Sunday, October 25, 2015

Xavier Dolan: “It would be interesting to direct Adele in a movie” – BFMTV.COM

While she has just made its return to the world of music, Adele could it get into the cinema? This assumption is a Xavier Dolan that comes from the start. The Quebec director has indeed set foot the clip of the new title of the British singer, Hello , unveiled this weekend.

an artistic collaboration to which Quebecers clearly not expecting. “She approached me after seeing some of my films,” says the director of Mommy , awarded in Cannes in 2014, the BBC .

“It is this level! His career is fabulous. I’m just me there, far, far away. Whether it takes contact with me was a real slap. I ‘ was very flattered, I could not believe it, “he admits.

A true performance of actress

For the video for Hello , the artist of 26 years gave appointment to the singer in Montreal and asked him to “surrender completely artistically and emotionally, as it does so well.”

A difficult year for Adele, for which she has entrusted lack confidence. Yet Xavier Dolan assured, she has a real talent for comedy. “This is what I found most exciting See Adele Not to play a clip where she sings, but deliver a real performance of actress For her it was the most complicated because it n.. ‘kept saying how it was a bad actress, she was good at moving objects! It was full of doubts, “he says.

The director then took the time to reassure the singer: “On set, I was distributing notes and gave indications as to each of my films were discussed between each outlet and on. looked at them all, and I think she slowly realized that she was credible as an actress. “

” A she really want to rub the movies? “

Charmed by the talents of the young woman, Xavier Dolan has even said he was ready to play in one of his next films, “If she’s starting lineup, so am But is that! she really want to rub the movies? I do not know. But I’d love to work with her in the future. “It would be very interesting, inspiring and stimulating to lead Adele in a cinema environment,” he says.

For now, the director focuses on his next feature film: Just the end of the world, which brings together big names in French cinema as Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux, Gaspard Ulliel, Vincent Cassel or Nathalie Baye yet.


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