Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sony and Quantic Dream announced “Detroit: Become Human” with a superb Trailer – Screenrush

The French game designer David Cage closed the press conference that Sony held tonight, the eve of the opening of the Paris Games Week, to announce his next game, “Detroit: Become Human”. With a first trailer. Images!


In this opening eve of the Paris Games Week , Sony Playstation had wanted to strike hard this evening by organizing a big press conference before an audience of 600 journalists and guests from the four corners of the globe to present its line up of upcoming titles from its catalog. An event that is a first in France, since the manufacturer – publisher had made the choice to ignore his talk at the show for Gamescom last August and which also aims to sit just over the legitimacy of the Paris Games Week in similar events in the world. Even the boss of Sony Playstation world, Shuhei Yoshida, had made the trip. This shows the importance attached to this press conference.

In a certain sense, it is the French studio Quantic Dream , through its founder David Cage , he returned the honor to complete this presentation, coming on stage to announce the next development involved in the studio: Detroit. Become Human

development of this game is actually part of a short film released in 2012 that was called Kara, a gifted humanoid creature feelings. The court had in fact intended to highlight the new 3D engine prototype on which the studio worked. Touching and troubling Kara was last seen over 25 million times. The premise and starting point of Detroit: Become Human is the following: what happens there in this android as it leaves the production line

will be added there is a small delicious irony here. When we met David Cage in September 2013 for the game Beyond Two Souls , we just asked why short films produced by the studio were never developed video games. Response interested. “No, we are not interested [...] Kara had a huge impact, even beyond the general public and the video game industry I know that Pixar and Weta. Digital, the special effects studio that works with Peter Jackson , were impressed. Even now, a year and a half after the release of the short film, I get daily emails of Internet users, gamers or not, who tell me to release a game Kara;! Some are even willing to co-finance its development via Kickstarter It’s very touching and at the same time we would not want to disappoint people “

It seems that David Cage and Quantic Dream have finally heard the call with Detroit: Become Human , digging a vein well underway at a theater or TV series. Until the release of the game, with no date yet, we suggest you a base to cure Blade Runner, AI Artificial Intelligence, the very good (and recent) Ex Machina, and the tremendous Real Humans series. To start.

The Trailer for the new set, below. Remember to pass the player in HD!


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