Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the Future. Animations tomorrow 21 October in Nantes – Ouest-France

Thirty years after the release of the first part of the trilogy “Back to the Future” movie lovers eagerly await the October 21, 2015, to celebrate Marty McFly and his friends.

An exhibition: “Back to the Future”

The association Grosse Mite, in partnership with several other associations and collective Nantes offers for an opportunity to transform the city of Nantes in Hill Valley: fifty artists meet for a month and offer a hundred paintings around the world of “Back to the Future”. Until October 30, simultaneously in the eleven places in Nantes: The live bar, The Cascabel De Dannan Celtic Pub, Bar Big Ben, Green Sheep Pub, Café Rouge Mechanics, Do Art Track, Road House Nantes, L ‘ ambush Tapazinc Resto Le Petit Apéti. . 18h at 2am

animations in the streets of Nantes

Apéros dessinatoires live in eleven locations (see above); a collective mural around 18 h 30 street or street Kervégan Bon-Secours; in these same streets, dazzling appearance around 20 h 30 of hero Marty McFly trilogy, playing a skit 10-12 minutes.


To celebrate the event, The Pirate editions (s) out on the same date Ex Nihilo – The Adventures of Martin Mac Fly: a cartoon 64 color pages about traveling in time. The scenario: the Nantais Jean-François Kierzkowski; to drawing: Norman Stéphane Douay. The book is available to order by visiting the site of pirate editions (s) tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21.

The authors will be signing autographs at the festival The Utopiales the Nantes International Convention Centre of 29 October 1 st of November.

Original Wink a company in Carquefou

“As if we were shooting a movie, with smoke, music and a real scenario” says Philippe LUSLEYà the project initiative. Tomorrow at 16 h 29 precise, Trelleborg Boots France (automotive industry) with the help of all its employees, will come with a driver dressed Cardin clothing of the time, aboard a Delorean DMC-12 “and we are working for Pierre Cardin be present to welcome MacFly in this!” , said the company does not lack humor. Other Trelleborg Boots sites worldwide (China, Czech Republic, USA and Mexico) have accepted the same challenge. A group photo will be taken at the same time on each site (16 h 29 local time). An initiative to “promote the dynamism of a French company that knows how to innovate and believes in his future.”

 Delorean DMC-12 in Carquefou
Delorean DMC-12 in Carquefou | DR


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