Sunday, October 16, 2016

VIDEO. Holland “cute”, Macron “cute”… Him loose on the policies – The Express

Uncontrollable Luchini. Free wheel on Saturday night on France 2, the actor has delivered, with the art of the story than we know, of tasty anecdotes about the various politicians. Came to promote his show Poetry? inIt is not lying, Fabrice Luchini filled the viewers in digressions, reminiscent of peeling blends her relationships with the politicians.

Holland? “A man cute”

Sitting a few metres from the journalists of the World, Gérard Davet and Fabrice, the Man, who presented their book on the president, the actor has raised general laughter by exclaiming about François Hollande: “The concern that we have is that this is a man charmantisssime, physically”.

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“I don’t know if this is your style?”, he asks, and then Laurent Ruquier, who returns him the question, laughing : “You craqueriez for him if you had such tastes?”.

And the actor to respond, mocking: “Not to the point of a shovel brutal, but we have to deal with a man more than endearing: he is cute! I’m exaggerating, this is not an atomic bomb sexual, the word is endearing!”.

Nicolas Sarkozy? “It blew my mind”

On the same register, Fabrice Luchini has estimated that Emmanuel Macron was “cute”, and that French prime minister François Fillon was “physically very pleasant”. He also recounted an altercation at the exit of one of its shows, between a man “kind Night Stand, genus On the Road” and… Nicolas Sarkozy.

at the end of a representation, in which the former president of the Republic had witnessed, Fabrice Luchini is addressed by another viewer, who says to him “I love you, but not next to it!”, by appointing Nicolas Sarkozy. The former head of State does not unmount him and replies: “You get out of the sight of Him? It is in despair because two hours of great talent as a comedian huge so that you’re still as dumb !”

The emission of Laurent Ruquier brought together Saturday night 1.43 million viewers for a market share of 21.6 %. It is one of the best scores of the hearing of the show from the start.


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