Friday, October 16, 2015

Luc Besson and EuropaCorp production company condamés for plagiarism – Le Figaro

The High Court of Paris had estimated in May that the screenplay Lock Out was too similar to the feature film of John Carpenter, New York 1997 . An unnoticed decision until then.

The decision of the High Court of Paris had gone unnoticed on May 7 and had to wait an publication of the European Audiovisual Observatory Wednesday for the case is a media response. Yet this is a conviction which may well set a precedent in the movie.

According to the French court, Luc Besson is guilty of forgery with his feature film Lock Out , released in 2012. The court ruled that the scenario was a plagiarism New York 1997 , directed by John Carpenter in 1981.

The director, the authors of the film and EuropaCorp, the production company of Luc Besson, was therefore sentenced to pay € 50,000 to the company managing the rights to use New York 1997 € 20,000 to € 10,000 and John Carpenter to Nick Castle, co-author of the script plagiarized film.

According to Libération , EuropaCorp has decided to appeal this decision.

Remember also that Luke Besson is the subject of another complaint for plagiarism with his film Colombiana . A couple of the Gironde intermittent spectacle believes that the scenario of this feature is a copy of Ghost Orchid , they themselves achieved in 2005.


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