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Danièle Delorme, a life for others – Le Figaro

Actress and producer, she has died in his sleep Sunday, October 18 at the age of 89.

They called Lele. It was the nickname of a very pretty great too sweet lady and modest as strong and courageous. Danièle Delorme has died in Paris in his sleep Sunday, October 18. She peacefully asleep and did not wake up. Born in 1926, she had 89 years on October 9.

The time we never thought there, with her, as she had kept the charm and vivacity that made her soon the forties, one of the first young people most loved French cinema and theater, and one of the most reliable producers of cinema.

She had a triangular face chat with a short nose, almond eyes, a deep look. Something to Simone Simon for beauty. A face that took very good light. But with a little something or insolent. She had never taken seriously. His smile splashed his little face eternal gamine. She did not hate playing naughty.

This generous and worthy woman received in his beautiful apartment on the Quai des Grands Augustins, gladly wearing long oriental dresses in turquoise blue that avivaient his fair complexion and iridescence of his gaze. She mixed the generations. She had a passion to convey. She did not weigh his own pain but she had experienced adversity, drama, tragedy.

She was born into a family of artists. His father, André Girard, is a remarkable painter and poster artist. She had devoted a fascinating book and a fervent exhibition a few years ago. The Girard sisters, it was something! Lele and had even opened a gallery and in addition to her father, she was hosting young painters, designers, photographers. It was the house of God.

Young, Daniele had early learned the piano. She was very talented and dreamed concert. But war breaks all hope. Refuge in Cannes, she follows John Wall acting classes and began in 1942 with Claude Dauphin and his company. Early this sacred girl has a boy friend to the beauty of the devil four years his senior, Gérard Philipe. This will be their first love story …

In Paris, she perfected her learning drama at René Simon and Tania Balachova. She turned in 1942, under the direction of Marc Allégret, La Belle Aventure and it does not loose Les Petites wharf flowers (44) Félicie Nanteuil (45) Lunegarde (46). In theater, Raymond Rouleau distributes in everything he rises and Jacques Deval, which puts on stage himself Miss , is subdued.

Later, Barsacq Anouilh and Jean Meyer and Salacrou or Marcel Achard, Peter Franck and especially his friend, his brother Antoine Bourseiller – a time he lived Quai des Grands-Augustins, on the ground Ground at Lele, and then, what holidays! We can not name all those who have led, offered her roles in the theater.

His universe will instead of film side. From 1945 to 1955, she is married to Daniel Gelin. A beautiful couple, youth, talent. Their son Xavier, born in 1946, is a very fine actor, a daring producer. He died prematurely in 1999, suites from cancer. It was terrible for Danièle Delorme. In recent years, she had witnessed the rise Hugo Gélin, son of Xavier, and admired his talent copyright and producer

Let us return to the cinema. Miquette and mother Clouzot in 1949, Gigi by Colette by Jacqueline Audry, the same year Miss Delorme is a young actress that counts and it is not possible here to list all the movies it is running.

Daniel Gelin and separate and she married in 1956. Yves Robert Very happy years then open, fertile years. It runs all the comedies that enchanted the 1960s and 70. It’s always a role, more or less important. But above all, they founded the production company The Guéville – the name of their country – and they ride films, their own and those of others.

War of the Buttons in 1961 – Danièle had not enjoyed double “remake” and refused, they say, the recovery of the famous replica of P’tit Gibus “If I’d known, I would not v’nu” – UV Gilles Paquet-Brenner in 2007, through Alain Cavalier they admired and Jacques Doillon they simmering tenderly Yves Robert and Lele took risks, loved and supported artists. On the death of her husband in 2002, Danièle Delorme had continued. She had a certain authority. Great taste. She was interested in others. It was much the cinema, the theater. It overlooked.

She was not content to produce feature films, she also helped documentary filmmakers and has enabled many writers testimonies reaching us.

In 1980 and 1981, she had been intransigent President of the Commission in advance on receipts from the National Film Centre, chaired the jury of the Camera d’Or at Cannes in 1988, is part of the commission that designed CSA (Higher Audiovisual Council). Committed, but always in the background, at the same time. She loved only real things in life: family, friends

She had written a book in his likeness, lens and sincere.. Tomorrow, everything starts (Robert Laffont, 2008). It is not there to galvanize energies, stirring up admiration, give strength to others. Death does not frighten him. She wanted that we could leave with dignity. Without suffering. And without leaving those who remain in suffering. She thought of everything.


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