Friday, October 23, 2015

Alone on Mars: Jessica Chastain tells her failed audition for Star Trek – Le Figaro

VIDEO – columns First , the American actress showing the new film by Ridley Scott has entrusted its projects but also its failures. She also proclaims his love for Quebec director Xavier Dolan.

In a river interview with the monthly First , the US actress Jessica Chastain let herself go a few denominations. Including his incredible missed during castings for Star Trek , the film released in 2009 repeating the history of the television series.

“It was for a small role. And I got back very, very bad on my performance during the hearing. It was a hyper dramatic scene, I had to give birth while my husband was dying … “recalls that which is currently on view in Alone on Mars.

” According to the casting director, I was doing some cases, I was too much in background. I must say that I was crying for good, I was doing 100% drama, I took it very seriously. That’s normal, right? A scene where my husband died and I gave birth to my son. I was told “just relax, it’s just Star Trek …” says Jessica Chastain.

However, and fortunately for the actress 38, this failure had no impact on his career. It is even the leader of a space mission in the latest dated long movie by Ridley Scott. It also says on the set of Only on Mars .

“I worked with astronaut Tracy Dyson to prepare the film. I put a lot of Tracy Lewis in [his character, Ed]. Especially the head side, the play leader thoroughly. Although Lewis feels sad or moved if it must lead a team. Anyway, the script Only on Mars did not give me emotionally difficult scenes, “she says.

Jessica Chastain will also be in the cast of the next film Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan . “I think it is one of today’s greatest filmmakers. But it promises to be more expensive than his previous movie, and thus balance the budget takes time. I saw Mommy in Cannes, it was 8:30 am … I remember exclaimed, “Who has done this? This is the man of my dreams! “” Says the actress particularly enthusiastic.


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