Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Wars: what jumped out at us on the final poster – Screenrush

Meanwhile “The Force Alarm” and the new trailer scheduled for tomorrow, it left for a decryption magnificent final poster that was unveiled yesterday …

That’s it? You not know her heart?

You stopped all social activity yesterday to contemplate every angle, you have even dreamed last night, and you’re now ready for a little more analysis? For beyond its beauty and chills which can bring the final poster of Star Wars: The Force Wake recently unveiled also conceals some secrets, or at least some thoughts. We told you of our considerations …

1 – No Luke Skywalker

There is absolutely nowhere! It was nice to look around, zoom in, zoom out, Luke Skywalker’s not here. But even if the Jedi really starting to be desired, this absence seems logical in the sense that it is a continuation of the items that had already been revealed about the film: unlike his two companions Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Carrie Fisher (Leia), Mark Hamill has never appeared in costume, or at least not openly.

That’s enough multiply the mystery that surrounds his character already. What happened to Luke since Return of the Jedi? He leads new apprentices? Is it past the dark side? Find our theories here …

2 – A mysterious little character

The one that can be seen between BB-8 R2-D2, and we had never seen anywhere. Again, total mystery about his role in the film, but her look seems to approach the few creatures on the planet Jaaku we had seen in the making of this summer unveiled at Comic Con.

3 – A new Death Star

THE big surprise of this final poster! Indeed, the first images of the film had prepared for next generation stormtroopers, as well as new interstellar cruisers, X-Wing and TIE-Fighter. But there was no indication that the terrible base of the Empire would also have a right to succession.

The new space station, with a huge central trench and what looks like a gun, could be the “silver bullet” of the First Order, successor organization of the Empire in Star Wars:. The Force Wake

4 – A special place for Daisy Ridley

What really is the significance of Rey in The Force Wake? Hard to say for the moment, as she, too, wreathed in mystery. Critical anyway! This is obvious when seen enthroned in the middle of the poster, and it was also already in the first, drawn by Drew Struzan for the D23 Expo.

His stick in hand, combative, it separates Kylo Ren Finn, splits into two shadow and light, comes between the red and blue lightsaber lightsaber. As already evoked in our dedicated folder , and some might see it as the new” elected Force, “Anakin loaded as before it, to restore the balance between Good and Evil.

Maybe will we get more clues in the new movie trailer unveiled tomorrow. Meanwhile, presales for the most anticipated film event of the year-end are now available on the website

May the Force be with you …

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Trailer Force Wake


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