Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars VII: The Final Trailer finally unveiled – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Disney said Monday on the sports channel ESPN video of the final new episode of the intergalactic saga. As the official poster, Luke Skywalker is not there.

Some elements of mystery began to be revealed. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, Disney released the latest official trailer of the seventh episode of the series Star Wars , all during the commercial break of a football game on the sports channel ESPN. With a duration of 2 minutes 35secondes, video, which immediately flooded the social networks, has some pictures already on the other teasers and gives some clues about the identity of the characters that will be the center of the action in Star Wars VII . The Force Wake

Confirming that suggested the official poster unveiled Sunday the new images of characters and Finn Rey show that their role will be crucial in this new episode. Daisy Ridley, alias Rey, seems to be the heroine of the saga and Finn JJ Abrams, the character played by John Boyega, newly arrived in the saga, seems to also become a central figure.

Despite these some clues, one question continues to exist among fans: what becomes Luke Skywalker? It is not present in the poster and do not appear in the trailer revealed. His name is not even invoked. Is it, as some believe, the character who is hiding under the veiled dress that touches the head of R2-D2, and that can be seen in other trailers?

So many questions remain unanswered. It will require patience during these two long months that separate us from the film, scheduled on December 16 in French cinemas.

The presales of Wake of force began last Monday in Europe, North America and South America. Quickly, many sites have succumbed to the fans of tidal tide wishing to purchase these tickets and given the flow of requests, they experienced technical problems. In France, the site Starwars.fr experienced outages due to the influx of fans, while in the United States, the Fandango site that was paralyzed. The American chain Picturehouse cinemas Odeon and its competitor, reported that ticket presales were quickly exhausted.


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