Wednesday, October 19, 2016

“My life as a Zucchini”, a great animated film at the height of the child – Télé

friends are resistant to the woe through humour and friendship. A poetic film and a bearer of hope, directed by Claude Barras and it was written by Céline Sciamma.

This is a simple photo where seven kids are the andouilles on the level of their social welfare home. They have all the reasons to be sad, but they raise their arms to the sky because at 10 years old, have friends, it helps, and it warms us up as a family. This plan of My life as a Zucchini is what we saw more moving on a screen for a long time. The film starts strong : the little Icarus lives alone with his mom who loves beer and who ” share the sky “. She called it Zucchini, it is as well that he wishes to be called in this household where it lands in the middle of the other kids wounded by life. As Simon, who plays hard to hang in there and Beatrice, whose mother was escorted to the border. Not to forget Camille, the pretty girl, a tomboy, who is the most beautiful form of resilience, to his great misfortune : smile to the other.

The charm of these small puppet animated works, with their huge eyes, so expressive, open on a world that, hitherto, has not gifts. Claude Barras the anime frame-by-frame, stop motion like he was directing real actors, and imagine stunning sequence shots in a scene to sadness dapper, both contemporary and as timeless as these games of construction in wood, continue to dream for the kids of today. The Fruit of a colossal work (almost two years of filming with over a hundred technicians and craftsmen, every detail becomes salient, essential : a half-smile, melancholy, a can of beer, a kite, plates of fries in the small refectory, a lock of hair, which stands in the face of a blonde shell-shocked. Or even, this small table where clouds and suns, give, daily, weather, emotions of the residents of the home.

My life as a zucchini – from The boom

With Tomboy, Céline Sciamma had been able to put themselves in the shoes of a young girl who is looking for her place in the world. Author of the screenplay, which is inspired by the book of Gilles Paris, Autobiography of a zucchini, it is worn by the freedom that allows the animation. It is at the height of kids from 10 years of their injury, but also their imagination and their humor, refusing to allow the winks to the adults (the quirk in the current movie). Through these seven characters, she addresses with tact the violence suffered by children : abuse and parental and social abandonment or decision of unfair justice… drama, of course, but to better put in light the resistance of the child and its capacity for reconstruction in the strip : during a trip to the mountains, just a sled, a snowman and a boom where it wiggles like crazy on Bérurier noir for that to be reborn recklessness. To the extent that it exists, all the same, good-natured adults, such as Raymond, the policeman father, for you to tinker with a family, a future where we are no longer alone in the world. Between the poetry intimate a Tim Burton and the social force of a Ken Loach in the grass, Claude Barras kneads the misfortune to give him the form, brilliant and joyful, hope. And it is upsetting at any age.


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