Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner, it was my vision of the future” – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – The anticipation masterpiece of director of Only on Mars appears this week in both “Final Cut”. The opportunity to ask its creator how he lived the experience, and what he thinks the project Blade Runner 2 that should be directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Whether he likes it or not, Ridley Scott will forever remain a man of an exceptional film, which marked several generations: Blade Runner , it performs in pain and released in 1982. Put together at the time by the producers of the Ladd Company, destroyed by American critics, this futuristic thriller with Harrison Ford, adapted from the novel by Philip K. Dick worship Do Androids dream of electric sheep? has become over the years one of the major works of the 7th art, comparable to the Metropolis Fritz Lang.

More than thirty after, and seven consecutive versions lifts by Scott himself, behold spring this week Blade Runner in its version Final Cut . The opportunity to ask the director of Only on Mars , visiting Paris to promote his new film, the memories he keeps shooting his film, and he thinks of e Blade Runner 2, which will be directed by Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, with Ryan Gosling

LE FIGARO. – Blade Runner Spring this week version “Final Cut”, your version finally! How do you explain that it took so long

RIDLEY SCOTT – I understand that Blade Runner is a film very special. And that changed many people’s life since its release 33 years ago. It was my vision of the future. This is my film. These are my artistic choices. We had to reinvent everything. I remember such beautiful creations futuristic female costumes, due to Charles Knode. Daryl Hannah and Sean Young were beautiful. And do not forget the music. In a film, there is first the script. And then there is all that is not written. Music is one of those unwritten things that build a movie. That of Vangelis was perfect. This is music that is born the atmosphere of a movie.

How was the shoot? Many books show a grueling shooting …

I had forty years when I turned Blade Runner . On paper, it was my third film after Alien and Duelists . But actually I had already signed more than 200 commercials. The atmosphere on set was extremely hard, it is true. I’ll remember all my life. Everyone wanted to give me advice, tell me what to. I knew exactly what I had to do. I knew what I was doing, dammit! All the problems I had in Hollywood on Blade Runner are due only people who believed that I had no clear vision of the film! That’s why I fought at the time, to impose my vision of the film. And all that was not written in the script … Today I finally prove that they were wrong.

You are not disappointed not to achieve Blade Runner 2 ?

No. not at all. Anyway, aside from Alien perhaps, I never gave a result of my films. On Blade Runner 2 I read the script and I will intervene as a producer. I met Denis Villeneuve. Villeneuve is a good filmmaker. He must stick to the script. Filming begins in June 2016.

What about the rumors that suggest that the film is based on At the heart of darkness Conrad?

I can not tell you anything more. If it’s only a movie like this goes beyond the plot. As I said earlier, we must add all the unwritten things …


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