, watch the movie and protect them or distract them during the explicit scenes “ advises 8BitDad blogger, while Dadscribe recalls the existence of the remote control. For his 4 year old son, he “advanced [in Episode IV] the scene of the beginning of strangulation and death of Greedo in the canteen.”

In film, from 6 or 7 years. Queue, total black, powerful sound … The cinema offers very specific conditions it is better to prepare the young. Avoid crowded premiere broadcast on a giant screen with too high a volume for small ears. Better to choose a suitable film, explain to the children what they will see and how the meeting will proceed, to help them better enjoy the show (and do not ruin your own session). Before age 6, most children are struggling to hold up for two hours.

It depends especially your children

Parents are finally best position to know at what age their children will be ready to meet with Star Wars heroes … A priori, you know what they like, what amuses them and probably causing their nightmares. If they took weeks to recover from the death of Mufasa in the The Lion King , it is perhaps a little early. But if they are not afraid of Voldemort’s Harry Potter , then they are largely ready to barter a magic wand against a lightsaber. . Or adopt the BB-8 robot

This little girl of about 3 years, for example, has perhaps not all inclusive Episode IV: A New Hope , but that did not diminish his enthusiasm. “This is a very exciting film” , she said.

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