Thursday, October 20, 2016

For Stéphane Guillon, Cyril Hanouna is the “Kim Jong-il to C8″ – The Express

This is a conflict in several episodes: Cyril Hanouna, first unveiled the salary of Stéphane Guillon for his column in Greeting Earthlings (10 000 euros per delivery). The comedian responded, arguing that the champion of the big salaries, it was the host of Key not at my post (250 million euros for 5 years on C8)not him .

on Wednesday evening, Cyril Hanouna has attempted a reconciliation, arriving by surprise on the set of the Grand Journal, which was invited Stéphane Guillon. The latter did not want to talk to him and preferred to leave the plateau.

Guillon judge Hanouna “pathetic”

on Thursday, Stéphane Guillon has published a letter to respond to this intrusion surprise, as well as a SMS “vengeful and threatening” that would have sent Cyril Hanouna Thierry Ardisson. “While I am invited to the Grand Journal to talk about my show, Cyril arrives and privatizes the antenna (after having given his word to the production that he would not do,” writes Stéphane Guillon, who deems this attempt is “pathetic”, ensuring to have received three SMS enraged by Cyril Hanouna for 24 hours.

“Kim-Jong-il of C8 does not like that he resists. [...] We leave the entertainment to methods mafia”, a loose Guillon, who left the tray, he said, “not to give a sad spectacle to the public of Victor and Robert.”

Cyril Hanouna has not yet responded to this attack. This Thursday, in the Key not at my post, there is a good chance that the facilitator decides to send him a new message.


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