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Star Wars: The Force of Revival, the secrets of the last poster – Cinema

1-Cuckoo Lupita
You have recognized? Above BB8 and R2D2? It’s an Oscar winner in this digital makeup. Lupita Nyong’o Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for 12 Years a Slave, plays in performance capture alien Maz in Kanata The Force Alarm clock. According to Vanity Fair, Maz has a castle on Jakku which gathers the local galactic scum. In the second trailer, we see her giving Leia the lightsaber his father Darth Vader. That’s all for now

No doubt seeing this show:. The plundering Rey (Daisy Ridley) will be the heroine of the film. It dominates the design, which is based on its silhouette (without treatment as a sex object!). The new hero Finn (John Boyega) and Dameron Poe (Oscar Isaac) are sidelined. The other dominant on the poster, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) threat, but was down.

The common point between Snoke (Andy Serkis), the veteran Max Von Sydow and General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson)? They have not managed to sneak on the poster, unlike the bad guys Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) with his armor chrometrooper. If we have already seen on Hux promo images, the look of Snoke -surnommé “Supreme Leader” – remains a mystery. We just saw a picture of Andy in his performance capture equipment on the set. As for Von Sydow, we do not even know the name of his character even if rumor be it a San Lor Tekka, a hermit living on the planet Jakku and playing a bit role Obi -Wan Kenobi in the first film.

4-Starkiller, the new Death Star
The new death machine of the First Order is called Starkiller, literally “Killer of stars” and clearly new version of the Death Star, can reduce the planets pureed. Starkiller risk, given its name, fuck live whole history of solar systems exceed the original version. It is also a direct reference to one of the first versions of the script of George Lucas’s Star Wars Luke Skywalker 1977. Where was called Luke Starkiller.

5-New stormtroopers
The new generation stormtroopers were unveiled in late 2014, but here are new versions (at small on the poster) which we do not yet know the specialty. Their helmets are much more refined and slightly reminiscent of the Snowtroopers Empire against attack. We know that The Force Revival will take place mainly on the desert planet Jakku. Are these new generation Sandtroopers? Or simply different ranks in the army of the First Order?

6-In red and blue
The violent distinction between the color red and the blue color is a chromatic characteristics of the saga since the Empire against the final attack and fight Luke / Vader. Here, the contrast between the two colors divides the display into two (watch it from a distance) with the two halos lightsabers.

7 No-Drew
We waited a poster signed Drew Struzan as those of the Special Edition from 1997 and prequels. Master Drew signed poster “exclusive” distributed to participants of the exhibition D23, Disney’s High Mass last August in Anaheim (California). Here, this poster is designed by the American studio LA Associates recently repsonsables few owls designs (tattooed faces Hunger Games, the fumette posters American Ultra). The poster is beautifully carved, full of mini-action scenes in the corners, completely in the line of Star Wars party. But one can not help thinking that with the touch Struzan it would u still a little more than mouth.

8- Where is Luke?
Han Solo and Leia Organa are there. Small, OK, but in the center. Chewbacca? Check. R2D2? Beep! C3PO? Hi ! Even the Millennium Falcon is there. Unless Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker. Last August, Disney had desperately tried to withdraw from the Internet a photo flight of Luke on the set. Not a chance, but it remains the only available visual Jedi Knight in Episode 7. It is therefore possible that the appearance of Luke is more surprising than expected -on suppose it is his work that cyber R2D2 laying on the hood in the second trailer for the film

9. – Where is George
The most notable absence is that of a simple name . That of George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars saga. Absent text keypad on the bottom of the poster. George, who sold it to Disney Star Wars in late 2012 with the consequences we know (this film and the next four, for example) must nevertheless be credited with a post of “creative consultant” with Lucasfilm on The Awakening the force. At least that was the terms of the deal with Disney. Here he disappeared from the displays. His heir Kathleen Kennedy, boss of Lucasfilm, is fortunately well placed. Will there be at least the name of the Creator in the end credits of the Force Wake? If not, George will actually completed the quest that weighs him since 1981 to get rid once and for all Star Wars that made billionaire and immortal but who also killed as a filmmaker. The saga survive without him for ever and ever

Sylvestre Picard (sylvestrepicard)

Trailer for Star Wars:. The Awakening Force , in theaters on December 16th:


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