Saturday, October 17, 2015

“Good Families”: The “Mélan comic” by Jean-Paul Rappeneau – La Montagne


With a star cast – Mathieu Amalric, Marine Vacth, Gilles Lellouche, Nicole Garcia, Karin Viard, Guillaume de Tonquédec, André Dussolier – Beautiful Families (*) tells the story of Jerome Varenne (Mathieu Amalric), a man who left France to live in China.


Learning that the family home in which he grew up in the province is in the heart of a local conflict, he decided to go there. The events are linked, that will lead him to make discoveries about his family and himself.


“It was a moment that I still had it in his head. This is a film about the province, deep France but in the bath of globalization, “says Jean-Paul Rappeneau, which highlights have also wanted to find something that province he knew teenager and child.


“I lived eighteen years in the provinces, I am a former provincial of the years up to Paris. And I always thought of the idea that it would one day make a film that brasserait some memories, that does not really speak of my life while speaking, “says the director of 83 years. “That’s what I liked: stir memories and meddle in things that are really those of France today. “





From this frame, Jean-Paul Rappeneau said he wanted to sign a film “Mélan comic” that mixes comedy with a more serious tone.


“What I like above all is a mix of genres, mixing the colors where you can go from a laugh to something that suddenly shake your throat,” said the elegant filmmaker the balding and thin beard.


“Every film has its music. This music can be invented during the filming, but I write the partition before “further states the perfectionist. It is renowned for accurately predict all movements of the actors before filming, asking them to be very faithful to the text and planned movements and to make short shots – it cuts off after a few replicas

“Sort metronome”

The tempo, “this is what concerns me quickly when I start to design a movie,” Does details -he. “It ends up becoming a kind of rhythm study. And the pace does not mean haste or agitation, that means a drive, an ever tension, with accelerations but also quieter moments. “


It also says “can not help during the shoot when the actors play, swing in the rhythm of their lines as if in spite of himself he was trying to physically feel the pulse of the scene.”
“I’m like a kind of metronome,” he concludes.


(*) This is only the eighth feature by Jean-Paul Rappeneau after a more than fifty-year career marked by The Life Castle (1966) The Bride of the Year II (1971) The Wild (1975) or Cyrano de Bergerac (1990), awarded the César Award for Best Film and the Golden Globe for best foreign film in 1991.


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