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USA: actress Tippi Hedren says Hitchcock sexually assaulted her – The Point

The american actress Tippi Hedren says in an autobiography that Alfred Hitchcock sexually assaulted her and harassed her during their collaboration on the film in the 1960s, according to press information.

She wrote in “Tippi: A memoir”, which comes out Tuesday, that the legendary director is one day thrown on it in the back of a limousine, and attempted to kiss her, or even that he was stuck on a plateau by asking him to touch it, report the New York Post and the Daily Mail, which obtained the book before its release.

The actress, 86-year-old had already accused the legendary filmmaker of sexual harassment, including in interviews in 2012 at the time of the broadcast of a movie on HBO, “The Girl”, which depicts the obsession of Hitchcock to it. But this is the first time that she describes this episode of his life.

The actress and activist for animal rights, became a world star in 1963, when she starred in the masterpiece of Hitchcock’s “The birds”, says that the director has been obsessed with it shortly after they have signed a five-year contract.

The british filmmaker, who died in 1980, he had declared his love, but has become increasingly aggressive as it was attempting to impose distances, ” she says, according to these two newspapers.

She recounts an incident is particularly traumatic: “I’m never going into the specifics and I’ll never do it. I will say only that I was suddenly caught, and put his hands on me.” “It was sexual, perverse, ugly”.

She adds, according to these newspapers, never having spoken to anyone about these incidents because at the time “sexual harassment” was a term that did not exist.

Every time she was alone with him, “he found a way to express his obsession for me, as if I had to offer him something in return,” writes the mother of the actress Melanie Griffith.

This harassment was also psychological. He asked the other members of the cast to avoid the actress, and got angry when he saw her talking to other men, he was followed by his driver and had to analyze his writing, she wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

Hitchcock again turn to the actress, the archetype of the blonde in hollywood, “No spring for Marnie”, a kleptomane raped by her husband during their wedding night.

Tippi Hedren is said to be aware of the rumor that this scene where a man is compelled sexually to his “young wife frigid and inaccessible” represented the fantasy of Hitchcock to it.

Frustrated by this resistance to his advances, Hitchcock would have advised them that he was going to ruin his career and would have blocked Universal when the studio attempted to submit its candidacy for an Oscar.

“I gave myself the mission to make sure that if Hitchcock may have ruined my career, I would never have the power to ruin my life”, written Hedren, according to the media.

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C8 puts an end to the “Touch not my sport”, Estelle Denis reacts –

TELEVISION ” End of the beautiful story not Touch with my sport. Thank you to the band “, responded Estelle Denis…

Estelle Denis. – Xavier Lahache – D8

C8 announced this Monday in the columns of the Paris, Estelle Denis confirms on Twitter. It is finished for the show not Touch with my sport whose the last broadcast is scheduled for Saturday, November 5.

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” the End of the great adventure Key not my sport. Thank you to the band, to the teams and to you for all these moments of madness and happiness. It was top notch. “, has tweeted in the afternoon the presenter Estelle Denis.

cause : an absent audience and audiences too low. “We do not have the means to keep Key not my sport to the antenna, has confirmed Franck Appietto, managing director of C8, the Paris. We love the show, but the public is not at the rendezvous. The curves don’t have goosebumps “.

in Spite of the adjustments and the different formulas, the program was not able to seduce. The last two emissions are collected only 150,000 people, 1.4% of PDA.

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“Mademoiselle” : ‘chassé-croisé’ in love under the domination of The World

Park Chan-wook puts in scene, in the Korea of the 1930′s, is a fools ‘ game erotic inspiration sadienne.

A right,

the opinion of The “World” – do not miss it

We knew up until then, Park Chan-wook as the enfant terrible of the genre cinema of south korea, whose style is constantly overheating jonglait frantically with violence pompous and the grotesquely regressive. Could sometimes be distasteful, in the films that have made it famous, the first of which are his “Trilogy of revenge” (Sympathy for Mister Vengeance, Old Boy, Lady Vengeance), a certain appetite for exaggeration, as well as a mock so surjouée that it became hysterical. His frantic quest for originality and dynamism has sometimes led to a certain overload (Thirst, this is my blood, 2009). Yet, if the cinema of Park Chan-wook is often shown also surprising that exhausting, it is that lay in his mess of a talent that is palpable, which would, no doubt, to be channeled.

Mademoiselle, shown in competition at Cannes, where it walked away with a reward technique, accomplishes the prodigy and mark, following his tour of the us (Stoker, , 2013), a true point of inflection in the career of the filmmaker. He must, first of all, its anchorage in the historical fiction, which seems to have somewhat calmed his passions, but above all, in its inscription in a certain tradition of Korean cinema, namely the film of domesticity, the success of which is rarely denied, at least on the local level, dates back to the famous The Maid, Kim Ki-young (1960), who knew the number of remakes and re-wording…


Booba involved in a brawl in a nightclub in switzerland, Le Figaro

VIDEO – rapper French occurred Friday, October 28, in a nightclub near Zion, and the Tsunami. A benefit that has quickly escalated, as the “duke of Boulogne” was ended by a fight with a young partier.

Will there soon be more known for his run-ins with the law and its acts of violence as for his music? more than ever, in any case, the rap seems to be a combat sport for Booba. During a “showcase” this Friday 28 October, the rapper French has re-sided. While it occurred in the nightclub of the Tsunami (!), a nightclub in the city of Conthey in Switzerland (near Zion), the evening degenerated into a brawl in general.

The rapper is so came to the hands with a young partier this to this evening. The reasons of the fight, just as the identity of the second protagonist remains for the moment unknown. However, the scene was filmed by witnesses present on the spot and has already made several times the tour of social networks.

You can see the French rapper, Elie Yaffa, his real name, give great elbow strikes to his opponent the night before his entourage and security did intervene. Booba, as well as the nightclub, has not yet commented on the incident.

A brawl that looks beautiful and well a relapse to “the duke of Boulogne”. As they approached the quarantine (December 9), the rapper, sworn enemy of Kaaris, La Fouine and Rohff, falls back into its through, who have already received a few passages through the box prison. In the past, the singer has already been convicted for the assault and robbery of a taxi driver, or even, as he had said to Obs in 2015, for “shooting, kidnapping and attempted murder”.


Strike extended to iTélé up to Tuesday noon – The World

Unlike previous days, the management has made proposals in the morning to the employees, who will vote on this subject Tuesday morning.

Entered a third week of strike, the employees of i-Tv voted Monday, with 83 % (76 out of 92 voters) continuation of the movement.

Entered into a third week of strike, the employees of i-Tv have voted, Monday, October 31, at 83 % (76 out of 92 voters) the continuation of the movement, according to their Twitter account iGrève.

The employees and management have, however, ensured that the continuation of the strike will not disrupt the broadcast of the second debate of the primary from the right, ” scheduled for Thursday, October 3, on i-Télé, BFM-TV, RMC and Dailymotion.

management Proposals

Since the beginning of the conflict on 17 October, the management had not made any concession on the demands of the strikers. Unlike previous days, however, the management has formulated proposals Monday, ” both in the field of editorial and social “, specifies an employee. The members of the team will think about it and will vote Tuesday morning on this subject.

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Friday, the journalists had been informed of the possible evolutions of the new string, which must soon take the name of CNews, and that would be less focused on the news hot.

last week, the society of editors and the trade unions demanded the respect of the labour law, and a proposal of terms of departures for employees wishing to leave the company, as well as the signature of an ethical charter, the appointment of an editorial director separate from the director of the chain (Serge Nedjar has currently two posts) and the definition of a editorial project clear. In addition, they called for the ” indentation of the antenna of Jean-Marc Morandini “, indicted for “corruption of minors” and ” corruption of minors aggravated “.

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Non, Diam s does not return to the music –

MUSIC The celebrity press announced that it was preparing a new album for release in 2017. The rapper has denied on his Twitter account…

The singer Diam’s at a concert in Algiers in October 2010. – FAYEZ NURELDINE / AFP

The tabloids had announced his imminent return to the music, the magazinePublic even announcing an upcoming album for release in 2017. But no, the ex-singer Diam’s, whose real name is Melanie Georgiades, denied on Saturday the information on his Twitter account.

” Of false information on my back in the music flow. I démens and I’ll express myself at greater length shortly. In cha Allah. Thank you all for your messages, ” she wrote, inviting its fans to share this text.

Diam’s has not released an album since SOS in 2009 and retired from the music industry since 2012. The ex-singer, who converted to islam in 2008, took time to write two books : Autobiography in 2012 and Melanie, French and muslim in 2015. She speaks of her conversion to islam and daily life difficult for veiled women in France, as well as terrorist attacks.

As to the last appearance of Diam’s on tv, it goes back to may 2015, in the show Seven to eight on TF1. The interpreter of The Pellet and Young Lady y talked about the attacks of Charlie Hebdo in particular.

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Non, Diam s does not return to the music –

MUSIC The celebrity press announced that it was preparing a new album for release in 2017. The rapper has denied on his Twitter account…

The singer Diam’s at a concert in Algiers in October 2010. – FAYEZ NURELDINE / AFP

The tabloids had announced his imminent return to the music, the magazinePublic even announcing an upcoming album for release in 2017. But no, the ex-singer Diam’s, whose real name is Melanie Georgiades, denied on Saturday the information on his Twitter account.

” Of false information on my back in the music flow. I démens and I’ll express myself at greater length shortly. In cha Allah. Thank you all for your messages, ” she wrote, inviting its fans to share this text.

Diam’s has not released an album since SOS in 2009 and retired from the music industry since 2012. The ex-singer, who converted to islam in 2008, took time to write two books : Autobiography in 2012 and Melanie, French and muslim in 2015. She speaks of her conversion to islam and daily life difficult for veiled women in France, as well as terrorist attacks.

As to the last appearance of Diam’s on tv, it goes back to may 2015, in the show Seven to eight on TF1. The interpreter of The Pellet and Young Lady y talked about the attacks of Charlie Hebdo in particular.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Crime and punishment –

In this new collection, which has set the trial in the assize court of appeal, Christophe Hondelatte is operated for the first time the drama of the foundation, sheds light on the behind the scenes of the court, and articulate the suspense of the trial with the narration of the facts. This first issue is devoted to the case of Jamel Leulmi. The young man is an assassin capable of killing for money, or the victim of a conspiracy ? Arrested in 2010, Jamel Leulmi is accused of killing his wife, Kathlyn, and attempting to kill his fiancée, Julie, for the sole purpose of touching insurance-death. Bright personality and seductive, Jamel Leulmi will he be able to convince the jury of his good faith ?


iTélé: “I believe that I can’t go on strike,” says Laurence Ferrari –

MEDIA Guest “C l’hebdo” on France 5 Saturday, the reporter was expressed on the mobilization within the chain info…

The journalist Laurent Ferrari. – Stéphane Grangier – C8

” I’ve always explained at all general meetings. I believe that the right to information is a right that I don’t see me interfere. Personally, I feel that I can’t go on strike. “Laurence Ferrari has entrusted Saturday in C hebdo, on France 5, which has not voted for the strike iTélé while the editors of the news channel continues its mobilization for nearly two weeks.

” I respect fully the right to strike, and I am supportive of my colleagues, and never, I would come up with the idea of shedding it “, continued the journalist, iTélé, which must co-host, with his partner of BFMTV Ruth Elkrief, the second debate of the primary right and centre, Thursday.

Ruth Elkrief, also invited to C hebdo supported Laurence Ferrari about criticisms made against him by Christophe Hondelatte, it was a week in It is not lying. “Is it that you find that it is very appropriate to begin to call people to give them lessons ? (…) Is that there is room for settlements of accounts at the level of journalists ? “she annoyed.

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Georges Brassens:ten jewelry poetically incorrect – The Figaro

VIDEOS – Disappeared 35 years ago, on October 29, 1981, the Sétois was entrusted with in his lifetime, with malice, that he “had a lot of letters engueulade.” A selection of his songs at the antipodes of the well-pensance.

René Fallet said of his friend Georges Brassens: “This man is dangerous. He is a poet, a funny client for roucouleurs.”

The singer Maxime Le forestier, who dedicates an admiration without terminal, think that it is first and foremost a writer: “We listen to Brassens, but it also reads a lot.”

Then Brassens, author and singer? Thirty-five years after his death, on October 29, 1981, the seed has, it seems, for a ruling.

Far from being forgotten, his jingles, molded of a humanism that is nicely libertarian, have not taken a ride. The young singers resume sometimes the songs of Brassens without really understanding while the intellectuals try to flush out their philosophy hidden.

When Brassens was it anarchist, left, catholic, moral, immoral, amoral? No-one will know really never. What is certain, however, is that he was able to put it to music Victor Hugo as a person, and on the great pond of the ducks, with his friends not chosen by Montaigne and La Boétie, and on the belly they are hitting hard…

As you may be review a few of his masterpieces…

Bad Reputation (1952)

The Lovers of public benches (1953)

Song for the Auvergnat (1954)

from my tree (1956)

The Legend of the nun (1956), a poem by Victor Hugo

The time has nothing to do with the case (1961)

The Trumpets of fame (1962)

Friends first (1964)

to Die for ideas (1972)

a Tempest in a holy water stoup (1976)


Find out who is the more “impertinent” of political journalists in the eyes of the French – Europe1

It has for the past fifteen years the morning of the RMC, whose interview policy is issued on BFM TV since 2007, and his fighting spirit was not lost on viewers. For 30% of the French, Jean-Jacques Bourdin is the most “irrelevant” of political journalists, according to a survey Ipsos carried out for Tv Cable Sat, and that needs to be published Monday. The journalist took the lead in the standings, just ahead of Laurent Ruquier and Yann Barthes, who collect all the two 27 % of the notifications.

“This is a joke ?” Arrival in the fourth position (21%), Léa Salamé is also the first journalist woman in the ranking, far ahead of Laurence Ferrari (10%), Ruth Elkrief (6%) and Caroline Roux (4%). The one that had been launched by the president of the Republic, “This is a joke ?”, is also considered to be the most sassy of journalists by viewers, fans of political programming.

David Pujadas, the more credible. If Jean-Jacques Bourdin is distinguished by its boldness, it is nevertheless to David Pujadas will the palm of the serious. 37% of respondents consider it as well as a political journalist as more credible than his colleague of the RMC-BFM TV (31%), or that Gilles Birch, news anchor of TF1 (20%).

Politics and entertainment. In this period of the presidential election, and while the formats devoted to the policy have multiplied since the school year began, only a quarter of the eur 1,088 people surveyed by Ipsos say they watch this type of show. They are 68% felt that a treatment is humorous, as that of Daily, not to undercut the policy. But on the other hand, 56% consider that the policy should not participate in entertainment programming.


The political journalist the most impertinent in the eyes of the French is… –

POLL A survey Ispos for “Télé Cable Sat” examines the relationship of viewers to political programming…

Léa Salamé, Jean-Jacques Bourdin and Yann Barthes. – GUYON Nathalie – THOMAS SAMSON / AFP – Ben DAUCHEZ / TMC

One-third of the French (31 %) do not follow the political broadcasts, but a quarter (25 %) look at them often. This is what emerges from the survey, Ispos conducted on a representative sample of 1.088 people to Tv Cable Sat. The magazine for tv, which will publish the complete results in its upcoming edition on Monday, has sought to know what the viewers French thought of the journalists.

thus, One discovers that Jean-Jacques Bourdin is the most impertinent in the eyes of 30 % of the respondents. He is ahead of Laurent Ruquier and Yann Barthes, ex aequo with 27 % of citations. Léa Salamé, fourth with 21 %, is the first journalist woman mentioned. It is far ahead of Laurence Ferrari, Ruth Elkrief, and Caroline Roux, which obtain, respectively, 10 %, 6 % and 4% of the vote. However, note the Cable Tv, Sat, Léa Salamé is trusted by the most ardent of viewers to political programming : 47 % see it as the most impertinent.

Side credibility, it is David Pujadas, particularly popular with women and older, who won with 37% of the vote. The journalist of France 2 ahead of Jean-Jacques Bourdin (31 %), and Gilles Birch (20 %). Laurence Ferrari (19 %) and Ruth Elkrief (17 %) round out the Top 5. It is to be noted that, if one takes into account that the addicted to politics, Caroline Roux, ranked third in the list of the most credible, with 25 % of citations in its favour.

Yann Barthes, himself, arrives at the head of the journalists, the most cheeky among the less than 35 years. According to the survey, two-thirds of the French (68 %) believe that the comedy programs such as Daily do décrédibilisent not the policy. But for 56 % of the individuals surveyed, the politicians are wrong to participate in entertainment programming. What prompt some to rethink their ambitions intimate ?

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

VIDEOS. A new “Rambo” announced… without Sylvester Stallone – The Parisian

Il is back and it’s going to be war ! The reboot of the saga Rambo has been officially announced. “Rambo : New Blood” will be the fifth film of the saga, and will be directed by Ariel Vromen, director of the polar “The Iceman” and the action-thriller “Criminal” came out this year with Kevin Costner, according to the american magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

But this time not of Sylvester Stallone in the role of being the traumatized veterans of Vietnam, who returns to the country and that is not very well received. Even if the one who embodied the hero in the first four films of the saga, released between 1982 and 2008 in France, has long expressed the desire to ride this Rambo 5, the body of the hollywood star says stop !

” I could see Ryan Gosling in the role ” – Sylvester Stallone

“The heart is willing to do it, but the body says ‘stay home !’”, said the actor over the age of 70 years. And add lucid. “It’s like the fighters back in the ring for one last round and get picked off. It is necessary to leave the place to someone else.”

The societies of production at the origin of this reboot, Nu Image / Millennium Films ,would see a young actor to inhabit the role of a cult. If no plot has yet been released – the project is in phase of development, the desire that Rambo becomes a character similar to James Bond, is real from the producers. The film could go out on our screens in 2019.

As for Stallone, he has indicated that he would rather Ryan Gosling to take over the role.

Rambo – the trailers of the first 4 films (VF)

leparisien.frA. Ba.

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Dancing with the stars 7 : Caroline Receveur, Kamel the magician, Florent Mothe…. Check out the name of the star removed –

For the third premium of Dancing with the stars 7, celebrities have once again given their all and the viewers have taken full eyes. Unfortunately, competition is always present, and this week one more celebrity is to be eliminated. If last week last it is Olivier Minne, who left the show this evening, it is very tight between Camille Lou, who has been impressive and Carolina Receiver which ignited the track with a performance sexy. Then again, the candidates are all lined up on the dance floor and Laurent Ournac and Sandrine Quetier begin to advertise that the public has decided to save.

Dancing with the stars 7, show, TF1, candidates, casting
Kamel the magician is eliminated

And once again, Camille Lou, Caroline Receveur, Florent Mothe and Laurent Maistret have been saved by the public and will therefore be present at the next premium. Same for Karine Ferri, Sylvie Tellier, Valérie Damidot and Artus. Finally, everything is played between Kamel the magician, and Julien Lepers. And it is Kamel the magician, who has been eliminated tonight. It remains only to wait a few weeks before we know which candidate will succeed Loïc Nottet, winner of the last year. In the meantime, relive the provision of Florent Mothe who was very stylish on a waltz. What do you think of this elimination ?


“Brassens Word(s)”, the homage of the 16 actors at the poet sètois – Franceinfo

It is an idea of Louis Chédid and the grand-niece of the great Georges, Eve Cazzani. The approach to the thirty-fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Georges Brassens, they say they might on this occasion intitier a disk of times. But rather than go for the usual fans of the bear sètois among his fellow singers, Louis Chédid would prefer to go to the private actors. Not of The Forest so, no Marcel Amont, of Renaud, not of Pierre Perret in this family reunion, but a very elegant procession of actors and actresses to the well asserted personality. François berléand with his, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Karin Viard, and Julie Depardieu and Guillaume Galienne are part of the trip. There are in all sixteen have lent their voice an d talent as a performer in the songs of Brassens.

The result is rather pleasant. Sung or spoken, the texts of Brassens, poems to write, engraved, here are both respected and processed. And these occasions bring a new denial scathing to everyone, it still remains, who claim that “Brassens, it is always the same ! “. If, indeed, Georges Brassens arranged almost always drives the same way, voice on guitar and bass, just listen to the jazz adaptations, or even the Latin of his pieces to realize the wealth hidden under the simplicity of the production.

Report :Mr. Vial / G. Minangoy / F. Fountain

Always there

Unlike those of many of his contemporaries, the work of Georges Brassens has not aged. Probably because when he wrote its songs, the artist is not formed in any mode, are not reflected in any way in the air time and, let’s face it, building a work from another era, between Villon and Baudelaire, between the Middle Ages and the glass of absynthe. He speaks of love, sexuality or Death, his verses are still relevant because they speak of the human condition. This condition that does not spare those who lived in the time of the Court of Miracles as the one that runs through the life of the nose on a smartphone.

Story : L. Hakim / D. Dahan / E. Defeuver / E. de Pourquery / J. Cohen-Olivieri

17 songs, including one collective

Listen and watch the song “friends first” performed by André Dussolier, Audrey Tautou, Catherine Frot, François berléand with his, François Morel, Guillaume Gallienne, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Julie Depardieu, Karin Viard, Léa Drucker, Lionel Abelanski, Michel Bouquet, Michel Fau, Pierre Richard, Roger Dumas, Valérie Bonneton. the

The list of performers and songs in order of CD

Jean-Pierre Darroussin : “I have an appointment with you”
Karin Viard : “Dying for ideas”
Michael Fau : “The pornographer”
Guillaume Gallienne : “prayer”
Audrey Tautou : “bad reputation”
Pierre Richard : “traffic”
Michel Bouquet : “There is no happy love”
Catherine Frot : “La complainte des filles de joie
Lionel Abelanski : “I am made all things small”
Roger Dumas : “from my tree”
Julie Depardieu : “The gorilla”
Léa Drucker : “The lovers of public benches”
François Morel :”The not-request in marriage”
François berléand with his : “The time has nothing to do with the case”
Valérie Bonneton : “Song for the Auvergne”
André Dussolier : “Supplication to be buried at the beach of Sète”
All of the performers : “friends first 221;

The cover of l'album "Brassens Word(s)"

the cover of The album “Brassens Word(s)”

© Universal


“Saturday Night Fever” : the new video clip of “Stayin’ Alive” with Fauve Hautot – Staragora

Between Saturday night Fever, flashdance and Dancing with the stars, the duo of dancers comprised of Fauve Hautot and quebec’s Nicolas Archambault delivers to us a new extract, rejoicing in the musical comedy by Stéphane Jarny, created almost 40 years after the famous movie which featured John Travolta and the Bee Gees to honour. Prepare your legs eph’ and your platform shoes : even if the creators of Saturday Night Live we offer a vision revisited, the disco is still not dead !

Fauve Hautot sublime in the 1st clip from Saturday Night Live

In a dance hall, the beautiful redhead warms up in front of a mirror, while his partner (Nicolas Archambault) crosses the city to join them, without forgetting to test his sex appeal with a high bandwidth. But once together, the 2 dancers forget all about the rhythm of “Stayin’ Alive“, as performed by Julian Perretta, Francesco Yates and le Mans Zelmerlow, winner of the Eurovision 2015. A duet that begins far enough away from the trails at the disco –no swaying, no arms in the air Travolta-, closer to a choreography created for DALS. We find, however, that everyone has at one time or another included in his living room or in a box, at the end of the clip : story to prove that if this musical is definitely recorded in the years 2010, she will not disappoint those who are nostalgic of the 1970s !

An album due December 2, 2016

Created by Stéphane Jarny and choreographed by Malik le Nost (who has worked for Madonna), this musical, so 70′s, out from the February 9, 2017 on the stage of the Palais des Sports in Paris (until April 30, before a tour around the Hexagon). The most impatient will be able to enjoy the soundtrack is full from the December 2, 2016, with artists such as Tal with “How deep is your love“, Kylie Minogue with “Night Fever“, Icona Pop and Hyphen Hyphen for “Tragedy” and Alex Newell and Nile Rodgers of Chic on “You should be dancing“, according to the information revealed by Le Parisien.

Click here to watch the video


Shannen Doherty is always determined in the face of cancer –

Shannen Doherty – WENN

It is far the time when Shannen Doherty was playing the apprentice witch in Charmed. If the star is rather discreet on the sets, since it is several months again very present in the media.

The actress, who suffers from cancer of the breast, has decided to make his fight public and decomplex the other patients.

Recently invited on the set of Chelsea Handler on his show Chelsea, which will be aired on Netflix tonight, Shannen Doherty said now be a new woman. “I think this is both beautiful, challenging and interesting with the cancer, it is that it breaks you down and you built, said the actress. That you rebuilt it so many times. The person that I was meant to be or that I would become, or that I thought to be six months ago, has now completely changed. “

in the Face of the emotion of the host, whose mother died of cancer in 2006, Shannen Doherty proved to be strong. “It was very difficult and not very rewarding, because the cancer I had already made humble, she said, as reported by People. It was difficult in the sense that I had to think of that which characterizes me and find a balance with the person that I am today, accepting and looking at my husband thinking, “Dude, I’m so sorry”. “

>> also read : Shannen Doherty: A video of his session of chemotherapy shared on Instagram

Fortunately, Shannen Doherty can count on an entourage solid and very present. It does not cease in the media to hail the courage of her husband, the producer Kurt Iswarienko, who has never dropped.

Her friend Sarah Michelle Gellar has also publicly supported its fight on the social networks on the occasion of the international Day of breast cancer last week.

Today is recognized as #internationalbreastcancerday, although for some people, that is everyday. I am only a footnote in this picture. To my left is the @theshando, my friend who is kicking cancer in the you know what. But more than that, she is sharing her battle, so people fighting this horrible disease know they are not alone. I am inspired by her on the daily. To my right is Dr. Lawrence Piro, the Oncologist who has been side by side in Shannen’s fight. It’s not a job to this incredible doctor, it’s his life. I have never been in the company of a more passionate gold dedicated scientist. He is the true definition of a hero. I am honored to know you both. Breast cancer is nowadays the most frequent malignant tumor in the world. But with early detection and incredible doctors like Dr. Piro, breast cancer can be fought and won. So today I urge you, make an appt to get checked or even remind a friend to get checked or just think pink and honor those fighting th is battle today and everyday.

A photo posted by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar) on

As for his old accomplice of Beverly Hills, Tori Spelling, she praised his determination and expressed admiration. “I have not seen it personally but I of course followed his fight, was given this last E ! News. It is amazing the way she has handled it in social networks. I commend them for that. I think that it stands in the name of a lot of women everywhere in the world, who are leading the same fight. She did a fantastic job and brave, and we support it, of course. We have all talked about it and support it from afar. It is really difficult to know what to do when someone crosses something like that – if they want others to be present or not. But I think she is very courageous and I really admire. “

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Lily-Rose Depp : “I was not raised in the culture of teen French” – Pure People

This interview, however, allows to draw a portrait a little more specific of the eldest daughter of the ex-couple so glamorous. Lily-Rose Depp lives of extraordinary things with regard to the young girls of her age, and she knows it. The house of Chanel, that she meets since she was 8 years old and where she has worked since 15 years old, this is his small family. But instead she grew up in Los Angeles as rue Cambon. His mother is shared between the two sides of the Atlantic for his brother and she, educated in the United States. That is why she is less familiar to French cinema, and why it sometimes crosses on platters of emissions of personalities well-known in France, without recognizing them : “I have not been raised i n the culture of teens French.” Another difference is with a teenager lambda, it is no longer going to school since she managed to accept the idea to his parents : “I tried to go back there after having turned Planetarium and Dancer. I am back after the break in winter and it was so weird, I said to myself : ‘what am I doing here ? I’m not going to go to university, I already have some projects, more of promo, work…

If she seems so mature and assertive, a trait very american ? – it is also, perhaps, because his girlfriends have at least 25 years of age : “I have always been older than my years !” Lily-Rose is ahead for her age and fits “rather easily in the life“. This did not prevent her from experiencing complicated situations, such as at the Toronto Festival in September for the premiere screening of Planetarium : “I thought to do a seizure, as the flashes crépitaient everywhere.” But to conclude : “At the same time, I find it hard to imagine something else, having seen my parents in the same situation.”

read the full interview in the magazine She October 28, 2016


12th day of strike at iTélé: “Even if I have to eat pasta, I will continue” – The Express

On the square in front of the building Light, in Boulogne-Billancourt, employees, iTélé, Canal+ or simple viewers, in solidarity, arrive as early as 12.15 am.

This is the 12th day of a strike of the employees of the chain. This Friday, they voted for its continuation until Monday, October 31. They will then enter into their third week of protest. What they want? Additional resources for the appointment of an editorial director and the departure of Jean-Marc Morandini (covered by the two surveys for “corruption of minors aggravated”) of their antenna.

Ready to tighten the belt

Geoffrey* worked for six years at iTélé. It has been seen, changes of direction, but never with so much violence. “The twelve days of strike, nobody expected it. We were tired, we do not know where we are going, everything is blurry. But the collective movement helps us to hold out. You feel supported.”

And as the hashtags “JesoutiensiTélé” do not pay the rent, Geoffrey is ready to tighten the belt as much as it takes. “I’ll manage, he decided. If I have to eat pasta for a month, so be it. And then, even if I don’t pay my rent, it is in November, it is the winter break”, he joked.

in The middle of the crowd now very dense, the atmosphere is the clamping of elbows and determination. They are freelancers, journalists in CDD, CDI, animators, whether they come from iTélé or Canal+, all of them are determined not to let it go.

Camille*, a journalist with the channel since 4 years old, selling t-shirts 5 euros a piece for a week. The mp and presidential candidate Jean Lassalle has bought one, but leaving 50 euros this morning.

At the end of 12 days of movement, she is tired, but it is good. “Inside, during the meetings, it feels bad, it is hard. But when we see people outside, one recuperates.”

member of parliament Jean Lassalle (presidential candidate) says "Bolloré, under", in front of the employees of iTélé.

member of parliament Jean Lassalle (presidential candidate) says “Bolloré, in”, in front of the employees of iTélé.

A. K

As Geoffrey, Camille is ready to make sacrifices. “I don’t want to leave. I have given a lot since I’ve been here, I’ve done staggered hours for several years. Recently, I finally had a time nice. I don’t want to start over elsewhere.”

“press Control”

Julien*, a journalist also, has lost 500 euros since the beginning of the strike, on a salary of 1600 euros monthly. “And my rent is 1000 euros, then you do the math”, stated he, conscious that it will “eventually be taken by the throat”.

The young journalist is still ready to continue the fight. “Initially, we thought not all of them strike only one day, and here we are, at the end of 12 days, still here. I don’t know how long I’m willing to take, but every day, prepare to be amazed all a little more of our motivation.”

Claire*, a freelancer, has started at iTélé around 2011. Back for the last bit in the writing after a trip to China, she has the morale to zero: Wednesday, its pins have been cancelled. “Is it rest? Is it that we share? I don’t know. We don’t know anything.”

She was also surprised of the methods practised by Vincent Bolloré. “I really feel that we are in the same control of the press in China. It’s scary. I thought not, in returning to France, to find that same atmosphere.”

iTélé, symbol of a profession in crisis

Always in front of his booth of t-shirts, Camille tries to look on the bright side. She thinks that this strike is to win at the chain of credibility. “One defends the journalism, a certain sense of ethics.” Shared by Julien: “The fact of representing a profession threatened by shareholders, it convinced me to continue the strike. Because it’s not in iTélé. It is everywhere like that. In the end, our movement is symbolic.”

journalists of iTélé on the front of the building Light, at Boulogne, on the 28th of October.

journalists to iTélé on the front of the building Light, at Boulogne, on the 28th of October.


one of his comrades, Benedict*, agrees. “It is worn beyond the microcosm of parisian”, he says, trying to also raise awareness of the precarious conditions of the job. “The myth of the ‘journalist-heeled’, it does not exist. Nearly 50% of the writing iTélé is precarious,” he says.

In a first time, the prize, launched to support the small wages of the chain, had been kept secret, for fear of scandalizing public opinion. “And then we never stopped to ask us how we could get help. Then, we distributed the link, ” says Benoît. Management believes that it can have in the capital. They are going to make us give thanks to the lack of money. But it is organized upstream. One can still continue the feud.”

“The spirit Channel” is gone in iTélé

Since its inception, iTélé did strike twice: in June last, and since the 17th of October. It is a little. “It’s not a pro fight, it is the pro of the info,” says a journalist of the chain, which has fun with the dysfunction of his megaphone. “It is not really a writing of Che Guevara”, was amused by his side, Benedict. “If we fight, it is for basic things. Seeking an editorial director. I don’t see what there is crazy in there.”

Laurent Weil, the “mr. cinema” of Canal+ stands a little away from the gathering. “I wanted to be there,” he says, the mine sad. Necessarily, the movement explodes around him. “This is going to iTélé is now to be visited upon the group, claimed an employee in a union. If the employees of Channel voted them as a motion of no confidence, they would no doubt have results that are as high as ours [92% last October 11] she says. But ultimately, we know where is left the ‘spirit Channel’. It is in iTélé.”

*(the names have been changed)


Friday, October 28, 2016

Nobel for literature : Bob Dylan finally comes out of his silence –


Bob Dylan at the Vieilles Charrues on July 22, 2012.

The announcement surprised more than one. On the 13th of last October, Bob Dylan received the Nobel prize for literature. He had not responded to repeated calls of the Swedish academy and had not reacted in any way to this award. This had earned him sharp criticism, especially from a member of the Academy, who had accused the singer of being “rude and arrogant”. Fifteen days after the assignment, Bob Dylan finally comes out of his silence. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on October 28, the singer has qualified as his reward from “amazing” and “incredible”.

“It’s hard to believe,” says the musician in the british daily. “Who would dream of such a thing ?”. Obviously the man still has a hard time digesting that he has been chosen among many others. As to the question of whether he will go or not in Stockholm the 10th of December next to attend the banquet organized by the king of Sweden in honor of Nobel prize winners, Bob Dylan replied : “Absolutely… as long as it is possible“.

A first for a musician

The American the first man of music to receive the Nobel prize for literature. This club of the privileged among the privileged includes members very prestigious in the world of letters and of politics too. As well Winston Churchill was awarded in 1953. The year after it is Ernest Hemingway that had taken the honours. In the club there are also George Bernard Shaw (1925), William Faulkner (1949), Patrick Modiano (2014), Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio (2008) or Gabriel Garcia Màrquez (1982).

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Lactalis wants the butter and the butter’s money, but not the critics of“special Envoy” – Télé

Lactalis was involved in a number of"special Envoy" dedicated to the resilience of small producers. The dairy group has obtained from the Tribunal de grande instance de Laval that the reporting is prohibited from redistribution.

” This is the story of one of the arms of iron… lost in advance “. Thus begins the story ofSpecial Envoy October 13, dedicated to the group Lactalis, entitled ” The butter, or the butter’s money ? “. A document including the dairy group, just to prevent the replay, by virtue of a decision referred to the Tribunal de grande instance de Laval. In question, of the passages relating to the private life of the president of Lactalis, Emmanuel Besnier, that ” have no link with the situation of milk producers which was the subject of this story “, according to the press release from the group.

In fact, the team of’Special Envoy, did not receive a response to its requests for interviews, had approached the castle mayenne belonging to the boss of Lactalis, filming a stove hidden camera (which is said to be paid at the minimum wage (Smic), and then flying over in a plane the vast area of 40 acres (with a lake, a swimming pool, an equestrian centre, etc).

If these are the images that the tribunal has specifically pointed the finger, it is the story that has pissed off the leadership of the dairy group, who believes that he ” comes, unfortunately, capping off nearly two months of an intense campaign of vilification launched against the Group, accumulates misunderstandings and fillings, wanting to make believe to the viewers that Lactalis is responsible for the crisis in the milk production and the difficulties encountered by the producers “. And to denounce a ” misrepresentation [which] is a disinformation unacceptable “.

screen Capture

For the viewer, which is unacceptable, and what would rather see, as explained in the report that a family group opaque (it does not publish its accounts), which is 17 billion euros of turnover in 2011, the profits amounted to 330 million euros, according to Special Envoy) seems to be strut take it to the throat of the small milk producers.

The subject is based on the resistance of three farmers, who seek to make common cause to escape the contract unreadable that their offers Lactalis (” this is on purpose so that it mixes the brushes “), at the price of a litre bought at 29 cents (while below the 34 cents they sell at a loss) and a system so pernicious that, if they produce more than expected, it is up to them to pay the surplus… that Lactalis will still collect, transform and sell !

one of The farmers explains his ras-le-bol : ” I can no longer stand being taken for a slave just good for work, and to which we give the crumbs he left behind, and especially if you want to give “. He has decided to no longer purchase products Lactalis (President, Rouy, Lepetit, Lanquetot, Bridélight… or, in a joint venture with Nestlé, La Laitière, Yoco, Flanby, Diet…), and encourages consumers to do the same.

In addition to the judgment, Lactalis indicates that it intends to continue France 2 ” to obtain redress “ in the face of remarks that were deemed ” defamatory “. In the meantime, it is no longer possible to see this number ofSpecial Envoy, except to look on Youtube. And condition to hurry.


Lily-Rose Depp : “I love reality tv ! “- Gala

To see her so comfortable in front of the lens of photographers and on movie sets, it’s easy to forget that the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp was only 17. Yet, in the magazine IT this week, Lily-Rose talks about his daily life and his evenings. Past not a nightclub, but in front of the tv reality shows ! Like all young girls her age…

Lily-Rose has not finished to make it a talking point. the poster on the 16th November of Planetarium the new film by Rebecca Zlotowski to the sides of Natalie Portman, the young actress gave to the magazine IT a long interview in which she confides about his career, his parents and his desires for the future. in Addition to confidences on his painful past of anorexic, the young woman also spoke of lighter topics. Laughing to see to soon become more famous than his parents, she told that becoming an actress was her destiny rather than a choice : “ Child of j‘I wanted to be a princess, a spy, ballerina, actress, model, painter, stuff. Actress, c'is a way to do everything. ” We imagine that Lily-Rose has today, a calendar is more than loaded.

This does not prevent her to go to see movies and listen to music, like all teenage girls of her age : “ J‘like gangster movies, goodfellas, Casino, Usual suspects. J'listen to a lot of rap (…) and frankly, j'listen to songs of my mother ! “Lily-Rose has also admitted, a little ashamed :” Jlove reality tv, c‘is atrocious ! “With a preference assumed for the cooking shows, thanks to which she became a better cook than his mom :” The emissions of food, j‘look at every night. (…) I also looked at the issue of chiefs, I am a super chili and a bolognese super good ! My bolo is much better than that of my mother ! ” Addicted to social networking, passionate about reality tv and brimming with energy, no doubt, Lily-Rose is a young girl of 17 years like the others.

photo Credit : Olivier Borde / Bestimages


Lily-Rose Depp in the face of anorexia : “I have been and it was hard to leave” – Pure People

On the cover of the latest issue of the magazine She, Lily-Rose Depp is the previously untold secrets. She notably unvarnished the subject of anorexia in response to the criticisms it has been subject on the social network Instagram, where she is very present. She admits to suffer, all the more that she knows what anorexia is… to be passed through it.

Frankly, it troubles me, I always see these comments on Instagram : ‘She does not eat’, ‘She is anorexic’, etc .. It saddens me because I was younger and it was hard to get out of,” says the teenager of 17 years. As she says so well, “all those who have been faced with this disease know how difficult it is to come back“. “It’s been a long time that I’m trying to grow, I’ve been followed and I am very proud of my progress,” says the actress of The Dancer said, “well” with his body.

It makes me sad that we can think of that I send this message to young girls

It makes me sad that we can think of that I send this message to young girls”, deplores the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. Strange irony for the actress who had claimed a Mcdonalds at its meeting of shoot with the famous French magazine. Perhaps the media have also played a role in this image it conveys, like France Dimanche, in July last, to which it was “afraid to see” as long as she was skinny.

It follows that, for many users, the time dummies, size (ultra -) fine, you do eventually see this in the new face of N°5 of Chanel. Like when Lily-Rose was offered a tv interview at the Daily of Yann Barthes, where she sketched out a twerk with the ex-host of Canal+. However, the major focus of this intervention, among internet users, was no other than the smoothness of the young girl that will soon be alongside Natalie Portman in Planetarium.